Foods to avoid with Homozygous MTHFR

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    I was diagnosed with MTHFR two days ago and my brain is going to explode trying to figure out whats what with this gene mutation. I was hoping it meant I could now jump higher or run faster than the “normal” people, but thats apparently not the case. Damn it!
    Anyway, simple question for those of you who have been researching MTHFR or doctors who have been treating MTHFR. Again, I am new to this so I apologize if this sounds idiotic. If my body can not break down folic acid shouldn’t I avoid eating any foods high in folic acid? i.e., leafy greens, legumes, avocados, broccoli, asparagus, citrus fruits, ect..? Isn’t that just going to create my issues?
    I am currently not on any type of medications and my homocysteine levels are at 8. No current side effects of the mutation that I am aware of.
    Thank you everyone,

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    Yes, you should avoid foods fortified with folic acid. Except your list of foods to avoid isn’t correct because you’re confused about folic acid versus the different forms of folate.

    Folic acid is synthetic and is the form added to grain products and many vitamin supplements.

    What is found naturally in foods are various forms of folate. There are 5 forms of folate found in foods:
    5-methyltetrahydrofolate, 5-formyltetrahydrofolate, 10-formylfolic acid, 10-formyldihydrofolate and tetrahydrofolate. Unless you have additional uncommon genetic mutations, eating foods with those naturally occurring forms of folate should be beneficial for you.

    Which type of MTHFR mutation do you have, and are you homozygous or heterozygous? MTHFR impacts many other biochemical processes in addition to homocysteine.

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    Thank you Lynn for your reply.
    From the labs results I got back it states that “This patient is homozygous (T/T) for MTHFR polymorphism. This indicates that this patient’s enzyme is thermolabile and does not effectively metabolize folic acid(folate).”

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    You are homozygous for the C677T mutation. Apparently you weren’t tested for the A1298C mutation, but it’s rare to have 3 MTHFR mutations, and since you sound like you’re healthy, it’s highly unlikely you have an A1298C mutation. A homozygous C677T mutation is the one most associated with elevated homoysteine. The optimal homocysteine level is 6.3.

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    So as of now I assume the best corse of action for me would be to avoid foods fortified “enriched” with folic acid, but do eat foods high in folate. Correct? Does anyone suggest a suppliment such as HomocysteX or a l-methyfolate even though I seem to be healthy? Thanks!

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    The first sentence of your last post is correct. And since your homocysteine is a bit above optimal, I would recommend supplementing with a product containing L-5-methylfolate and methylcobalamin, be it homocysteX or another brand. Do you really have no health complaints whatsoever?

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    As far as I can tell I do not have any health complaints. Can you maybe share a few of the most common that are not glaringly obvious. Issues that I may have that may not cause me to run to the doctor.
    I went to the doctor for maybe the second or third time in twenty plus years because my lower back was hurting. It was in my kidney area and I worried a little bit about infection or kidney stones. I do a lot of manual labor with my job so a simple back strain isn\\\\\\\’t out of the question. Its happened before and will happen again. We tested my urine and I decided to order full blood work seeing as how I will turn 40 shortly. Figured I should be a responsible adult. See what that got me! ;)
    All results cam back within a reasonable range except for two issues. The MTHFR mutation and my Lipo and Apo proteins are just on the high side. Other that that Im in the optimal range per this test.
    As far as how to I feel and how do I feel I am functioning, just fine. Maybe Im luck or maybe its odd, but Im thankful. Maybe the worst is yet to come by for now Ill just stay quietly optimistic and adjust my diet because I have always eaten rather healthy.
    Thanks again Lynn

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    I would interpret your lipo and Apo proteins being on the high side as a warning. Since homo C677T is linked to cardiovascular disease, and those tests being towards the high end are signs of oxidation, it tells me you are not in totally optimal health. I’d be curious to see how those factors are impacted by a C677T protocol such as that suggested by Dr. Ben which includes methylcobalamin and methylfolate.

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    I will keep you informed as to the results of my next bloodwork. It will not be for another 6-9 months though. I am assuming they might be linked so taking a recommended supliment will hopefully bring these numbers down. My doctor is recommending slow release Niacin. Thoughts? Thanks Lynn for sharing your opinion. Lots to learn and read up on.

