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I have TONS of information to share with you and podcasts are a very fast way for me to get content published for you.

I understand you also want to see a transcript for each podcast. I will work on that but for now, please do download the podcast or simply listen.

Podcast Listing:

May 28, 2013: ADHD, Anger Issues in 12 yr old Boy. Urinary Amino acids and MTHFR Testing?

May 28, 2013: Guest on Radio Show

May 24, 2013: How Much to Take?

Map 10, 2013: Niacin and It’s Use Safely

May 8, 2013: Stubborn Elevated Homocysteine Levels Not Dropping

May 7, 2013: Molybdenum and CBS

May 5, 2013: Transcobalamin and Elevated B12

January 20, 2012: Prenatal Supplementation: Optimizing your Future Child      

    • General supplement recommendations for those who are pregnant, regardless of the MTHFR mutation
    • Provides insight into which supplements are needed while pregnant….and…why.
    • Provides dietary suggestions to increase calcium and magnesium levels.
    • Explains the importance why nutrients are so critical during pregnancy
    • Provides specific supplement recommendations along with suggested amounts and when to take.

February 5, 2012: Lynch Family: Myriad of MTHFR Mutations

    • Dr Lynch discusses his own compound heterozygous MTHFR mutation
    • Identifies a big link behind MTHFR and the environment
    • Provides proof that those with MTHFR mutations can lead a healthy life



13 Responses to “MTHFR Podcasts”

  1. Ed June 16, 2014 at 6:00 am #

    your itunes feed is missing all but 2 episodes

  2. Simi Barrad November 11, 2014 at 5:02 pm #

    Dear Dr. Lynch,
    I have a homocysteine level that won’t come down and hovers at 11-14 no matter what I throw at it.
    I have had all the proper lab testing including MMA, homocysteine, 23& Me, Methylation Pathway Testing, folic acid and B12.
    My MMA was normal, B12 and Folic Acid were normal early on and now after years of supplementation are consistently elevated.
    I used Rich Van Konynenberg’s simplified methylation protocol, plus all kinds of methylation formulas, added Vitamin B6 (P-5-P), TMG, SAM-e. I used all the right kinds of folate (methyltetrahydrofolate) and Vitamin B12 (methylfolate).
    My 23 & Me results:
    Heterozygous MTHFR A1298C
    Homozygous CBS A 360A
    I don’t have SNPs for MTR or BHMT.
    The only time my homocysteine level went down to around “7” was when I tried a supplement called “CardioB” prescribed by a holistic doctor years ago. This formula uses high doses of straight folic acid. I switched off of it when I learned that folic acid was not the best form to use.
    However, I am wondering why that was the only time my homocysteine level dropped?
    I have listened to your podcast on lowering stubborn homocysteine and believe I have tried everything you have listed with no results.
    I have done this while working with a naturopath who doesn’t seem to understand why my homocysteine won’t respond. He has all my testing in front of him.
    I haven’t tried Homocystex Plus but would need to know what dosage might be effective and how to take it for best results.
    I have a standing order for a blood homocysteine level.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.
    Simi Barrad

    • Dr Lynch November 13, 2014 at 2:15 am #

      Hi Simi –

      I reviewed your CardioB supplement.

      There are reasons why that worked over other things:
      – high dose B6
      – high dose B12
      – medium dose TMG

      Folic acid also decent amount but we don’t want to use that.

      Instead, you should use:
      HomocysteX Plus – take as directed on the bottle. You may need to take a serving or two a day – one in the AM and one in the afternoon.
      Magnesium Plus – one capsule before bed. This provides more B6 as P5P which helps lower homocysteine – and will also assist with sleep.
      Optimal Electrolyte – many are deficient which makes the cells not work nearly as well. Magnesium deficiency is very common as is potassium. The added creatine will also support your SAM and help lower homocysteine a bit. Not much as there is not enough creatine likely to do so. But it will help. If you urinate somewhat frequently or are stressed/anxious, then electrolytes are critically important.
      Optimal PC (it’s thick so keep out of fridge and it doesn’t taste that good but it really works. Can mix with a bit of honey – take with some food). PC formation uses a TON of methylation so taking it reduces the burden and at the same time will reduce the amount of homocysteine made – thus lowering it.

      Do not take SAMe – that will not lower homocysteine – it will raise it.

