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    Any ideas about what could be causing my heart flutters, squeezing, racing, gripping and hot rushes? I had some of these symptoms in 1999 before being put on Celexa and now they are back (I had been slowly cutting back it see if symptoms were resolved). I have at least one copy of A1298C as my son has two copies. I am going to be testing for the MTHFR genes soon. I am pretty sure it is caused by the MTHFR problems. I am thinking about having some of the other mutant genes tested for also. I am now forced to be a beta blocker and will be getting my heart thoroughally checked out but I believe it is MTHFR related. Anything information is much appreciated.

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    Dolores Seames

    That is a very difficult question to answer, since it can be caused by many thing. I have that problem too. It could be adrenals, thyroid, hormones, or electrolite inbalance for starters. There are probably other reasons as well. The methylation cycle or mutations can have an effect on any of these too. I have regular appointments with a cardioligist. He tells me that my heart will live 120 years, so at least I have peace of mind that it is healthy, which helps me not to worry so much about it. I have two copies of C677T mutation, which apparently can effect the heart, so I’m thankful my heart gets a good report. If you haven’t had a cardioligy appointment, that might be a good place to start. Any supplements that might effect any of the above, might cause it too. Also side effects from some medications.

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