MTHFR Mutations? Help Wanted

MTHFR Help Wanted

MTHFR Help Wanted by Dr Ben Lynch

While reading this blog post, or rather, rant by me, listen to this 10 minute explanation of why I started

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I know many of you with MTHFR mutations are frustrated. Lost. Confused. Scared.

I understand completely.

I went to naturopathic medical school because I was lost, confused and tired of the ineffective standard medical treatments.

I am not bashing medical doctors – far from. I am bashing the system of medicine itself.

Medicine is profit driven. Period. 

The reason MTHFR is not at the forefront of awareness right now is because there is no money in it.

If MTHFR was at the forefront, think how many billions of dollars would be saved by preventing cancer, embolisms prevented, strokes prevented, schizophrenia and bipolar and depression drastically reduced and mothers not losing their infants to placenta previa or eclampsia.

I’m frustrated just like you.

I happened to stop my highly paid six-figure salary a year company to attend medical school. My parents thought I was nuts.

I didn’t. My wife didn’t either.

We both knew that if we want to get anywhere in terms of health, we need to know how our bodies work inside and out.

So – I invested over $200,000 on my medical education at Bastyr University. I walked off that beautiful campus ready to open a clinic and help 8 to 12 patients a day.

Then I woke up a few years later and realized how many millions of people are receiving inadequate health care. In fact, you are not receiving health care at all.

You are receiving ill care.



You are receiving ill care.

When did you go to the doctor last to prevent a disease or optimize your health??



Let me make my point clear.

  1. Is your doctor doing anything for you besides giving you aspirin and coumadin?
  2. Are they just giving you high dose folic acid or actually 5-MTHF? If they are giving it to you at all.
  3. They telling you all the risks with MTHFR mutation?
  4. They telling you to test your relatives and close family members?
  5. Are they telling you that your mental and physical ailments may be due to the MTHFR mutation? If so, they telling you how to reverse those physical ailments?
  6. They telling you to test your children since you have the MTHFR mutation? Then to take action to protect your children?

Now let me make one more point solidly clear.

It is not the doctor’s fault. Not by any stretch.

Your doctor wants the best for you.

The issue is there is no training yet for MTHFR. There are no lectures being given for doctors about MTHFR (I am actually preparing a 90 minute MTHFR lecture right now for an oncology association to make them aware of how cancer can be prevented by identifying MTHFR mutations in people early on – and even during treatment).

The bottom line is there is not one place for anyone to obtain effective information regarding the MTHFR mutation.

The information is either way over your head with all the scientific jargon or it is totally frantic as you are reading a blog or forum post from a distressed mother with MTHFR.

My goal with is to provide an outstanding resource for you so you – and your doctor – have all the tools needed in order to make the right decisions and choose the right treatments.

My goal with is to prevent MTHFR mutations from killing and/or ruining millions of people’s lives.

My goal is to get you motivated, educated and inspired to take charge of your situation.

I need your help. is brand new.

It takes a movement to get something like MTHFR out in the media and into public health policy.

I’m reading research which clearly says basically, “There is not enough benefit to screen the population for MTHFR mutations.”

The genetic test for MTHFR costs only $150! That’s it!

How much does one breast cancer patient spend? About $50,000 to $100,000?? I believe that is in the ball park.

Yes – certain MTHFR mutations put post-menopausal women at a much higher risk for breast cancer.

Cancer is the number 2 killer for women. Cardiovascular disease is number 1.

Cardiovascular disease is #1.

Let me say that again.

Cardiovascular disease is #1

Combine estrogen with a MTHFR mutation and you have a breast cancer and a cardiovascular disease time bomb.

Scary yes.

Something you can do about it? Absolutely.

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I’m on your team when it is difficult to find someone to be.

It starts with one person – and from there – can become a global movement.

I love this TED video.

I’m the crazy guy dancing.

You’re the first person to join me.

Help Wanted.

Dr Ben

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4 Responses to “MTHFR Mutations? Help Wanted”

  1. Komoss February 23, 2014 at 6:51 am #

    Can I take Hgh having mthfr and factor V Leiden?

  2. Janel May 8, 2014 at 11:46 pm #

    I am very excited to have found this site a couple months ago, and to find a doctor who knows and cares. I was recently diagnosed with MTHFR. I was tested because I have the same symptoms as my 60 year old aunt who recently found out she has MTHFR, but I am homozygous for the c677t gene. I have had years of symptoms but they were getting quite worse. I started taking Methylfolate, Methylcobalamin, and an all active form of B vitamins. I have also cut foods from my diet, such as wheat, gluten, sulfites, preservatives, and any added chemicals and coloring. I bought food in which I could pronounce each ingredient and knew what it was. I felt like I was not carrying around hundreds of pounds of weights, I did not have muscle pain or tightness, and I could make it through a whole day without feeling like I was keeling over, having dizziness, confusion, and no strength. I also did not feel like I had a brick in my stomach all the time. I tried eating some “regular” food again, and now I am starting to feel awful again! I am tired of this! I feel like years of my life has been robbed from me.
    I just thought I would share my story to help with your research. Good Luck!

  3. Linda Cooper April 26, 2015 at 2:23 pm #

    I am one of those post menopausal women diagnosed with breast cancer. I have now had my testing done and do carry the MTHFR defective gene. The breasts are gone but I am much smarter now and yes, I am still dancing.

  4. Arlene Garcia January 26, 2017 at 5:10 pm #

    I am a high school history teacher, exam prep instructor, a Gates and Hord Scholar who obtained my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching through a dual degree honors program. I also completed my certificate in School Building Leadership (SBL) and doctorate in criminal justice.
    On the outside one would say I am well established and put together, but on the inside I was slowly dying. Years of misdiagnoses caused me to suffer from a major mood disorder and depression. If you came into contact with me, you would have thought I was crazy or in a bad mood ALL THE TIME. But years later, I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, a thyroid disorder that proved difficult to treat because to make matters worse, I had a genetic mutation that prevented my medication from working properly. Being compound heterozygous, due to the MTHFR genetic mutation, wreaked havoc on my body. This mutation caused methylation issues that prevented my body from digesting food and functioning properly.
    Two years ago, this diagnosis answered many questions for me and gave me part of my life back. Finally, I got the confirmation that I always knew. I wasn’t just crazy as many doctors made me feel due their inability to treat my various ailments. I have now taken my life back and am on the road to recovery thanks to this newfound knowledge and a doctor who broke from the traditional textbook response and listened to his patient. On my site: I write about the bitter, the sweet, and the ugly during my road to recovery. My mission is to inspire others to turn adversity into triumph and to live their best life now. I am glad that I came across your site. More people need to be aware of MTHFR, including the medical community.

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