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    So I’m homozygous T/T. Have been dealing with a wise range of symptoms including very low T (i’m 26), wacky blood pressure (sometimes it is high sometimes it is normal, most often the systolic is 140/60-70) low neurotransmitters, fatigue, high Lp(a) cholesterol, and the list goes on.

    Now the doc has put me on a supp that has b12, folinate, magnesium, basically a blood vessel guard. Reading through this website I’ve learned that taking folic acid may not be a good idea for me. L-methylfolate may be a better option but I’m hesitant to self medicate.

    Im seeing my doc in a month pending a stool test (we think i have poor absorption as well), I will bring this up. In the mean time what do you guys think?

    Btw diet is super clean. No gluten, lean protein, veggies, fish oil, healthy fats, etc.


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