MTHFR Test: How to Order A MTHFR Test



A MTHFR Test is typically covered by your insurance.

UPDATE on May 30, 2014:

I’ve learned that some common labs – such as Quest and Lab Corp – are charging a very high amount for MTHFR Testing.

I highly recommend having your doctor call these labs prior to ordering a MTHFR test from them. The issue with this is sometimes they will say it is covered and then still bill you for a lot of money – over $1,000.

That said, my current recommendations for MTHFR testing are here.


If you suspect you have MTHFR, talk with your doctor and they will order you a MTHFR Test.

Can I ask my doctor to order a MTHFR Genetic Test?
Yes! Please do!

Is MTHFR Genetic Testing covered by insurance?
Yes. Typically insurance companies cover lab testing for MTHFR if the symptoms relate to the need. Given the massive range of symptoms caused by MTHFR, I’d say most insurance companies will cover it.

Your doctor has to order the MTHFR Genetic Test in order for it to be covered by insurance.

I don’t have insurance. How do I pay for the MTHFR Genetic Test?

Ask your doctor to order the test for you and you will pay the laboratory directly. This is typically how it is done.

I received my MTHFR Test in the mail. Now what?

Find a local office that draws blood. Below are two major phlebotomy centers:

How do I send in the test specimen?
The MTHFR Genetic Test Kit contains a pre-paid overnight FedEx envelope.

Ask the blood drawing center if they have a FedEx pickup the same day. If they do, see if they can ship the specimen for you.

Make sure you schedule your blood draw in the morning so it can ship out the same day.

It is very important to receive the specimens the day after collection.



Call FedEx for courier pickup ASAP at 800-463-3339 but no later than 3:00PM, Monday-Friday

Give your address as the pickup location


How soon do I receive the results from my MTHFR Genetic Test Kit?
Results are typically available within 7-10 business days. Reports are delivered via general mail or electronically. I will receive the results first and then notify you when they are done. I recommend scheduling a consult after you receive the results so we can discuss what the test results mean and what to do about them.

What does the MTHFR Test by SpectraCell tell me?
The SpectraCell MTHFR Genetic Testing demonstrates if someone has the most common MTHFR genetic mutations: C677T or/and A1298C and the combinations thereof.

Will this MTHFR diagnose me with a MTHFR mutation?
No. A doctor must diagnose you with MTHFR. The MTHFR Test does demonstrate mutations in the MTHFR gene but your doctor has to officially diagnose you with the MTHFR mutations.

Can Dr Ben diagnose me with a MTHFR mutation?
No. Dr Ben can only provide information about MTHFR. He cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe to any online visitors or clients who consult with him. The only people Dr Ben can officially diagnose, treat and prescribe are those who work with him directly in Seattle, Washington.

Will I receive a copy of my MTHFR Test once the results are in?
Yes. Absolutely. You will receive your MTHFR Test results via email. You may print them out and show to your doctor.

I got my MTHFR Test results back. Now what?
Talk with your doctor about diagnosing you potentially with MTHFR mutations and develop a full treatment plan.

Questions about MTHFR testing? Post your comment below.

7 Responses to “MTHFR Test: How to Order A MTHFR Test”

  1. Simon Barber September 21, 2011 at 3:13 pm # Reply

    I have done a 23andme genetic test – they test 1,000,000 SNPs for about $200. C677T and A1298C are covered as well as many many others.

    • Dr Ben September 21, 2011 at 7:28 pm # Reply

      Simon –

      I don’t see the MTHFR genetic testing on their website:

      The test also doesn’t seem to provide the actual genetic defect but whether or not you are susceptible to a disease.

      That is not a good test.

      Needs to actually state the genetic defect and then doctors evaluate disease risk. A lab is supposed to provide information that is then evaluated by physicians.

      Each person’s history is different and their exposures are different.

      Simply because someone has a genetic mutation doesn’t mean they are actually going to get a specific disease. That genetic defect has to be turned on through environmental exposures or nutrient deficiency.

      Dr Ben

      • Emily February 11, 2012 at 7:10 pm # Reply

        I believe the test from 23andme does provide this information as well. It is located in a section called Raw Data where you can view it all in detail once you get your results back. You are not limited to their assessments which I agree are of limited usefulness at this time.

        My doctor did evaluate my MTHFR status based on this test though I agree it is NOT easy information to find with the way it is organized and presented.

  2. Greg August 23, 2013 at 10:24 am # Reply


    I cannot find the SpectraCell MTHFR genetic test on your HealthyGoods website.

    The link you provide above goes to a blank page.

    When I search the website, nothing comes up.

    Are you still offering this test? If so, where is the product page?

    Thanks again!

  3. dr. david cuccia December 9, 2013 at 9:39 pm # Reply

    Recently, BCBS (of La.) has not only denied paying for MTHFR citing it is “investigational,” but also will not pay for all the remaining labs (ie, cmp, thyroid, etc).
    We have Quest in our office who states the MTHFR has to be listed completely by itself when ordered (even though BCBS wont pay for it); once ordered with other lab tests, Quest says they cannot go back to change it.
    How are you getting insurance companies to cover MTHFR and are there other lab companies who can help with the issue above?

  4. Rich May 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm # Reply

    My wife and I are going through the same issue with Quest. They sent us multiple lab bills totaling almost $2000 for MTHFR testing. This article states that this is covered by insurance so why are given this massive bill? What do I need to tell my insurance company?

    • Dr Lynch May 30, 2014 at 2:42 pm # Reply

      Hi Rich –

      I will update this page. The more current MTHFR Testing page is here:

      I’ve learned that Quest and Lab Corp are not the best choices now. Something changed with them – used to be good but now they are not.

      Please discuss with your doctor about how to get it covered.

      Always check with your doctor prior to ordering labs to make sure your insurance will cover.

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