MTHFR and diet

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    Hello Dr. Lynch – first of all, your dedication and findings on the field of MTHFR is outright impressive, and a great personal relief as well :)

    I sincerely hope your efforts will bear fruits and result in a more common understanding of the field of nutrigenomics. A deep thank goes to you for creating this site.

    And as I delve through your site (forums and all) I reckon that a lot is written about the different mutations (677/1298), its symptoms and possible ways to supplement/be proactive.

    – My question:

    Could you please elaborate more on what diet regime you prefer for your patients?
    (I am quite aware of how to remediate through supplements and lifestyle (still takes an effort though), and how certain dietary sources whould be left out of the equation (e.g. gluten and dairy)).

    I bear in mind that you said you’re favourable towards a ‘paleo diet’, thus omitting allergens (gluten,dairy, etc.). I would appreciate if you could say a little bit more about the role of macronutrient ratios, and if saturated fats and meat intake should be restricted to the bare minimum. Any specific dietary templates or ‘prescriptions’?

    Keep up your good work!

    best regards,
    Phil from Norway (MTHFR (not confirmed), mid twenties male)

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