MTHFR and Methylation Deficiencies: Radio Show Recording

Earlier this week, I was interviewed by Sterling Hill and Dr Tim Jackson.

The show was recorded in its entirety and you may listen here:

The show is 2 hours in length. You may listen to it in increments and come back to it later.

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  1. luca basolo February 2, 2013 at 10:20 pm # Reply

    Dear Dr. Ben, I’m Luca Basolo, an Italian ex-researcher in chemistry and medicinal chemistry and now a pharmacist. After some personal experience in my different professions and in my life I discovered your site.
    I’m really happy about your research work on MTHFR mutation, rigorous, intelligent and “out of the box”.
    Every day I work in different pharmacy in different part of Italy. Every day I meet a lot of people asking for medicines; about 3 or 4% of them seem to have MTHFR mutation.
    In particular I found a lot of woman with this pathologies:
    – hashimoto’s tyrohiditis
    – gluten intolerance (not only celiac disease IgA mediated but also intolerance IgG mediated)
    – food intolerance (Igg mediated)
    – polycystic ovary
    – various kind of autoimmune disease such as Lupus, sclerodermy, fibromyalgia…
    – allergy
    In Italy there are no Doctors or Professors prepared enough to go deep inside and test for MTHFR mutation.
    In my opinion I could try to give this people the right food supplement (first of all hydroxyB12 and methylfolate) at low dose for a relatively long time (1 to 6 month) even without the genetic test, only in an empirical way.
    Do you think I’m wrong? If so, where I’m wrong?
    If I am right, what do you think are the best 5 supplement to give?

    Please if you can reply my at

    Thanks a lot for your attention.

    best regards

    Luca Basolo PhD of Universitas Studiorum Mediolanensis, Milan, Italy

  2. Sharlot Bott April 3, 2013 at 9:56 pm # Reply

    Seeing a new Endocrinologist who did extensive testing. Recently diagnosed with A 1298 C heterozygous. I have been taking Methly b12 1000 mcg have been low for a few years. Currently B12 at 529. She told me to start taking 5000mcg of Methyl b12. I notice it has 400 mcg of folic acid in it, which is not good per your site info. Should I switch to another without folic acid? Doc also prescribed Deplin 15 mg, I took the Deplin for 4 days before I found this site, I did not notice anything too bad but got a headache the past couple of days. I stopped it till I speak with her again now that I am “educated” about MTHFR. I had been off bio identical hormone therapy for the past year, thinking it was contributing to my feeling unwell.. This new doc put me back on estradiol/progesterone last month.

    Further I am Iron Deficient (Ferritin at 27). Not Celiac but am following a Gluten Free diet. Have been taking Irospan for 4 months and its not coming up enough. I have tried to avoid Iron Infusion but have finally agreed to Feraheme and will have this in 5 days. Is this a bad idea for MTHFR? Or is Iron Infusion just bad anyway. I read a lot of negative side effects from Iron and don’t want to harm myself.

    I am hypothyroid, have gastritis and joint and muscle pain especially in my thumbs and wrists. something has been wrong for 3-4 years and it seems to have come on suddenly and have been trying to get well since seeing every type doc possible. If you can address the Iron issue it may be helpful.

    • anne May 18, 2013 at 8:58 pm # Reply

      For me it seems that you have thyroiditis i.e. Hashimotos

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