Ten Day Transformation Between Mother and Child

There are two people close to me that cannot have a good time in each other’s presence. One is an adult child and the other the parent.

  • The parent makes tiny little complaints.
  • The younger one never does anything quite right.

They visited each other recently; the standard reluctant required visit.

I was surprised to hear that they both had a wonderful time together this time!

The younger one said that they had never seen the parent so happy in all their life! The parent was glowing with outward beauty and joy in life. And there was not one little complaint. The younger one struggled to figure out what could have possibly caused this change.

I know the answer.

The parent had begun taking Sublingual B-12 with Methylfolate 10 days before the get-together. We cannot know for sure that this did it, nor that it will last. But this was such a landmark change that I had to report the good news!

The parent was not aware of any difference. People who are anxious about little things think that these things are worthy of anxiety and they handle them in their own way. It does not occur to them that these issues do not warrant the anxiety they receive, or that they are being hard on others. And when they start glowing more with happiness, they feel like it is their natural self. It is. There is no need to tell people that they have changed.

My experience in recommending these vitamins is the people whose anxiety is expressed by getting depressed, are more likely to want to try the vitamins to get relief. But the people who express anxiety by attacking others, do not think that they have any problem. Their unhappy moments are always due to someone else.

It is my observation that this parent has been enduring a level of anxiety for years, which was not necessary. This family does have the C677T MTHFR mutation, so it is obviously vitamin deficiency.

It was nice to see the little criticisms disappear, as well as the newfound glow of life force that may be due to the restoration of normal serotonin production. It was nice to see parent and child enjoying each other as family, rather than being repelled by each other’s energy.



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3 Responses to “Ten Day Transformation Between Mother and Child”

  1. Julia June 7, 2012 at 4:03 pm # Reply

    Wow, this makes so much sense!!! I often get upset and irritated about little things other people ‘mess up’ or ‘do wrong’ in my opinion. And then I get upset with myself, that I allow other people to upset me so much in that way through only ‘little things’. Some days it is much worse than others when I seem to have high tolerance for ‘mistakes’ (usually when I have had a really good and long night’s sleep or an afternoon nap, both of which is rare). I also have the C677T mutation, homocygous.

  2. Cathy September 27, 2012 at 4:32 pm # Reply

    This made me cry! It is SO me and I have fought it for so long. It hurts me when I hurt someone else, epecially my husband. It is never my intention and I do have a background-type of anxiety that creeps into everything. I avoid a lot of situations that might cause any anxiety because I cannot handle it. I feel so guilty and I sincerely WANT to be different. I had been wanting to post a question about how MTHFR defects might affect personality but I thought it might sound ridiculous and here it is! I am compound heterozygous. What can I do to fix this? It has gotten worse since menopause and I really feel like running away from home just to avoid people. Wow! So there is hope?

  3. Fruitbat December 13, 2013 at 8:49 am # Reply

    I’m so glad you posted this. I just stumbled across it and the subtle distinction between how the anxious and the depressed behave rings so true, particularly in terms of willingness to try a supplement. I am homozygous for C677T, fortunately for me I have not suffered mental health issues, my symptoms are expressed elsewhere. Sadly several of my immediate family members have suffered this way and the one who is suffering the most refuses to even try the supplements. At the moment all their problems are due to others.I cannot even mention MTHFR or supplementation any more. I can only pray for either a miracle healing or a willingness to try potential solutions.

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