MTHFR and leg pain?

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    Adriana from Sweden

    Hi, My name is Adriana and I’m 28 years old. Adopted from Colombia but lives in Sweden. I have a very big problem getting help with this over here. Non seem to know what Im talking about when I mention MTHFR. I have been diagnosed to have a defect on the mthfr enzyme.

    But my major problem is my leg pain. Its in the muscles and I have very much trouble sleeping. It gets worse if I walk much. I have not been diagnosed with restless legs, but maybe thats the key. It have been 5 years and I havent got help with this.

    So my big question is, do you that have problems with the mthfr also have leg pain? The pain is in the muscles, and feels like inside the bone. Heat and warmt help sometimes. I cant sit still, must move my legs and thats because of the pain. Sometimes my calfs getting incredible sore and tense also.

    I also eat B12, D vitamin, folic acid and magnesium as extra supplementation.

    Please give me all you got for this, Its impossible to find people in sweden with the same problem, and dr to know what to look for.

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    I have had incredible leg pain for many months and just found out I have the MTHFR mutation.

    Magnesium at night seems to help with that restless leg feeling. But during the day I can often barely walk. I used to be able to run a marathon no problem! My whole system feels incredibly inflamed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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