Amazing benefits of gelatin

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    Dolores Seames

    I thought I would share this info, since it may help many of our health issues. I shared this on my face book community page, Dolores’ Tips.

    I read this article a couple of months ago, and just re-read it. It is amazing health information on gelatin. A little of what it covers are diabetes, aging, adrenals, thyroid, hormones, anxiety, sleep, cancer, fragile capillaries (easy bruising), epilepsy, the antiinflammatory amino acids in gelatin, and more.
    The GAPS diet uses soup broths using fish heads, chicken feet and bones for it’s healing properties. It’s great for healing the intestines. I’m going to try to incorporate more into my diet and try it for sleep, as mentioned in the article. Fortunately, it is low in the sulfur based amino acids, so should be able to be used in a low sulfur diet as well.

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    what other forms of gelatin can you utilize?

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    Sara is also a great resource for the benefits and how to use gelatin-it is also just a fantastic website! Great Lakes brand gelatin KOSHER is from grass-fed animals (make sure you order the kosher only). This can be ordered off amazon. also has some recipes for gelatin.
    If you mix 1 T. of gelatin with 1/3 cup cold water, let gel then fill the rest of the cup with hot tea it is very easy to drink. Good to drink at bedtime. Somewhere I read that gelatin should never be put in the microwave because it changes the chemical structure and makes it dangerous-I can’t remember the exact explanation.

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    Thanks for the link Dolores! I’m actually making bone broth right now in the slow cooker. Maybe I will also buy some gelatin and put it in my smoothies.

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    Dolores Seames

    Unfortunatly, I just found out the gelatin is very high in sulfur, so not as good for CBS snps. Be careful if you also have CBS, and watch your other sulfur intake if you use gelatin. The longer you cook you soup with meat and bones, the higher in sulfur it will be. I don’t know that I would totally avoid it, just keep in mind balance.

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