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MTHFR Mutation? Oral Contraceptives Not Recommended

Birth control, in the form of oral contraception, is known to lower folate levels in women. Obviously, this is undesirable when women discontinue the ‘Pill’ in order to become pregnant. The paper, Oral contraceptives: effects on folate and vitamin B12 metabolism, sums up ‘the Pill’ on folate levels: This is a significant enough of a concern; […]

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MTHFR and ‘XYZ’ Cancer: Is it Related?

Do you wonder if MTHFR is related to a specific cancer? Many do. In order to determine if MTHFR and a specific cancer is related, one may search the medical research database, Pubmed. Here are some results from searching the Pubmed Database on various keywords: MTHFR Cancer = provides over 2,300 articles as of March 12, […]

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MTHFR Conference: Calling Health Professionals

MTHFR defects are common. Finding doctors that know how to treat MTHFR defects are not. Sterling Hill, a woman whose life has been significantly impacted by MTHFR, is organizing this first-ever MTHFR conference in New Orleans. Over 100 physicians have expressed interest, big-name companies are sponsoring and experts in MTHFR are lining up to speak. […]

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