Miscarriages and MTHFR Mutations – Question to Dr Ben


I’m a little confused as far as what your recommedations as far as supplements for Mthfr-hetero type.  I was dx 5 yrs. ago during normal-healthy pregnancy.  Recently, have had 3 miscarriages in the past 1 year.  Always occurs around week 4.  I was taking a progestrin only type Birth Control that seemed to cause more problems (could it have affected my levels)?  I have seborrehic dermatitis and excessive hair loss immediately after taking pill and still occuring 9 months later.  I’m supplementing with B6, B12, folic acid.

Dr’s seem clueless about this and are well aware I have the mutation.  My main concern is for my hair to stop falling out and have a healthy baby again.  My hemoglobin levels have been coming back slightly elevated, but that’s all!

Thanks so much, [deleted]


I am sorry to hear about the miscarriages. That must be an extremely difficult experience.

I recommend you consider scheduling a consult with me so we can get into more detail.

I do not broadly recommend the same supplementation program as everyone has unique biochemistry. This must be looked at in order to effectively realign the biochemistry so it is functional once again.

You are right that a progestin only hormone may have contributed to your symptoms.

Many doctors are unaware of all the nuances those with MTHFR mutations present.

I do recommend your husband/partner get tested for MTHFR mutations. Your husband/partner may be passing on a MTHFR mutation to your baby in utero.

You may not be getting appropriately tested. There are many labs likely that need to be evaluated.

I am available for consultations and 2nd opinion laboratory evaluations. I also can recommend certain labs for your doctor to order for you or you may order directly through me. The benefit to having your doctor order labs is they may be covered by insurance. Labs I recommend are not covered by insurance.

I recommend your doctor evaluate your female hormone panel. Have they done that recently?

You may schedule for a consult here.

I’d love to help you on your path to a healthy baby – and help stop your hair from falling out!

In health,

Dr Ben


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