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    found out im 1298homozygous. also have lyme. i started a l-methylfolate and methylcobalamin regiment. i didnt notice much from the B-12, but i did get effects from methylfolate. i started at 1000mcg and worked up every couple days until i hit 3000mcg.
    right from the beginning i did get some mental clarity and reduced fog, not completely but some help. however, i also started to get some anxiety. it was not unbearable but it was an all day tightness in my chest. interestingly, it did get increasingly worse with the increase in dosage.
    any thoughts on what i could do or what other mutation i may have? i feel this could help me but i have to figure out the anxiety issue.
    Thanks for any help!

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    Alex. I am homo for 1298 and have lyme. Start slow with the methyfolate – increase over weeks – not days. Take b6 Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate (P5P) – NOT the regular stuff. We cannot use the synthetic forms.

    “An alternative to pyridoxamine, and one that has similar anti-glycation properties, is one of the other forms of vitamin B6—a compound called pyridoxal-5′-phosphate, or P5P. It’s the only one that can be used directly by the body without conversion. While everyone needs B6 to live, some people have difficulty converting other forms of B6 to P5P, so the elimination of natural P5P could make them entirely dependent on drugs for survival.”

    b12 (methycobalamin) needs b6 to help it ‘work’. I take a nasal spray of b12/b6 from Lee Silsby – rx required. I take it with deplin. I started the deplin at 7.5 mg and I thought my heart would stop. I had such chest tightness, heart palps, chest pressure – pain in left arm. I thought I was a goner. I started over on 800 mcg for 2 weeks, then 1200 mcg for 3 weeks and now i am on 2500 mcg and its been 1 month. I will taper up soon.

    are you on any abx or supplements for the lyme?

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