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    Niacin? Heck no, no way, not for anyone with MTHFR, especially homo C677T. Niacin uses up methyl groups as it gets metabolized. It’s the opposite of what you need. Many doctors think it’s a great non-pharma way to reduce cholesterol, but most of them are ignorant about MTHFR.

    You might read the blog of Dr. William Davis, a preventive cardiologist. Here’s a lipo post. The last time I read him, Dr. Davis was a big niacin proponent, but he may well be ignorant about it’s effect on those with MTHFR mutations.

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    Much obliged Lynn. Lots of studying to do.

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    Would you mind sharing with me a few other brands of the supplements other than HomocysteX Plus you might recommend.

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    Hi Chris
    It looks as if you may not have found this page yet – all sorts of lifestyle and medication suggestions for C677T

    Hope this helps!

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    A couple years ago Freddd and about 10 others at did personal trials of some supplements. All of the testers had specific symptoms that would appear when they became deficient in the tested item. Freddd reported Jarrow sublingual methylcobalamin and Enzymatic Therapy sublingual methylcobalamin as the only 5-star brands of the ones tested. All methylcobalamin is made via fermentation of bacteria, so there can be variations in potency within different batches made by the same manufacturer. It’s important to get a quality product. Based on his personal experience, Freddd advises placing the sublingual methylcobalamin under the upper lip for 45 minutes to maximize tissue absorption.

    Depending on polymorphisms in the glutathione and methylation pathways, some people might do better with hydroxycobalamin. The merits of hydroxycobalamin vs. methylcobalamin can be a heated topic.

    Freddd reported Solgar metafolin as the best methylfolate. Solgar metafolin is trademarked by Merck and is the same folate as what is used in prescription forms such as Deplin. I believe Dr. Ben’s products have metafolin in them.

    Since then, other brands of methylfolate have come on the market. You want one that is the L- form, not the racemic form, which is a mix of L- and R-. One of the newer methylfolate products is called Quatrefolic. Dr. Ben has an article comparing methylfolates.

    For adenosylcobalamin, Source Natural’s Dibencozide and Anabol Natural’s Dibenzoplex are supposed to be good.

    I’m not aware of any other specific brand recommendations. You want to avoid any product that has folic acid in it.

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    I’m so glad I came across this bc I was just diagnosed with it as well just the other day and I am lost… My doctor gave me a Rx of folic acid… should I not take it then? also what kind of doctor specializes in MTHFR? It was my ob/gyn who originally diagnosed me

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    You should not take folic acid. Take the active form of folate instead, L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF), sold as Metafolin by Solgar. Dr. Ben’s products also have metafolin in them. Quatrefolic is also an active folate. In addition to active folate, you need to take the active form of cobalamin. Methylcobalamin is probably preferable, Dr. Ben says some people do better with hydroxycobalamin.

    There aren’t too many doctors that even know about MTHFR, let alone specialize in it. Dr. Ben has a short doctor list at this webside. Sterling at MTHFR Support has some docs listed there as well. I would suppose that hematologists should be familiar with MTHFR because it can cause clotting issues, but I wouldn’t count on it. Ob/gyns deal with MTHFR issues more because they can cause miscarriage and neural tube defects in the fetus.

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    Hi Lynn I’m confused I was reading on Dr. Ben’s page here somewhere that taking niacin can actually, be a help of something so maybe I better research this even more than I thought…

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    Renee, Niacin is the ‘antidote’ if you take too much methylfolate. Basically, your body is under-methylating, so you use methylfolate to correct this. If you take too much and end up over-methylating, niacin uses up the extra methyl groups to get you out of potentially a very uncomfortable situation, fairly quickly.

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    I was tested positive for a single copy of C677T and negative for A1298C over a year ago. I’m just now getting acquainted with Dr. Ben’s protocol. I was taking a sublingual B12 methycobalamin but it had also folic acid in it so now I’m looking into the methyfolate along with the methylcobalamin. However, my doctor says she’s not well versed enough to continue working with me on this. I have leaky gut and am struggling with detoxification. Does anyone know where I can order the supplements? I can’t find the source on Dr. Ben’s website for ordering or if he even has them although I do see where some of you are referring to the fact he does have them. Thanks for any information!

