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MTHFR Interview: Starlene Stewart of Gaps Diet Journey with Dr Lynch

Starlene Stewart of Gaps Diet Journey and I discussed MTHFR for 2 hours while also answering questions from callers. If you were not able to attend the interview, or you’d like to listen to it again, you may do so here:     People’s lives change for the better once MTHFR is addressed properly – […]

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Speaking Engagements

MTHFR is gaining awareness – as it should be. If you want to be at the forefront of the movement, now is the time. Let Dr Lynch help you get MTHFR at the forefront. Few physicians understand MTHFR as thoroughly as Dr Lynch. Then add on his additional understanding of how genetic defects affect: Dr […]

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MTHFR, Depression, Pulmonary Embolisms: A Consult with Dr Ben

Listen to the 30 minute phone consult which Dr Ben Lynch held with a women diagnosed with an unspecified MTHFR gene mutation. MTHFR (methyl tetra hydro folate reductase) is needed to tranform standard inactive Folic Acid into methylated active 5-MTHF. Those with certain MTHFR gene mutations (I am of the belief that everyone should) must […]

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