Question about MTHFR Mutations? Ask

Question about MTHFR?

There is a lot of conflicting data about MTHFR mutations.

There is also a serious lack of information about MTHFR mutations.

Below you will find many questions and answers. Unfortunately, they are not easy to filter through.

This led me to the creation of the MTHFR Forum here at MTHFR.Net

In the forum, it will be much easier to locate topics you are interested in and post. It will also allow others to engage in the discussion – which is encouraged.

To ask your question, simply visit the ‘Ask a Question’ Forum found here.

I encourage others to answer the questions as well and participate in the discussion.

I look forward to hearing from you – and helping answer your questions about MTHFR mutations.

Please understand that I cannot – and will not – diagnose, treat or prescribe. I will gladly provide my thoughts, opinions and suggestions.

I have closed the comments below in order to encourage you to post your questions in the appropriate place. My goal is to have it easier for others to gain insight and information about MTHFR mutations and a forum is a great way to do that.

Please ask your MTHFR questions here.

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