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    Bonnie, the website is called Seekinghealth dot com. Hope this helps! Allie

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    Catherine Stark

    I have MTHFR and have so many questions. c677T C/T A1298C A/C

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    I have 2 heterozygous mutations (MTHFR C677T, MTHFR (A1298C). My homozygous mutations are MAO-A R297R, MTRR A66G. the other heterozygous mutations include: compt V158, COMPT H62H, VDR Bsm, VDR Taq, MTR A2756G, MTRR A664A,CBS A360A.
    My LLND has me on injections of hydroxycobalamin vs methyl. When I took the methyl, my urine would be pink. which went away taking hydroxy.

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    I have 2 heterozygous mutations (MTHFR C677T, MTHFR (A1298C). My homozygous mutations are MAO-A R297R, MTRR A66G. the other heterozygous mutations include: compt V158, COMPT H62H, VDR Bsm, VDR Taq, MTR A2756G, MTRR A664A,CBS A360A.
    My LLND has me on injections of hydroxycobalamin vs methyl. When I took the methyl, my urine would be pink. which went away taking hydroxy.

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    oops, I wasn’t done! sorry. I get headaches with egg whites, legumes, etc. My brain feels really plugged afterwards or I feel drugged. I wish there was some way to be able to eat them. When consuming, are those foods harming my body in some way?

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    I posted this on another site, but am reposting here.

    I’m happy to have found this site. I was recently diagnosed with the MTHFR C677T defect. I’m delighted to finally know what has been creating numerous issues I’ve experienced. I’ve started taking Deplin last week and feel better already. However, I’m a little confused about Folic Acid. My doctor’s advice doesn’t seem consistent with what I’m reading elsewhere. He says that I don’t need to avoid it, but multiple sources indicate that it can block L-methylfolate from crossing the blood-brain barrier. The lab results I received said the same thing…that based on my results, “Folate supplementation or higher daily dose of folic acid may be required”.

    Does the confusion stem from the newness of it all?

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    Laura Foster

    my boyfriend has 2 gene mutations for C677T, homozygous. we’ve changed his diet a bit, because certain foods were giving him a reaction (inflammatory response). he felt nauseated the other day, and vomitted, stomach acid, as it was more of a dry heave really. since then, he’s said anything he eats causes excruciating pain. he said it is unbearable. he believes he may have a stomach ulcer. he’s lost 25 lbs within 3 mos. he’s got chronic neurological lyme. peripheral neuropathy. its been tough. we read that cabbage juice and licorice tablets are good for this. he’s scared to take it because of his gene mutation. does anyone know if this is safe for him? he’s got an upcoming appt to see if he can get an endoscopy procedure done, he is 99.9 % sure its an ulcer. please help.

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    Lynn- I know you haven’t posted since 2012 on this thread, but I’m really hoping you can help me out haha! You said above that having 3 MTHFR mutations is rare, and we just found out that my 2 year old is Homozygous for C677T AND Hetero for A1298C. He also has 9 other hetero mutations that affect methylation. :( So I guess he is a rare case then? He was born with congenital heart defects, a pelvic kidney and some fused ribs. He is a healthy happy 2 year old and we have reduced his chemical load as much as we possibly can. What is my next step for him? A few friends told me that I can give him the L MTHF/B12 lozenge and just give 1/4 for his age. What would you suggest?

    My 6 month old is also hetero for C677T and Homo for MAO with one other homo mutation and 9 other hetero mutations that affect methylation.

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    Hi, I just had my blood test results read to me and I was told I have single mutation of c677t and A1298c.
    My homocystine levels were 7.1 back in October so dr felt they are ok. I dont know anything about this test and the only reason it was ordered was because the Naturapath asked the DR to add it.
    My vit D levels are 60 and I have Hashimotos and Thyroid tests are ok. I feel fine…Am i supposed feel bad with this?

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