Interpreting NutrEval results given MTHFR C677T Homozygous

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    Hello Dr. Lynch:

    Just received my NutrEval FMV Amino Acids test results and am wondering about the readings – they are actually not showing many items outside of the normal to borderline categories. I have been having issues for some time, w/ worsening IBS-like symptoms and my Dr. and I are working hard to determine what’s up. My Dr. explained that the way Genova Diagnostics determines levels is by first establishing how a normal krebs cycle functions, then showing where certain amino acids, etc. are as compared to that optimal cycle. But this doesn’t take into consideration my MTHFR polymorphism so the recommendations aren’t entirely accurate right? Also, I was asked to abstain from any supplements for 4 days prior to the urine and blood test, and I’m wondering if that’s enough given I’ve been taking high levels of B12 and other vits for many years now (even if Bs are water-soluable it’s hard to imagine levels dipping to a “normal” state in 4 days).

    I guess I’m frustrated the test wasn’t more revealing and that my Doc (or the lab) doesn’t know how to adjust the reading given the mutation. Some of the “adjustments” are obvious, i.e. when the results suggest adding a folic acid supplement I certainly know that for me that means Methylfolate (which I’ve been taking anyway and am slowly figuring out quantity). But when it lists B2 as “borderline” – perhaps for me that means “high need”. Any thoughts relative to NutrEval w/ MTHFR C677T x 2 and how to personalize the findings and results?

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    Dr. Rich Van Konynenburg,a research biochemist that posts at and other ME/CFS websites, recommends that people do a Genova NutrEval test in conjuction with Vitamin Diagnostics (now Health Research and Institute) methylation pathway panel. He finds the combination of information from both tests to be helpful in getting a clear picture of what is going on. His explanation of the methylation pathway panel is here: Several posters at phoenixrising have said the methylation pathway panel is the first test they had, after years of mystery illness, that gave any indication that something was amiss with them.

    Rich says it doesn’t seem to make any difference if people are still taking supplements when they do the methylation pathways panel test. According to wikipedia’s Vitamin B12 article, the half-life of B12 in serum is approximately 6 days, and it’s 400 days in the liver. The storage form of B12, as found in the liver, is actually adenosylcobalamin.

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    Thank you so much for that information! I will definitely look into a methylation pathway panel and that Dr.’s explanation. I find it very interesting that supplements wouldn’t effect the methylation panel – will learn more. All of that is much appreciated.

    Again, thank you.


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