Read This First!

In order to get a grasp on MTHFR, is makes sense to understand what it is first, then work outward from that.

I recommend you start with understanding What is MTHFR? and then proceeding to What Conditions Relate to MTHFR.

Here is your reading list – in order in how I recommend you should read them:

  1. What is MTHFR?
  2. Conditions Relating to MTHFR Mutations
  3. Screening for MTHFR (most relevant to health professionals)
  4. MTHFR Lab Testing
  5. Additional Lab Testing to Identify Imbalances
  6. Methylfolate: Taking Too Much a Problem?
  7. MTHFRade
  8. Prenatal Supplementation with MTHFR
  9. Normal Levels of Homocysteine and MTHFR

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