      You may also want to add in 800 mcg of Folinic Acid

      Reducing stress is also very important as stress uses up methylation which then increases homocysteine.

      If you are stressed:
      Adrenal Cortex – to nourish and strengthen your adrenals – 1 capsule with breakfast
      Optimal Adrenal – to blunt your response to stressors and help calm you down – 2 to 3 capsules after breakfast or as needed. If you are going to have a stressful day, take it. If not, don’t.

      Be sure you are fasting overnight for your homocysteine test. After dinner, do not eat until after your blood draw the next morning. Then eat breakfast.

      This should do it.

      • Simi Barrad July 1, 2015 at 1:24 am #

        Dear Dr. Lynch,

        I wanted to let you know that I tried Homocystex Plus and started with 1 capsule every other day building up to 1 capsule/day.
        I had my homocysteine level checked and it was down from 11 to 9.
        I am just on the verge of re-testing and I am crossing my fingers that it will be down even further.
        I haven’t had to add in any of the other supplements you suggested yet. If my homocysteine continues to go down, is it necessary to add in the other supplements?
        Would that be advisable?
        I like to try and keep things simple.
        I was thrilled that the Homocystex Plus worked and I hope that it continues to do so.
        Simi Barrad

  3. Niki March 29, 2015 at 9:53 pm #

    To know your binding capacity situation, is it best to test without taking B12 to know an accurate picture of where the issues lie? Not sure I totally understand (apologies). I have high B12 serum (in 1000’s) with very small doses (mcg) of B12 (hydroxy/methyl) and Folinic , dumping high amounts of cobalt in HTMA, low folics (methylation testing), genetic issues getting folic (homozygous) and b12 into cell wall. Started low dose lithium along with supplements you mentioned in podcast, but wondering if I should test binding sites. Haven’t tried B12 Adeno yet as I want folic and lithium in place. Not sure what to do about
    Folic acid if leafy greens are a source but too high in Oxalates and GI issues. Tricky!

  4. Lisa Tonseth March 10, 2016 at 6:09 pm #

    Dr. Lynch,
    Thank you for all you do. I am a 45 year old, three-time cancer survivor: ALL 1973 with radiation treatment, papillary carcinoma of thyroid 1982, HER2 positive breast cancer 2011. My current healthcare provider had me tested for MTHFR mutations because my hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances (on SSRI’s for 20 years) were not responding well to her treatments. I am heterozygous C677T, COMT, CBS, SOD, and homozygous MTRR, MAO A, GAD, SULT 2A1. I have spent a year on your treatment protocol to the best of my ability (my provider has attended some of your lectures) and tapered off my antidepressant but still have terrible anxiety and insomnia (low seratonin, elevated catecholamines, dopamine and glutamate). Am I missing something?

  5. Timo September 21, 2016 at 6:22 pm #

    The links don’t work anymore. Can you please re-upload them please?

  6. Katie November 6, 2016 at 3:38 am #

    Are you still updating this site? It seems a lot of articles are old. Can you please tell me if there is a way to detoxify folic acid?

    • Dr Lynch November 6, 2016 at 7:25 am #

      Time. If you stop consuming folic acid, it will leave your system in about 10 days or so. Big estimate but I would expect it to clear fairly fast. Key is to keep it out or just put in a little bit. Some is ok – but keep it as low as you comfortably can. Use natural folates instead

  7. Niki November 6, 2016 at 3:47 pm #

    My understanding is that Folic Acid is necessary in the body. If you are deficient in it, cutting it out is a bad idea. Taking Folinic acidic as well should help balance. I would like to read the various publications that say folic acid is never to be consumed, blocks folate absorption and not naturally a part of our biochemistry. I believe it’s about balancing the different forms, although I am to avoid folate due to methyl content (I believe) at this time…food source is enough.

  8. Katie November 6, 2016 at 4:03 pm #

    Thank you Doctor Lynch. I was worried since I can’t metabolize folic acid it was stuck inside me. I am having a lot of side effects and couldnt figure out why. I have been avoiding multivitamins as it is hard tonfind one with out folic in it. I started Ideal Protein Diet and you must take a multi. I messed up and since sept have been taking folic acid. Now I am snowballing health wise. A lot of pain, my periods are very bad, I have had kidney stones, iritability, broken sleep, exhaustion. What is the remedy to put me back on track? My food is limited to the diet protocol and full of vegetables.


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