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Recurrent Miscarriage and MTHFR is a Significant Discovery

Recurrent miscarriage may be associated with MTHFR. Yet, many health professionals dismiss this heavily researched association. Does this sound familiar: “I was just told by my high-risk OB that there is no research proving MTHFR is connected to miscarriage.” If this does sound familiar, your OB is not educated correctly about MTHFR. Let me give you […]

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MTHFR and Pregnancy

UPDATE: June 25, 2019 MTHFR and pregnancy is a bigger deal than most doctors want to admit. It’s not a problem and it’s not scary. It’s something that you need to be aware of and address. I’m glad you’re here because you are aware that having MTHFR and pregnancy is a big deal. What’s really […]

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