MTHFR and intestinal dysbiosis, Tourette's Syndrome, anxiety

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    Hi Dr. Ben, my son, age 9, was diagnosed about a year ago suffering from Tourette’s syndrome (tics, anxiety unjustified). Abilify prescribed to control tics and anxieties evening. We have never given neuroleptics and, heard other neurologists, we tried to treat the child for PANDAS (symptoms identical to Tourette, but caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcal infection – the child had high TAS and streptozyme positive). In February he received immunoglobulin infusion 1 gr/kg with no visible improvement. At the same time took inositol. Antibiotic coverage lasted about eight months with injections of benzylpenicillin and periods of Klacid by mouth, has not improved the situation.
    Increasingly discouraged, but convinced that it was not either of Tourette (in the family, there aren’t similar cases) nor (only) of PANDAS / PITAND / PANS, we started, a month ago, a cure with DAN! protocol.
    After 1,5 years with evening anxieties my son, the other night, told me that he could finally fall asleep without me or my wife kept it by hand .. (Before the disease had always slept alone and in the dark).

    Then, we are (maybe) finally seeing improvements with DAN! protocol. GFCFSF diet without yeast (we use only chemicals yeast) and sugar. The child has severe allergic to nuts, raw egg, kiwi (have a history of anaphylactic shock after ingestion of two pine nuts). We are giving probiotics (Yogermina 100 and Dicoflor 60 alternating every days), Zinc Picolinate, Zaditen antistaminic, Vitalzym, Caprylic Acid (MCT LIQUID), Inositol.

    We have now found that the child has MTHFR C677T homozygous mutation, then, after healing the gut, we will give methylcobalamin, folic acid (or 5 MTHL?), B6, B2…
    It may be that the tics and anxieties were triggered by intestinal dysbiosis and lack of B12 (we will do the analysis) due to the mutation MTHFR? ….
    The stool examination found Candida albicans, alpha hemolytic streptococci and clostridia (in quantity, the latter apparently not alarming).
    IgA of the child are at about 80mg/dl.

    We need to investigate other genetic mutations? If the tics and anxieties disappear with diet, enzymes, probiotics, caprylic acid and inositol, we note that methylation works well?

    How to follow the best, over the years, a child with similar problems?

    If the Tourette’s Syndrome and anxiety symptoms were really attributable to the MTHFR mutation, it would be a really interesting thing… I have never read of a correlation between tics and MTHFR ….

    A greeting and thanks for your attention. I write from Italy. I apologize for my bad English. Adriano

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    I found that my Tourette’s symptoms are dramatically reduced if I take P5P (active form of B6.) The pills don’t do it though, only the sub-lingual. Source Naturals sells the sub-lingual form.

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    You could try about 100 mg of niacinamide to see if it helps with the anxiety.

    Don’t use folic acid, use 5-MTHF (methylfolate or metafolin).

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