C677T/A1298C Compound heterozygous Protocol?

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    I have both C677T/A1298C- Compound heterozygous and was wondering if there was a protocol for having both? I was recently given Metanx for fibro pain and numbness and I had a migraine for 2 days after one pill. Thanks for any info.

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    Hi Kelly

    There is a C677t Protocol article, and previous discussion has explained that this is the starting point for all of us. There is lots more info on other articles too, it’s worth working your way through all of them.

    Good luck with your journey,


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    Sarah McIntyre

    I have read those pages and find it difficult to navigate the protocol for being compound hetero form the protocol listed and the discussion…thus I found this thread and understand Kelly’s question. I am compound hetero and have suffered many miscarriages…it is important…

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