Symptoms from MTHFR?

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    Dear Dr. Ben ~
    You are an angel sent from heaven to help bring people back to life. Thank God for you!
    I, like many others have had debilitating, chronic symptoms since my late 20’s. Doctors have always told me I’m healthy but I knew otherwise. I was recently diagnosed heterozygous A1298C and it’s helped me realize that I’m not crazy. I’ve had depression all my life, even though I consider myself a positive person. I’ve had chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, extreme skin sensitivity, hair falling out, Hashimoto’s thyroid, arrhythmias, brain fog, migraine, constipation, cervical cancer (cured), Reynaud’s, hand tremor and I’ve been told I have immune system dysfunction. With all this I’ve managed to be a fairly well-function person, until the last few years. My symptoms have magnified, the worst being extreme migraines with memory loss, severe hand and foot blisters from internal heat, which peel and bleed, and dehydration so bad that I’m afraid to sleep at night because of mouth so dry I can hardly swallow anymore, and I feel like the dryness will break my bones in half. I’ve been on 7.5 mg Deplin, and 3 gm. Sublingual methyl B-12 for two weeks now and the depression has lifted immensely and so has much of my brain fog. I have a little more energy sometimes, but still these terrible symptoms. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and Sjogren’s, all of which were negative. Brain MRI’s show white matter which is indicative of TIA’s.
    My question to you is, do you know if methyl b’s will help all these symptoms, or is there something else I should be looking for? Does the detox take a long time and is there something to do to speed it up? I know that many times there can be other genes affected or other problems that go along with this. I’m in my mid 50’s, happily married, have eaten healthy all my life. We grow our own vegetables, try to eat organic with less meat consumption and get plenty of exercise with hiking gently. I’m also on toprol 25mg for arrhythmias and levoxyl 125 mcg for hypothyroid. I can’t take all the healthy things like fish oil, garlic, cinnamon or anything spicy, as my hand blisters get much worse. I feel this is coming from my liver and that I’m toxic.
    Any suggestions you could give would be truly appreciated. It was a fluke that a PA at a neurological institute in Buffalo, NY tested me, and prescribed Deplin, but then sent me to my PCP who knows nothing. I’m totally lost in which direction to pursue.
    God bless you for helping so many people who have been tormented by this syndrome!
    Sincerely ~ Joan

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