Two Copies of A1298C and rapid Weight Gain!

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    I was recently diagnosed with two copies of A1298C. Overall I feel as if I am a healthy 30 year old woman. However, I have always struggled with weight problems. I have gained weight, lost it, gained it, lost etc. Recently (within 6 months) I have gained 30 lbs and haven’t changed a thing! I exercise  times per week and have an excellent diet! I have had multiple tests done and this is the only thing that came back. Could this be related to my rapid weight gain and what is the best diet to follow with this type of mutation?

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    Hi Rachel

    Your best diet would be a whole, organic foods diet. No manufactured foods, no additives, no pesticides, etc. High in nutrients and low in empty calories, and preferably gluten and dairy free. This mutation means your liver has trouble removing toxins from your body, so try as far as possible not to let toxins get into it in the first place. Don’t use makeup unless you have checked the ingredients very thoroughly, same for soaps and shampoos and personal care products, and avoid household chemicals too. Have you checked out Dr Ben’s recommendations? The article is titled C677T protocol, but conversations since have shown that this is a general set of advice for all of us.

    Best of luck!


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    Barbara R. Moser,RN

    Hi Rachel,

    I also have homozygous A1298c.  For me weight gain has never been an issue.  Just the opposite b/c so many foods bother my stomach.

    There must be something that was missed in your workup.  One way of trying to detect unlying causes for issues like this is to watch your fertility cycles very closely.  They tell you so much – even if blood work came back normal with the exception of the mthfr mutations.  Try the Creighton Fertility Care System.  It provides charts for you to track your cycles.  It may take a while to discipline yourself in charting but the information you yield about yourself is worth it!  There are fertility care practictioners throughout the country that can help you get started and learn to interpret your charts.  Trust me – you will discover at least one thing you did not know about your health.

    Best of health to you!

    Barbara, RN – *homozygous A1298c


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    I am heterozygous 677. I’ve been fit most of life but after I had a baby I’ve never been able to get fit like I used to. My body decides when it will lose weight and when it will gain. I have gained 40 pounds in 2 years. I exercise 5 days a week, I do weights 3 days a week. I track my food. I eat clean, not perfect but way above average. I had my resting metabolic rate tested and it was great. I usually only gain 30lbs and then my body starts to lose it. For example, one week I may lose 8 pounds, the next week 5lbs. I can drop 20lbs in a month. I can also gain 20lbs in 1 month. I’ve gained 12lbs in 4 days- that never came off and I was not eating more and it was not during the holidays. Rachel, did you ever find out anything? I’ve had so many tests run and the mthfr mutation is the main thing. I’m borderline on a few other tests, but nothing that is explaining what my problem is. I’m just worried that I won’t stop gaining weight and I will become too big to do anything.

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