Spectracel vs Nutra Eval… someone's wrong

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    I find it interesteing that I had nutrient testing on my son, from both Spectracel and NutraEval, drawn at the same time and sent off on the same day. But the results were like day and night, some areas looked fine from one lab while the same nutrient showed totally different results from the other lab. Makes me wonder about accuracy with these private labs. I see that many MTHFR folks have used Spectracel to test for their mutations. Have you had an opportunity to check their test for accuracy (like against 23and me or other lab)? Has anyone had an opportuntiy to compare 23andme genetic results against those from Yasko’s testing?

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    I assume you’re referring to Spectracell’s micronutrient testing when you compare their results to Genova Diagnostic’s Nutrval.

    That’s quite discouraging that the results from the two labs are so different. I would think it would be worthwhile to tell each of the labs that their results are wildly different from the other lab’s. Maybe they would offer to retest for free or could offer some explanation for the discrepancy. You would hope they would be willing to take measures to stand behind the accuracy of their test results. If you or your doctor do make contact with the labs regarding the discrepant results, I hope you’ll report the response here.

    Regarding 23andMe’s accuracy. A blogger ran a 23andMe test against a dBase test, and while the results weren’t identical, the discrepancies between the two tests were miniscule. I also read a pubmed abstract that looked at the accuracy of 23andMe’s results versus other genetic testing companies, and 23andMe had comparable accuracy. I’d have to do some research to find the links to reference that.

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