ADHD and Autism in all my children

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    J’Aime Stevenson

    Hello! What an interesting site. After my sister and mother urged me to be tested and have my 3 children tested I decided to check this out and stumbled on your site. All I can say is wow! Could this be the answer? My oldest and youngest both have sever cases of ADHD and my middle child has Autism. The health problems I deal with are just across the board from heart (murmur and MVP), kidney (low function), anemia, chronic fatigue that I believe is related to having hypotension (normal everyday reading is 80s over 50s), muscle pain daily, and just vague symptoms of not feeling right. And I am only 35! Had several problems relating to my reproductive system before my hysterectomy 6 years ago (too many to list), and for some freakish reason all of my children were giants even though I was not diabetic and only gained the normal weight (doubt its related but thought Id throw it in here all were over 12lbs and more than 24 in and 2 were taken 3 wks early!) Tested pos for spinal bifita in triple test which was false. Anyway, thank you for the site. I have a strong feeling my children and I will have the same results my sister and mother did. Question…. if this is the case and reason for my childrens ADHD and Austism, is there treatment to reverse it???

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    Your MVP might be a neural tube defect – a congenital condition arising from insufficient folate and cobalamin. Yes, you and your children sound like good candidates for testing.

    Several doctors have achieved remarkable success turning around autism and ADHD by improving methylation pathways. Dr. Neubrander, Dr. Amy Yasko, the NP here, I can’t remember the other names right now. There is reason to be hopeful, if you’re willing to do the work.

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