Dr. Ben – Are CBS/BHMT/MOA A etc. beyond the intended scope of this website?

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    Dr. Ben,

    As I learn more about how my genetic mutations impact the methylation cycle in my body, my focus has expanded well beyond the MTHFR gene itself. My first order of business is to address the CBS/BHMT piece of the puzzle.

    Since the website is called mthfr.net not methylation.net, I was wondering if you preferred that we do not post question that are non-MTHFR on the site? One idea I have was to set up another forum topic called “Post CBS questions here” or “Post Detox questions here” like you have for MTHFR.

    Since the volume on the site is growing, this might make it easier for new people to get useful data quicker. People with C677T ++ may be initially confused with posts about “CBS Drains”, etc.

    You site has been invaluable to me, mostly because of people like you and Lynn that take the time to address questions. It has accelerated this process for me by months! Thank YOU!

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    I have a friend I’m trying to help that is hetero A1298C plus homozygous for both CBS mutations. She had started on methylB12, adenosysB12, metafolin, and other supplements. Her chiropractor recently muscle tested her and told her she needed to discontinue the methylB12 and adenosysB12 because her body didn’t like them.

    Now I don’t know how reliable muscle testing is. I have encouraged her to do the methylation pathway panel, but her chiropractor won’t order it for her. She’s going to ask her PA next. But I know you have written about needing to address the CBS component before fixing methylation.

    I have a keen interest in anything you want to share about the CBS mutations. Since they may interfere with MTHFR protocols, I think discussion of them deserves a place on this website.

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    I will continue to post my progress. That’s why I would like Dr Ben to add additional forums so the site does not become dificult for new users with a MTHFR focus.

    You cannot fix Methylation until you have CBS under control. IT’s like trying to build a house starting with the second floor. The foundation is CBS and the first floor is detox path. Your friend is creating problems exactly as I did. I was so eager to see benefit of methyl-anything, that I jumped the gun.

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    Can you share what protocal you do to correct the CBS first??

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    Are CBS mutations affiliated with both 1098 mutations and 677, or just 1098? And does Dr. Ben’s MTHFR test indicate the presence of a CBS mutation?

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    CBS mutations are a different entity than MTHFR mutations. They both affect methylation though. The Spectracell test Dr. Ben offers now only tests for C677T and A1298C. He plans to offer soon a test of more methylations SNPs, and that test will include the CBS SNPs.

    Dr. Yasko’s genome testing and 23andME both test for CBS.

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    Debbie McQueen

    My son and I have the CBC mutation and are successfully using the following protocol pending individualized treatment recommendations from a specialist he\’s seeing here locally. He is 1298 homozygous and I am a 677/1298 compound heterozygote. We also both have COMT, SOD2, GSTM1, and GSTP1. We have seen profound improvement since starting treatment for CBC/SOUX.


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    I have a CBS and BHMT mutation plus others. My doctors protocol is like the heartfixer. Wants me to take acetly L -Carnitine, TMG, Yucca and gaba. How have these worked for you. I am afraid of starting not knowing how the carnitine and tmg will affect me. Did you take these and if so how did you feel. Thank you

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    HI, I have a cbs and bhmt mutations along with some others. My doctor wants me to start on acetly L caritine, TMG, Yucca and Gaba. How did you feel on these?

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    I recently had a genetic report created for me as my extended family tends to have MTHFR mutations that we believe have led to MS, bipolar disorder, etc. My report says “1298A>C AC and 677C>T CC “No increased risk of Hyperhomocysteinemia”. But then it says “The patient MTHFR function is slightly reduced and no significant hyperhomocysteinemia is expected”. Can you tell me what this means? Thanks.

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    ladrhesa ash

    Hello Dr. BENN I HAVEC677T AND A1298C gene mutation i wanted to know a few other questions as well thank you for answering some major question now i know why i miscarried and why i have depression. Along with fibromyalgia. I want help i also have asthma and come from s family that has heart disease. Please help. Thank you in advance

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