MTHFR Made Easy Podcast: Dr Ben Lynch interviewed by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness

MTHFR is NOT an easy topic to discuss.

Last week, Sean and I began recording our conversation about MTHFR.

It didn’t go well.

In fact, it was terrible.

Instead of giving in and tossing the podcast, Sean was determined to make it right.

He did. We did.

After Sean did tons of homework on MTHFR and methylation, we rescheduled our interview and let it rip the following week.

Enjoy this great interview on MTHFR.

NOTE: When I said at some point in the interview about how one inherits the ‘bad chromosome from one parent’ – I meant to say ‘bad gene’ – not chromosome. Sorry!

From Sean Croxton:
Episode #305: Confused About MTHFR?

You’re not alone. It confused the heck out of me, too.

But this past week I spent a ton of time studying the ins and outs of the MTHFR pathway to prepare for my podcast with Dr. Benjamin Lynch.

If you’ve been looking for the “for dummies” version of MTHFR, Dr. Lynch and I nailed it on this week’s episode!

Find out how unresolved mood issues, infertility, cardiovascular disease, detoxification problems, autism, and many childhood health challenges may be rooted in a genetic mutation that as much as fifty-percent of the population has.

You’ll also learn why acid-blocking drugs turn the MTHFR pathway upside down. Not good.

Listen to Episode #305 with Dr. Ben Lynch on BlogTalk Radio.


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  1. Hazleton December 7, 2014 at 3:28 pm #

    Wow, this was mind blowing. I have been trying to understand the MTHFR for months and this was the best explanation I have heard. This will help so many of us to stay healthy. THANK YOU !!!!

  2. jayne January 4, 2015 at 5:10 pm #

    Is there a written transcript available?

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