MTHFR Mutation? So What.

Have you, or someone you love, been recently diagnosed with the MTHFR mutation?

Is this the final piece of the puzzle?

Perhaps a big piece of the puzzle?

Feelings of angst, excitement, ‘oh crap’, or YES! are running through your head – perhaps all of them at once.


While it is never a pleasure being labeled as a mutant, you finally have identified a potential huge cause of your symptoms.


Stop right there.

The MTHFR gene mutation is not the cause of your symptoms.

“What is?”

The environment is.

You are.

Allow Bruce Lipton, PhD to eloquently explain – start at the 6th minute to get right to it:


Please do comment below your thoughts, emotions and inspirational thoughts below – only after you watch his presentation in full!

Watch a better quality presentation of Dr Lipton’s talk in the comfort of your own home, show to your patients or clients.

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14 Responses to “MTHFR Mutation? So What.”

  1. Tara June 27, 2012 at 9:21 pm # Reply

    Yes, this continues on with my Chicken or the Egg posting in the forum last week. I have been following Dr. Lipton and his work in recent months, and this idea has plagued me for a large part of the last 5 1/2 years of my being sick. There are countless healing therapies out there, many of which I have tried, that address our mind/perception/belief system/etc., as being at the root cause of our ‘dis-ease.’ This certainly opens up a giant can of worms, questions, emotions, in the attempt to cure ourselves of what quite possibly, we have brought on ourselves. I have been dancing the dance of moving forward and back, physically and emotionally, in healing, though as is usual for me, always trying to figure ‘it’ out, expecting an instant result with a new thought pattern or lifestyle. My diet and environment cannot get much cleaner or more organic, and I feel maybe foolishly more optimistic than anyone would be were they placed inside my body for a day. And getting back to the So What of the MTHFR mutation, in light of Dr. Lipton’s ‘perception’ theory, wouldn’t it just be an indicator of similar ‘defective thought patterns’ or ‘beliefs?’ I.e., the result rather than the cause? And then, why should we be frantically trying to figure out the biochemistry of it all, and the combinations of supplementation and treatment, if we are all biologically whole, complete, and healthy at this very moment? When it seems as if different individuals with the same mutations both present with symptoms and without, and vice versa (like there’s not much rhyme or reason behind the mutations), how can we be certain MTHFR is even, as Dr. Lipton put it, the causation, or causal factor? That it’s not just something partially correlated, maybe secondary to beliefs and truths we hold? I pray daily for God to give me courage to change the things I can, serenity to change that which I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference… And beyond that, beyond healing, fixing, or recovering my health, realizing the greater truth that IS, the truth I have yet to see in this crazy journey toward health. May we all have the courage to fight this fight, and to believe in ourselves and in health, and in the ability to both survive and thrive in what has become a ridiculously toxic planet… Namaste.

    • Dr Ben June 27, 2012 at 10:23 pm # Reply

      Tara –

      I hear you loudly.

      Let me respond to this question of yours:
      “Why should we be frantically trying to figure out the biochemistry of it all, and the combinations of supplementation and treatment, if we are all biologically whole, complete, and healthy at this very moment?”

      My response:
      – Health is dynamic and requires constant maintenance.
      There is NO cure.
      There is only maintenance and constant effort on our parts to obtain AND maintain health.

      Without exercise, proper breathing, positive mindset, belief, low toxicity, proper nutrition and community (likely leaving out some key components), we cannot maintain balance in our biochemistry due to improper cellular signaling.

      Biochemistry is CRITICAL as protein = life.

      Proteins move.

      Protein movement is generated from signals in our environment – be in nutrients, mindset, beliefs, chemicals and so on.

      So – in short, understanding the biochemical nuances of the MTHFR variants and how they interact with each individual is important – but what is more important is understanding why the MTHFR defect is being expressed in that individual.

      Make sense?

      Balancing the cellular signaling in that individual is most important – and that may require an understanding of the MTHFR variants as well – because, if that individual is requiring massive methylation due to toxicity or excess of some sort (be it stress/anxiety/overwork/etc), then their body demands extra methylfolate – and they cannot produce it.

      If the doctor understands this and lowers the individuals need for methylation, then the MTHFR enzyme does not have to produce as much methylfolate and the MTHFR mutation does not pose a significant problem.

      This is HUGE and this is EXACTLY how I work with clients.

      In my MTHFR presentation, I explain this.

      Keep your head up. I am confident you and your doctor have not yet found some key underlying causes to your imbalanced cellular signaling. Keep a journal. Make ONE Change at a time and track the impact.

