MTHFR And bloodpressure meds

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    Hi Dr. Ben,

    My husband and I recently received our genetic testing results and my husband is compound heterozygous for MTHFR deficiency. I do not have a mutation on this gene, however, since he is compound heterozygous all of our offspring will be heterozygous for one of the mutations. I have high bloodpressure and before we conceive I was put on methyldopa 250mg 3x a day. If I am not a carrier, but will be pregnant with a baby who will be heterozygous, will the babybe negatively effected by me taking methyldopa?

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    If your husband is compound heterozygous and you do not have either MTHFR mutation, you could have children who are compound heterozygous, single heterozygous or who do not have either mutation at all. Heterozygous means he has one abnormal copy of each and one normal copy of each. A child of yours could inherit either. If both copies of the MTHFR mutation are on the same chromosome, odds of having a child with neither mutation would be approximately 50%. I can’t speak to the blood pressure issue, but thought that might be at least partially reassuring.

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    Thanks for the response! That makes sense.

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