NEEVO DHA or Metanx while trying to conceive?

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    Which one of these is better? NEEVO DHA is a prenatal for people who have are older and folks with MTHFR, Metanx is advised for diabetics. Both have ingredients needed for people with MTHFR, and MEtanx has higher amounts of the ingredients. I think I should stay on the NEEVO DHA, but because I am homozygous for c677t I wonder if I should take an additional b12 with metafolin sublingually?
    Ideally how much overall active b12 and how much folate should one be on with this genetic makeup?
    Neevo DHA has: 1.53 mg of metafolin and 1 mg Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin.
    THANK YOU!!! :)

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    Neevo DHA has folic acid and cyanocobalamin in it. Inactive forms that should be avoided by people with MTHFR, because they competitively inhibit the active forms. Furthermore, only about 1% of B12 is absorbed when taken orally. Doesn’t seem to me like the best supplement for someone with MTHFR.

    I don’t think anyone can say without testing what an ideal amount is for each individual. There are amounts given as general guidelines, as Dr. Ben has done in his protocols. But to really know if you’re taking what is ideal for you, I think you need to do something like the Vitamin Diagnostics (HDRI) methylation pathways panel test.

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    Thank you for all of your responses Lynn. I will look into the (HDRI) methylation pathways panel test– but my doctors have been giving me a hard time about labs and the cost is pretty high, so I am trying to circumvent that.

    Quick question: where did you see that Neevo DHA has cyanocobalamin in it? I am looking at the ingredients list (the one you also posted in my other post) and I don’t see this?

    Thanks again.

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    It seems doctors or insurance companies don’t look at the cost of being ill or having subpar health. They just look at the short-term cost of the test, not at the benefits it provides. And if they’re unfamiliar with the test, and it’s not standard of practice, they’re even more averse to order it. Dr. Rich van Konynenburg has said in his IAOMT video that the methylation pathways panel is the one test he recommends for ME/CFS patients. We’re fortunate Dr. Ben offers it.

    When I first answered your post, I had looked at one site that listed ingredients. Just now, I looked at, as you saw. It’s says NeevoDHA has Vit B12, 1 mg.

    Usually when a manufacturer says Vitamin B12, it’s in the cyanocobalamin form. It it’s otherwise, they will specify the form. It would be a bragging point, because the other forms are more expensive. Cyanocobalamin is the form considered to be B12 by most conventional sources. So while I can’t say with certainty that NeevoDHA has cyanocobalamin, I think that’s a reasonable assumption.

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    Thansk again Lynn. The printout that came inside the packaging for Neevo DHA definitely lists the B12 as (methylcobalamin 1mg) and was updated 2/12. So at least it’s not the bad version of b12. I have just ordered a b12 sublingual with metfolin that Dr. Ben recommends and I will take one of those a day in addition to the NEEVO DHA. This will bring my overall amounts to….
    2 MG B12 (same as metanx)
    2.3 MG methylfolate ( a little less than metanx)

    Boy this took some work, but I think I have figured this out! As someone who is c677t homozygous, I definitely think I need more than simply the NEEVO DHA. One other thing, I did not see regular folic acid listed anywhere on the ingredients, one ingredient listing says has the folate listed specifically as: Folate (as methylfolate Calcium (as Metafolin), as Folic Acid, USP) 1.53 mg
    Perhaps regular folic acid is mixed with the methylfolate (metfolin?) I might call the company tomorrow to get further clarification.

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    i wonder if PAMLAB has changed their formulation. That’s great that it has methylcobalamin and Metafolin in it.

    I first of all tried looking at the PAMLAB website for NeevoDHA ingredients, but their link didn’t work. It was amazingly hard to find any website that listed ingredients. Maybe the one I found has an old formulation.

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    Tami Hirsch

    I would take two Neevho DHA and two sublingual a day. In the past, Dr.’s told patients to take RX Folgard 2.2mg twice daily (inactive forms of B’s) and one would still miscarry. I lost 10 babies total…I have one copy of C667T and my husband have one copy A1298C. Look into adding nattokinase when your pregnant. It thins the blood better than lovenox. It kept my last baby alive. I lost babies even on Lovenox and my oncologist said I now have an blood clotting antibody most likely from taking the lovenox! Crazy! I take 4,000 mcg l-methyfolate (metafolin), 50mg (P5P), and 2,00 mcg of methylcobalamin every day. I had a pulmonary embolism after a D&C and so I also take nattokinase nightly to thin my blood. Remember MTHFR can cause DVT, Stroke or heart attack.

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    Nichole Toner

    I was curious about the metanx..I had requested to my doctor to switch me to this from folgard, but he says he wont since he can not find anything that says it is safe in pregnancy.. Does anyone know where I could find info to show him? My other idea was to by each supplement in metanx and just take that way, anyone ideas as to which are the best supplemetns out there of the folate, B6 and B12? I am just worried folgrd is not the med I should be on right now and I am TTC.

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    Wow Nicole, there’s a doctor that needs some educating. Metanx is considered a medical food, not a prescription drug, so it doesn’t have to pass through all the hoops that would be required for a drug. I doubt if you’ll find anything that says it’s safe in pregnancy, because those tests probably haven’t explicitly been done, because I doubt if they’re required for a medical food. Actually, I’d be surprised if you could find anything that says that Folgard is safe in pregnancy, for the same reason. You might contact the manufacturer and see if they have anything you could show your doctor.

    This is the prescribing information insert but it doesn’t say anything about pregnancy. On another site about Metanx, it said to notify your doctor if you were pregnant.

    If the doctor looked at a diagram of the folate cycle, he would see that folic acid goes through conversion steps and has to be ultimately converted into L-methylfolate to be usable by the body. The folic acid in Folgu\ard is a synthetic substance. There’s more reason to be suspicious of it than of L-methylfolate, methylcobolamin,and P5P, which are produced by the body as part of normal metabolism. Ask your doctor how safe it would be for your pregnancy if, because of a MTHFR mutation, you can’t make L-methylfolate from the folic acid.

    Usually the prescription forms are more expensive and have a lot more additives than supplements available OTC. Dr. Ben has a product like you’re looking for. Look aat his websites at or Solgar, Metagenics, and LEF make L-methylfolate supplements. Enzymatic Therapy, Jarrow, and NOW are the better brands of methylcobalamin supplements. You get much more absorption taking mB12 sublingually than orally, as in Metanx. I don’t know of a particular P5P brand to recommend.

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    Nichole Toner

    Thanks for all the great info Lynn!!

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    Deals Virgo

    I’m somewhat on similar shoes. I’m diagnosed with MTHFR – Positive for two copies of A1298C mutation. I have suffered recurrent miscarriages and currently on Metanx.
    I came across Neevo DHA and it contains 1.13 mg of L-methylfolate as opposed to Metanx which contains 3 mg of L-MethylFolate. I take regular prenatal vitamin,prenatal DHA and baby aspirin additional to that.

    Congrats to all the ladies on having healthy baby after being diagnosed MTHFR gene mutations.

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