      • Tara June 28, 2012 at 1:21 am # Reply

        Thanks, Dr. Ben. That makes sense, and I try to remind myself to stop looking for the black or the white in the puzzle. The gray of MTHFR, or anything else in life for that matter, requires of us as you explained, finding that place of balance. And also like you mentioned, that place is not static, but always in motion (like protein!). Our beliefs and perceptions, mindset, etc., are part of the equation, but not the sole factor. And the same goes for having the mutation. They are a mere two parts of the creation of multifaceted disease.

        And thank you for your tip and encouragement — I am hoping to work with you further. My labwork should be on its way to your desk from Spectracell as we speak ;) Unfortunately, I have been unable to find anyone in my area who knows of MTHFR, so I’m eager to take advantage of your services. A million thanks for this site and all you’re doing to help get people truly healthy, at the root of their illness.

  2. Lynn_M June 28, 2012 at 5:54 am # Reply

    I’m trying to understand the ideas that my beliefs are the cause of my MTHFR symptoms and whether or not my MTHFR genes are expressed is determined by my beliefs or perceptions of my environment.

    I understand that my environment, both internal and external, will determine how much methylation my body needs. But because methylation is such a critical function, it seems to me that my MTHFR gene is always expressed. Maybe it’s called into action more or less depending on the need for methylation, but I have a hard time thinking iit could be unexpressed. Is it correct to call it unexpressed when it’s sitting idle but ready to respond to the call to action?

    Epigenetics talks about methyl groups being used to turn genes on and off. Is the MTHFR gene ever controlled by methyl groups turning it on and off?

    • Dr Ben June 28, 2012 at 7:51 am # Reply

      Lynn –

      It is the ‘chicken or the egg’ a bit – but if you really back up and think about it – it is your thinking, food choices, exposures and lifestyle which have triggered the MTHFR symptoms.

      If you lived out in the country with fresh air, pure food and water, low stress, healthy diet, used sauna, swam or did some form of exercise, I bet your symptoms would be markedly better. Did you touch the MTHFR gene with this? Indirectly – yes.

      MTHFR gene is likely always expressed – yes – but – at what rate? Enzymes have rates and demands put on them by our environment.

      If we drink alcohol, our liver produces more enzymes to process the alcohol. This triggers genes to fire and make more enzymes.

      Our liver is always making liver enzymes – but at what rate and at what level? Are they ‘elevated’ or are they ‘low’ ? You’ve heard about this on lab tests before I’m sure.

      Remember that the MTHFR mutation still does have some function left – be it 60% function down to 30% function. If we are not putting a high demand on the MTHFR enzymes, then the MTHFR gene is not required to produce more MTHFR enzyme.

      The MTHFR gene, as I understand it, is regulated by how much SAMe is produced. If there is a lot of SAMe in circulation, then the SAMe does what is called feedback inhibition on the MTHFR enzyme. I could be wrong here and need to cite this statement to back it up – but – from I recall reading – this is accurate.

  3. Julia June 28, 2012 at 6:28 am # Reply

    As you indicated, Dr Ben, I think BOTH is required, a healthy BELIEF system AND proper NUTRITION/SUPPLEMENTATION. ? Before I ever had my first MC I was convinced that I would never miscarry, since it is one of the Bible promises for us that, “NONE of them will miscarry” Exodus 23:25-26. How the more devastated was I after not only having suffered one, but two MCs.
    Again now, with reading on your website, I am totally OVERWHELMED by the things I might need & could or should put into practice, supplementation & lifestyle changes, since if not, chances are I would end up with either more MCs or a kid with serious birth defects, down syndrom, spina bifidae etc… or other serious health issues. (I’m C667T homocygous.)
    That it makes me wonder, how much will I have to put all that in place, and/or how much I can trust that God will be true to His promises and heal me of the mutation and/or inability to metabolize folate properly in the first place? [Eg I prefer real food & 100% whole food supplements to synthetic vitamins, but if I cannot properly use them, L-5-MTHFR and all your other recommendations WILL be needed, won’t they? Plus, Baby Aspirin, Lovenox and the like?]

    Second thought/Q: How familiar are you with Glyconutrient supplementation and its effect on MTHFR mutations? Glyconutrients being the essential 8 sugars involved in cell-to-cell communication. Glyconutrients the building block of glycoproteins, where, as mentioned in this video, these proteins on each & every cell surface are responsible for proper communication & interaction between cells. With my first successful pregnancy I WAS and had been on glyconutrient supplementation for several years prior and during pregnancy. Only after that I started being slack & stopped daily supplementation, and had years of infertility & MCs since.
    [I felt even glyconutrients and all the best supplements I took at the time didn’t really help all my symptoms, so I stopped spending money on what seemed to make little difference. That was before I knew about MTHFR and the very specific supplementational needs it brings with it.]

