A1298C and factor V leiden

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    Emily Holland

    Hi, I have had 4 healthy children, then 2 miscarriages (one 2nd trimester). After those I was diagnosed with A1298C hetero, and factor V leiden. After my 2nd trimester miscarriage I had a PE. I did A LOT of research when I became pregnant with my 7th child. I did not want to do blood thinners like I was told I would need to throughout my pregnancy. I took folic acid(not the L Methylfolate), garlic, ginger, cod liver oil, red raspberry, and oat straw daily. Everything went well except I became anemic at the end. I am still nursing and don’t plan to become pregnant again. My question is what supplements would you suggest daily for someone like me. Thanks for your help. I ordered the multivitamin chewable. I was exited to find a multivitamin with the L methylfolate.

    Also I find it interesting that my mom on my dads side suffered from mental illness(schitzofrenia sp?) I am assuming she had the same issues. I have problems with moodiness and depression at times, not severe though. My dad died of cancer at a young age and so did his mother. Could these be linked to the gene mutation? Thanks for your help!

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    Dr Lynch

    Hi Emily –

    Given your single A1298C mutation, there is the ability for this mutation to increase the likelihood of depression and moods – and Schizophrenia on your father’s side.

    There are countless causes for cancer and A1298C is not so severe of a risk factor for it. Your father may have had other MTHFR gene mutations or lifestyle exposures and choices which caused the cancer.

    I have some ideas for supplements for you but I do not like to make specific recommendations for those with depression and moodiness – not because you’ll hunt me down ;) – but because I don’t want to recommend something that may backfire.

    Also lifestyle and dietary choices make a huge impact on moods. You may not need specialized supplementation but rather education on how to eat and live in our environment. Not to sound patronizing …

    To go out on a limb here – I do see a need for vitamin D3, vitamin E, fish oils, multi (good choice on that one ;), probiotic, magnesium and ashwagandha likely will be a good fit.

    Eating every couple hours with some form of protein.

    Avoiding processed foods and reducing intake of gluten.

    In order to get more precise recommendations and evaluate your situation more effectively, a consult is recommended. Please call 800-547-9812 or begin the process here online.

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