New Clients No Longer Accepted

The time has sadly come where I cannot continue accepting new clients.

UPDATE 10/3/2012:
My calendar filled up very quickly the last week with new clients so I have reached my limit.


My intention is getting everyone of my clients significantly better (and I have a lot currently – from all over the world).

I won’t stop researching and working one on one with them until I do or find someone that can.

Those of you already working with me may continue working with me through November 17, 2012.

Simply call Jatone or book your follow up consult online.

My goal has always been to help and educate as many people as possible.

Consults help one person at a time.

The maximum number of people I can help via phone consults in a day is nine. I take my time with each client.

How many people can MTHFR.Net help in a day?

Millions if I had the right information presented in a clear and orderly fashion – and if MTHFR was a well known public health issue.

How many doctors know and effectively work with MTHFR and other methylation defects?

A handful – literally.

My short term goals:

  • Assist my current clients towards improved health
  • Expand the educational content on MTHFR.Net via ebooks, webinars and videos.

My long term goals:

  • To increase the awareness of MTHFR – making it a hot topic in public health
  • To educate 1000’s of physicians and health professionals about MTHFR and the basics of methylation
  • To reduce the number of children experiencing methylation defects through PREVENTION
  • To design and participate in research studies

As you can see, while you or someone you love may not be able to consult with me one-on-one, you will be able to benefit greatly from the published content. And – in the long term – you will be able to find a doctor more easily who can assist you with MTHFR.

I am not going anywhere – just getting busier and I have to think big in order for MTHFR to gain awareness.

I look forward to working with you however it may be – webinars, book, video or newsletter.

A very large thank you for understanding – and for your support of my efforts in raising awareness of how to properly address MTHFR defects.

Warm regards,

Dr Lynch

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