    • Dr Ben June 28, 2012 at 7:59 am # Reply

      Julia –

      Yes – both are needed – belief and nutrition.

      You have to understand that the ‘environment’ is not just what we live in – it is what our CELLS live in.

      If our cells do not have a healthy environment, then we get sick or at least demonstrate symptoms.

      I am not familiar with glyconutrients. I’ve heard of them but never got into thinking about what they do – or don’t do.

      Yes – you will likely have to make some serious lifestyle, dietary and supplemental changes in order to increase your odds of having a healthy full-term little one.

      In order to ‘clean up’ and optimize your cellular environment – it takes dedication, work, knowledge and consistency.

      I respect your desire for whole food supplementation – it is not easily available all the time and I also have great success with traditional supplementation – when they are used properly.

      Should you need assistance, do know I am available for consults.

      I wish you a healthy and happy full term pregnancy! :)

  4. Cheryl Tompkins September 27, 2012 at 6:21 am # Reply

    I have Hashimotos: Anti-Thyro 1/400 Anti-Micro 1/1600, TSH ,.01 T4 10.4, T3 3.4 Serum Thyroid 1300 Anti-Thyroglobulin 379. I have recently been diagnosed MTHFR Gene Mutation. I have been prescribed Folinic Acid. I am 47 Meno with Oest 306, Prog 0.3, Test .1 Insulin 12.4 DHEAS 1.6 Serum Cortisol 231 nmol Serum Alpha 1.2. I have put on a sudden 10kg in 12 weeks and this is not due to eating as I have been eating vegetable soup high in folates. My abdomen swells over the course of a day and is only exacerbated by exercise. Pain levels are worse during the course of the night. I have had a thickening of the right faunix and had two occurrences of rectocele in the last year. I am scheduled for surgery in two weeks. There seems to be nothing to stop the weight gain and swelling. It is difficult to walk, although I can ride my bike which I do daily. Three months ago I walked each day and was trim and terrific. My life is a total contrast to that.

  5. ellen March 20, 2013 at 8:49 pm # Reply

    i was told that the methylated vitamins are harsh on the liver. is there something to counteract this? thanks.

  6. Jen April 17, 2013 at 3:28 am # Reply

    That was awesome. The best, most encouraging piece of info I have seen.

    Your genes adapt to to your beliefs. The genes do not control the cells!! Genes are potential. Whether or not they get activated depends on the signal. Only a signal from the environment activates the expression of that gene. Your beliefs control you, not your genes. In fact, beliefs can re-write your genes.

  7. Brian November 15, 2013 at 11:26 pm # Reply

    There’s a lot here I can buy into. I believe that through a combination of nature and nurture we are “determined” to be what we are. Genetic expression is certainly involved in disease progression and that is clearly influenced by the environment. We may possess the MTHFR mutation, but its quite likely that something triggered its full expression and/or deficiencies within the community of our cells.

    However that being said, no amount of “belief” will turn my eyes from blue to green or my hair from blonde to black…or rid me of a homozygous mutation. As you mentioned Dr. Ben, some genes are expressed all the time, while others are not. Therefore we need to be careful with genetics and how its communicated to the public.

    Dr. Lipton stated that we (the public) have been getting the wrong message for years that genes and DNA determine various proteins…and thus its genes that determine who we are. I would agree that’s only half the picture. Genetic determinism has led a number of people to give up and fall victim to the futility of trying to control their genes. My genes say I’m fat, so it doesn’t matter what I do, I’ll always be fat… (or whatever issues). However, we mustn’t move to the completely opposite side of the coin and suggest that Genetic non-determinism (so to speak) is possible through wishful thinking. There must be intervention…and some of that intervention is controllable through our actions, some through medication, but for some…neither of those things will do…somethings we must accept.

    Thus, the moral thing to tell people is you are the product of the blue print as much as you are the product of your environment. Somethings you can influence. Somethings you can’t. But overall, we as humans must learn the lesson that no matter what combination of the two has occurred within us, we are not flawed because of it.

  8. David Cairns May 31, 2014 at 11:52 am # Reply

    The Bruce Lipton video is no longer available to view. Any suggestions where I can watch this?


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