Metafolin Knock Offs – Caution

With any craze, crazy things can happen.

I am seeing MTHFR mutation information skyrocket (which is awesome!) and new supplements designed for MTHFR mutations appear overnight (which is also awesome!).

However, I am a bit uncomfortable:

Merck, the patent holder of Metafolin, does not allow dosing of Metafolin to be greater than 1,000 mcg and most often they do not allow over 800 mcg.

I’ve confirmed this with my manufacturer who works with Merck directly.

There are only about 3 manufacturers in the USA who are allowed to use Metafolin – the real one – and I contract my supplement development with two of these manufacturers.

Now if a product states it has over 1,000 mcg of Metafolin in it, it doesn’t mean that it is inferior to Metafolin. It simply means that they are not using the true Metafolin.

Letting you know – careful.

From my manufacturer:

Hi Dr Lynch,

I was shocked by this also, found out about it last week. BUT be clear it is NOT Metafolin, it is a L-5-MTHF knock off and appears to be currently legal.

BUT I also dont see this staying in the marketplace too long. I was unaware that the restrictions on folate dosages had been lifted! Apparently they could sell a 20 mg Folate cap if they wanted.

Sooner than later I would suspect a FDA crackdown.

Dr Ben

4 Responses to “Metafolin Knock Offs – Caution”

  1. Alisa R. February 20, 2012 at 5:28 am # Reply

    Hi Dr Ben,

    I have just written a long post in the forum and will be scheduling a consult with you very soon (time difference from Australia prevents me from calling right now!).
    I had already ordered some supplements before reading much of your website and now this worries me as I have ordered a supplement which contains 5mg 5-MTHF. The company is Thorne Research, and while I appreciate you may not be abele to comment about this online, I have used their products in the past and previous naturopaths have insisted that it is a great brand. I guess after I have used this batch of supplements I will switch to your products. Thanks, alisa

    • Dr Ben February 20, 2012 at 7:50 am # Reply

      Hi Alisa –

      Thorne is a great company. I am not sure what the underlying source is for the article but I did find it concerning.

      Seeking Health line is quite effective I find – people are getting great results – and I use it personally – along with my family. Your business is appreciated.

      Australia is a fantastic country – with great people ;)

  2. Noel May 23, 2013 at 2:29 pm # Reply

    I am not too sure if your contact replied you correctly, FAO website says they are same forms Its same molecular formula and it calls it a synonym..

    Could you please get more information from your contact and post here an update. This is so confusing,,

  3. Fran July 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm # Reply

    Today, Cerefolin NAC delivers: 5.6mg L-methylfolate as Metafolin, 2mg B12, 600mg N-acetylcysteine

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