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    I have 3 children ages (9-14) that were recently confirmed to be homozygous with the A1298C gene. Two have had nitrous in the past, one of them has short term memory issues in general. I recently asked their dentist about nitrous oxide and she felt it was safe for them if needed in the future because it does not get metabolized. I have read some things that are conflicting to this information but she has not found any information that supports this. Is it safe for kids with this type of mutation to have nitrous oxide?
    Also, how often do you recommend that children have their homocysteine levels checked? The doctors in our area don’t seem to have much information on how to treat MTHFR and don’t take it very seriously. My husband (early 40″s) has the same mutation and he has already had blood clots in his head and extremely high homocysteine. I am compound heterozygous and was told by my Primary doctor that there is no treatment and that there is no need to test my levels because it is an insignificant mutation. Is that true? My OBGYN and Rheumy feel differently.

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    Dr Lynch

    Nitrous oxide blocks the methionine synthase enzyme. This enzyme is already in limited use in individuals with MTHFR mutations.

    I recommend those with MTHFR mutations – especially homozygous or compound heterozygous – utilize a different form of anaesthesia.

    If nitrous oxide is accidentally used by a dentist or reactions are seen after receiving nitrous oxide, then supplementing with the following are recommended:
    – Methionine
    – Methylfolate
    – Methylcobalamin
    – NAC
    – Vitamin B6

    A study which proves that nitrous oxide causes issues in those with MTHFR mutations is here.

    Conclusion of the study is: “This study shows that patients with a homozygous MTHFR 677C>T or 1298A>C mutation are at a higher risk of developing abnormal plasma homocysteine concentrations after nitrous oxide anesthesia.”

    Prior to receiving nitrous oxide anaesthesia, it is recommended to supplement with Methionine and a blend of methylfolate, vitamin B6 and methylfolate.

    Your husband may take HomocysteX and Flow Fx. Flow Fx may be taken if no other blood thinners or anti-clotting medications are being used. Please read the directions of Flow Fx carefully. Flow Fx cannot be used by people with bleeding disorders.

    MTHFR compound heterozygous is NOT insignificant. It may be very serious especially when combined with other genetic defects.

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    My daughter is to be sedated today for MRI, she is 5. she is heter 1298c, i am homo 1298c. should i refuse the nitrous oxide for her? the anesthesia MD warns against not going this route as other stronger meds may be worse to wake up from and less of nitrous – she may wake up!!!!
    I myself have had a bad reaction to anesthesia– ALL types- even profofol. i have woken up during procedures, had seziures upon coming out of it, and always have horrible emergent delirium? any suggestions please !!!! her procedure is in 2 hrs. thanks!!!!!!

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