Both heterozygous C667T and A1298C

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  • November 15, 2012 at 8:44 am #5046

    Pablo Wenceslao

    Hello Dr. Ben Lynch,

    It has been less than 12 hours since I discovered that I am heterozygous C6677T and A1298C. So naturally I did a google search and your site caught my eye.

    I originally made an appointment to see my physician (a naturopath doctor) about health issues concerning pins and needle sensations throughout my body and a serous retinopathy in my left eye. In addition to the aforementioned genetic mutation, blood tests revealed that my total cholesterol is 209, LDL-C is 139, homocysteine is 9.5, and LDL-P is 1470. I also took a sleep pulse oximetry test that revealed my oxygen saturation level had a high of 98 a low of 90 and an average of 95.8. At 33 years of age my testosterone levels as I was told are on the low end at 520. I was actually more shocked to hear these numbers than to find out about the genetic mutation. The fact is I eat very healthy and I am not over weight (5’9″, 165lbs). Although I don’t workout as much as I would like I can still run a sub 7 minute mile and do more than 12 pull-ups.

    The doctor sent me home with a 5-MTHF supplement but didn’t seen too concerned. He also suggested I only eat salmon and red meat once a week and not eat more than 4-6 eggs a week. He requested a follow up blood draw in 3 months to check levels again. That was it… Is there more that I can do or should be doing? I feel that from what I have read on your site this is not something to mess around with. I am a husband and father of 4 wonderful kids so naturally I am concerned. Please provide any comments or suggestions that you feel would be helpful.

    Thank you so much,

    P.S. I read another post about a woman with C667T and who has a son that has seizures and sleep complications. My first son has had seizures but has been seizure free (as far as we know, since they happen at night) for 2 years. Should I be concerned about my sons health as well and could he also have the same condition?

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