Why dairy free?

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    I am wondering why specifically the lifestyle protocol suggests being dairy free. Our home has been predominately dairy free for years because the rest of my family has a relatively mild IgG reactions to dairy. For a special treat we sometimes have some manchego cheese. Since I don’t know if my husband or children are reacting to the whey or casein, I reasoned this would be a good choice as it is low in whey and contains a different type of casein because it’s made from sheep’s milk. I also occasionally use butter. Ultimately, I guess what I’m really trying to determine is if this is close enough to dairy free?

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    I suspect the totally dairy free applies primarily to not consuming any of the standard dairy products usually found in grocery stores. They’re pasteurized and homogenized, they often contain rBHT hormones,the cows have been fed GMO grains, and they usually don’t have access to pasture. I think Dr. Ben may be more accepting of raw milk from A2 cows, and a cheese made from sheep’s milk, especially if it’s made from raw sheep’s milk and the cow has been pastured, seems like a it’s in a class of its own.

    Since you only have the cheese and butter occasionally, it would be easier to determine if anyone in the family is having a reaction to those items. Some people can’t tolerate any dairy – I was told it’s like sludge for my body, even kefir made from raw pastured Jersey cows. So whether an occasional use of a high quality product is okay – I would say it might depend on what kind of reactions ensue.

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