Sweating and Detox

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    I’m trying to follow the basic protocol for MTHFR C677T (hetero) and am pleased that I am doing many of them already. But, I still feel like crap so I’m obviously not doing everything I need to be. The parts I’m having trouble with are the detox steps, like sweating. I’ve always had trouble sweating, I just don’t sweat. I don’t have access to a sauna. I try to get some aerobic exercise and put heavy clothes on to increase the sweating and I usually sweat a bit on my upper lip and arm pits only. Is there anything else you would suggest to improve sweating? I haven’t tried epsom salt baths as I’m under the impression that I really need to get those sweat glands emptying (not just other skin pores). Just curious if there’s anything I can do to get myself sweating better.

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    Hi Roselynn,
    I’m also C677T heterozygous and have the same trouble sweating. No matter how intensely I exercise, I simply don’t sweat. My skin might get a little cooler and humid, but you will never see a sweat drop falling. I’m wondering if the MTHFR is the cause. Have you find something to improve this situation yet?

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    Hi Roselynn/Val –

    I have a hard time sweating too – however, i have noticed more sweat during exercise since I started magnesium (epsom baths) twice a week, iodine in the form of lugols, and methylcobalamine at 1mg a day. I am still afraid to use lugols internally, but do use two drops on my skin daily. From what I have read only 10% is really absorbed transdermally, but I am more comfortable using it this way. There are a lot of connection you can google re: iodine and sweat production.

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    I was using infrared saunas long before I knew I was heter C677T. I am fortunate enough to own a sauna. The literature that came with it suggested that taking one half to one teaspoon of sea salt would help. I also researched how to build my own sauna on the web–basically a small tent with a protected far infrared bulb. I am low thyroid so I didn\\\’t sweat at first but the sea salt and other supplements seemed to have helped that. I\\\’m guessing that the sauna helped alleviate side effects from taking lmethyl folate without any methyl b12. Doctor failed to tell me that piece of info so I\\\’m just learning that now. No more until I find a souce of methyl b 12. I have some metanx but may start with a very small piece once my muscles are not so tight, the burning sensation is already gone since stopping the Deplin.

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    Aischa Ibnouzahir

    Interesting… I was searching to see if taking methyl-guard (methylated Bs) was making me sweat more. I usually never sweat either, I am heterozygous A1298. Now I am constantly damp and unfortunately only my face sweats. Really gross. How often do I have to wipe my upper lip while waiting to pick up my kids!?!?!

    I look forward to sweating more appropriately in a sauna someday, either at home or a gym. Love the tent and heat lamp idea. I was eyeing the portable infrared set ups on Amazon.

    Meanwhile I will keep my eye on this thread. It is so very interesting to see how others cope, and solutions.

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    I don’t sweat much either. Never did. I did some experimentation with a Far Infrared Sauna several years ago and it caused an increase in my sweating ability which has been permanent. But it’s still more in the range of *damp*, not drops of sweat. However, even *damp* is enough to deplete magnesium enough that I have to take extra. So as far as I’m concerned, any kind of sweating, no matter what part of your body it comes from and how much or how little is good sweating.

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    would like more information about how sweating fits into the picture.

    Personally I sweat profusely – and not since i began taking metafolin which is only a week. Does this mean i am going to sweat even more – if so – it isnt worth it.

    if anyone know where i can read more about this – would appreciate it.


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    Sweat Resistant

    Harvey and Marilyn Diamond are the authors of a book called “Fit for Life.” This book explains how the digestive system works. It suggests many ways to give it the boost it needs to help the body detoxify. One of the main suggestions it offers is to eat as much fruit as you want from breakfast through 12 noon. I did this and I am normally not a sweater but I began to sweat like a pig periodically throughout the day. I was amazed at this. In addition to the profuse sweating I had tremendous energy all day. I suggest that you read this book and at the very least follow the fruit only in the morning. I believe you will be amazed at the results.

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