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Conversation Between Two Doctors on MTHFR

Comment from a colleague of mine from a forum: Hello Ben, We cannot go overboard about MTHFR gene mutations. It’s just one of many gene mutations possible in the body and comes in mild, moderate and severe presentations. The physiologic problem with MTHFR mutations is lack of methylation and elevating homocysteine is the key point of all […]

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Heterozygous A1298C OR Heterozygous C677T MTHFR Mutation and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss? Consider This

UPDATE on 2/13/2012: This is no longer theory as current research supports it. This research has yet to be published. First read my theory below and then I will provide the proof. This theory is born out of wondering why some women are experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss, have had all sorts of laboratory and physical […]

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MTHFR Mutations and Antacids are a Bad Mix

Those with MTHFR mutations tend to have elevated homocysteine levels or elevated s-adenosylhomocysteine. Those with MTHFR mutations tend to be more toxic than those without because of an inability to detox properly. I will discuss this in detail another time; however, I will touch on it as many antacids do affect the cytochrome P450 pathway. […]

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MTHFR Mutations with Low Homocysteine a Problem? Yes

Most research on MTHFR mutations point to the C677T homozygous mutation and how it causes elevated levels of homocysteine. There is very little research in regards to the A1298C MTHFR mutations. Then compound that with even less information on what to do successfully with A1298C mutations. Then compound the issue that there is very little […]

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Calling MTHFR Doctors

Dear Healthcare Professional: MTHFR mutations affect a significant amount of the population and the effects of MTHFR mutations are significant. Those with MTHFR mutations have no referral network to find a physician who effectively works with all forms of MTHFR mutations. If you work with MTHFR mutations, test for it, understand all the nuances and […]

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