Positive for C677T, one copy – have Lyme disease

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    Beverly Hennager

    I really appreciate the help you are offering on this website. It is a wealth of information. I just got my test results yesterday and was surprised I am positive for one copy of the C677T instead of the A1298C, which seemed to fit my symptoms more (a lifetime of insomnia, migraines and low energy, intolerance to alcohol and caffeine, early miscarriages). There was no mention of the A1298C at all even to say it was negative.

    I am also high in triglycerides (323), Ferritin (310), IgG 3 (121), Thrombin antithrombin complex (10.7) and C4A (7855).

    I have been treating lyme disease over four years. I have had trouble tolerating the drugs, going on and off them. I never drink and have not had sugar, red meat or processed refined foods for years. The only reason I can figure out why my triglycerides were high was because I was on a antimarial drug that required high amounts of fat to be absorbed so I was eating butter and cheese.

    Can having only one copy make a difference? I am 65 and very worried about my mind being affected by lyme as well as this mutation. I have a very bad short term memory and my motivation and ability to concentrate is compromised.


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    Beverly Hennager

    PS I just read you are supposed to fast for 12 hours prior to a test for triglycerides. No one told me about that! They are normally high after eating.

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    Dr Lynch


    Some labs do not even test for the A1298C MTHFR mutation – call the lab and ask them if they tested for it. If not, you may want to get it tested for.

    You definitely can have symptoms from just one copy. I see it all the time in people. I recommend starting out on 1/4 tablet of Active B12 with Methylfolate and increasing it by 1/4 every 3 days. Continue increasing it as long as you do not have side effects.

    I presume you will do well with 1/2 to 1.5 tablets daily. You may have to alter the amount taken every now and then – some days more, some days less or none at all. You’ll learn to recognize how much to take.

    Yes – you should be fasting for Trigs.

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    Beverly Hennager

    Thanks so much. I was wondering if they tested for 1298. i will follow your suggestion.

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