Calling MTHFR Doctors

Dear Healthcare Professional: MTHFR mutations affect a significant amount of the population and the effects of MTHFR mutations are significant. Those with MTHFR mutations have no referral network to find a physician who effectively works with all forms of MTHFR mutations. If you work with MTHFR mutations, test for it, understand all the nuances and […]

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MTHFR Test: How to Order A MTHFR Test

A MTHFR Test is typically covered by your insurance. UPDATE on May 30, 2014: I’ve learned that some common labs – such as Quest and Lab Corp – are charging a very high amount for MTHFR Testing. I highly recommend having your doctor call these labs prior to ordering a MTHFR test from them. The […]

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Comparison of Homocysteine Support Products

Many are asking me, “Dr Ben, I am taking this ________. Is that any good for C677T or A1298C or…?” I am finding that I am answering, “No” too often. I have here all the top homocysteine-lowering medications which are prescribed commonly by doctors. Keep in mind that many doctors do not understand nutritional biochemistry. […]

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Baby Diagnosed with ‘Rare’ Genetic Disorder: MTHFR

This is exactly why I am asking for your help getting on the radar. This young child has a MTHFR mutation. I know how to help. It saddens me greatly to see this. Men and Women: Desiring to get pregnant? I urge you to test yourselves for MTHFR mutations. Parents: I urge you to […]

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Which is it!? MTHFR Mutation or MTHFR Polymorphism or MTHFR Defect?

There is a lot of talk out there and it is causing confusion. It is also causing arguments. I’m hoping this post will cease the ‘I’m right!’ ‘No, I’m right!’ no winner type arguments. People are calling the MTHFR issue many different things:   MTHFR Mutation MTHFR Polymorphism MTHFR Defect MTHFR SNP (snips) MTHFR Sequence […]

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