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Preventing Methylfolate Side Effects

The most read article on MTHFR.Net is ‘Methylfolate Side Effects‘. That’s unfortunate. Avoiding side effects caused by methylfolate is ideal. It’s time I address it. How do we reduce the likelihood of methylfolate side effects? My experience has taught me these preventative measures. Before, I used to just give people methylfolate if they were found […]

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L-Methylfolate, Methylfolate, 5-MTHF, L-5-MTHF. What is the Difference!?

L-methylfolate has many different names which adds to confusion. Those with MTHFR mutations scan labels, read websites or listen to their doctors rattle of conflicting terms for a nutrient they really need. Update June 26, 2019: Note how the label below illustrates: Folate (this is where you need to pay attention – inside the paranthesis). […]

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Folate Blood Test: How Much Methylfolate Should You Take?

When one is diagnosed with a MTHFR mutation, the first thing typically prescribed is methylfolate – or, incorrectly, folic acid in high amounts. There is no standard of care prescribing methylfolate for MTHFR mutations. Thus, the variation in prescriptions is vast – anywhere from nothing done upwards to Deplin 15 mg or Folic Acid 4 […]

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Methylfolate Side Effects

L-Methylfolate is a remarkable nutrient yet it can create significant side effects. Those who have MTHFR mutations (especially the C677T MTHFR mutation) learn that methylfolate is critical to take – and that folic acid is critical to avoid. The issue is methylfolate can cause more harm than good if not started at the right time […]

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