Taking Folate and Feeling Badly? Methylation Requires Balance

I am hearing and experiencing more and more people who are responding poorly to folic acid whether it be folic acid or methylfolate. Why are people with MTHFR mutations responding poorly to methylfolate!? It doesn’t make sense right? People with MTHFR mutations and high homocysteine – especially those who are homozygous MTHFR – should respond […]

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What is MTHFR?

“What is MTHFR?” When people ask, ‘What is MTHFR?’, do they mean what is the MTHFR gene or do they mean what is the MTHFR enzyme? In this article, I am going to provide you the basics of the MTHFR gene. What does MTHFR stand for? Is MTHFR a gene or an enzyme? What other […]

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Mother’s MTHFR and Father’s MTHFR Status: BOTH Matter

UPDATE on 2/13/2012: This is no longer theory as current research supports it. This research has yet to be published. First read my theory below and then I will provide the proof. This theory is born out of wondering why some women are experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss, have had all sorts of laboratory and physical […]

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Calling MTHFR Doctors

Dear Healthcare Professional: MTHFR mutations affect a significant amount of the population and the effects of MTHFR mutations are significant. Those with MTHFR mutations have no referral network to find a physician who effectively works with all forms of MTHFR mutations. If you work with MTHFR mutations, test for it, understand all the nuances and […]

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Comparison of Homocysteine Support Products

Many are asking me, “Dr Ben, I am taking this ________. Is that any good for C677T or A1298C or…?” I am finding that I am answering, “No” too often. I have here all the top homocysteine-lowering medications which are prescribed commonly by doctors. Keep in mind that many doctors do not understand nutritional biochemistry. […]

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