• Cell and Molecular Biology, BS from University of Washington, 1997
  • Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, ND from Bastyr University, 2007

My story is long and can get pretty involved so I am going to skip many details and get straight to significant life events. I feel once you understand who I am as an individual based on my experiences, you and I will resonate on a deeper level. After all, is not about me – it is about how I can help you.

Life experiences change a person. Or do life experiences create a person?

Bottom line: I am not your typical guy nor am I your typical doctor.

  • 1974: Born in Portland, Oregon
  • 1984: Turned 10
  • 1986: Moved to Central Oregon. Lived on a 100 acre horse ranch in Prineville, Oregon. Prineville has two famous claims:

1) highest teenage pregnancy state in the State of Oregon (not sure if we still hold that stat) and

2) home of Les Schwab Tires (really).

All kidding aside, ranch life taught me a ton: hard work, self-motivation, appreciation of nature and the cycle of life.

  • 1992: Graduated Valedictorian from Sunriver Preparatory School in Sunriver, Oregon
  • 1994: Finally reached my final height of 6′ 5″
  • 1992 – 1995: Rowed for the University of Washington Huskies Crew Team. Overcame a serious 2 year knee injury after discovering the root cause on my own.
  • 1995 – 1996: Had enough of ‘structured life’ in lecture halls and training rooms.

The travel bug hit – and hit hard.

Took a 1 year leave from the University of Washington to backpack throughout the South Pacific and Southeast Asia.

I left 213 pounds, fit, short-haired and with hard-earned money in my pocket.

It was while absolutely ill in India that I first discovered Ayurvedic medicine. This eventually led me to Bastyr University and where I am today.

Highlights of the one year backpacking trip are numerous but the most significant are:

  1. working in the Prem Dan in Calcutta and meeting Mother Theresa;
  2. yacht race from Darwin, Australia to Ambon, Indonesia. Got caught in a White Squall during night watch and experienced a 70′ yacht touch its mast head to the ocean’s waves in the blink of an eye;
  3. spending my last $10 to buy a tie so I could attend a ‘tie-only’ event. This event was the celebration of the rodeo and all the big ‘cattle station managers’ were there. If I wanted to land a job, it was here. Completely by chance, out of 100’s of places to sit, I happened to sit myself down next to the wife of the Brunette Downs manager. Brunette Downs is one of the largest cattle stations in Australia. I got the job.
  4. working as a Jackaroo (cowboy) for one month on a 1.5 million acre cattle station, Austral Downs, in Outback Australia. I was nicknamed ‘America’. The romantic hard lifestyle could not be beat: riding horses all day and working with cattle in the heart of Australia’s Outback desert with 7 other excellent people;
  5. lived with an Fijian family on a remote island, Somo Somo, and learned that no matter how poor and remote a place may be, happiness is possible;
  6. hiking in Tasmania for one month. Ran out of food during a 14 day hike in the wilderness;
  7. kayaking the Fjords of New Zealand. Got caught up in a sudden severe storm during a crossing;
  8. experiencing the enormity of the Himalayas while traveling north of Manali;
  9. returning to America with $0.80 cents from 3 different currencies in my pocket weighing 160 pounds, long-haired, ill and continuing to treat my scabies while on the airplane.
  • 1997: Graduated from University of Washington with a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology. Switched focuses four times: International Business, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Med, Landscape Architecture (I enjoy diversity).
  • 1997: Summited Mt Rainier and Mt Baker, parachuted from an airplane
  • 1997 – 2005: Founded and operated a high-end residential landscape construction firm based in Seattle, Washington. Became ‘bored’ as I ‘figured it out.’ Needed a challenge and to return to my passion of medicine. I left a high six figure income to attend medical school.
  • 1997: Traveled throughout Western Europe for 2.5 months during the winter solo: Significant experiences: Krakov, Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • 1998: Traveled throughout Eastern Europe for 2.5 months during the winter. Highlights: Russia, Ukraine, Romania. Met my future wife in a tiny part of the world, Narva, Estonia.
  • 2000: Russia visit for 2 months in the middle of winter. Experienced ‘Dacha’ life and the freezing country winters.
  • 2001: Married Nadezda Mikhaylova
  • 2002: Began Bastyr University. Birth of our first son, Tasman, right smack in the middle of first quarter med school finals week. Complicated delivery. Finally understood the meaning of life: Being a father.
  • 2005: Mathew, our second son, born.
  • 2005: Began HealthE Goods from an empty bedroom of our home. Idea behind HealthE Goods was to offer a ‘virtual dispensary’ for my future patients. I later figured, “Why benefit only a few?” So I expanded the offerings, began answering health questions, blogged and shipped health products globally.
  • 2006: Russia visit #3. Finding out that I am in the right place on the planet while living in a totally remote part of the world in an extremely rustic 100 year old cabin on 2 acres on a river growing and harvesting our own food. Three families living together under one roof. Life as it should be. I would have done well living 150 years ago as I enjoy the rustic, down to earth lifestyle.
  • 2007: Graduate from Bastyr University with my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.
  • 2007: Russia visit #4 for nearly 3 months during the summer. Fished, worked the land, played with my sons and enjoyed living a very simple life.
  • 2008: Birth of our third son, Theodor.
  • 2009: Russia visit #5. A powerful visit. My wife’s grandmother passes at 92 years old. Learned the Russian remote country way of preparing for the memorial service, burial and all traditions surrounding the loss of a loved one. A very human and respectful way to say goodbye to our loved ones. Everything was handled by the family – everything – beautifully.
  • 2010: HealthE Goods is one of the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America
  • 2010: Began Seeking Health line of Dr. Lynch’s products
  • 2011: Understood the massive importance of people needing expert health information. The failure of America’s health care system is failing millions of people on a daily basis. Led to the creation of Dr Ben Lynch and all the sister partner sites and programs which are constantly in development.
  • 2013: Held first major conference on Methylation and Nutrigenomics: Part 1 at Bastyr University. Sold out fast and standing room only. Now you can learn and own the recording of this historical conference – and it’s useful to this day.
  • 2014: Held the following Methylation and Nutrigenomics: Part 2 at Bastyr.
  • 2015: Hosted the SHEICON 2015 Conference and Seeking Health was the #1 Fastest Growing Company in WA State
  • 2016: Hosted the SHEICON 2016 Conference and created the Pathway Planners
  • 2017: Hosted the SHEICON 2017 Conference and released the first version of the StrateGene Genetic Report and created the Pathway Planner Poster
  • 2018: Wrote Dirty Genes and created the Dirty Genes Course
  • 2019: Working on formulating new supplements, creating new courses and launching the new StrateGene Genetic Test in the Fall of 2019

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10 years ago

Dr. Ben. I just found your web site and am interested in potential treatments for MTHFR deficiency (677,677). I began tripping in 2002 and attributed it to pernicious anemia. Started heavy doses of methylcobalamin at that time. In 2006, I was diagnosed with toxic nodular goiter and achalasia. In 2008, I was diagnosed with MTHFR (677,677) deficiency and have been on daily doses of methylcobalamin (90mg), L-methyl folate (4,000mcg), and betaine (3900mcg) and Methimazole (as needed to adjust TSH level).
I found vitamin b-6 to worsen my feet problems.

At the age of 90, I find my mental abilities reasonably good but am very anemic and have severe neuropathy in my feet. I don’t have any elimination or skeletal problems. Any comments?

Myrna Saxe-Morris
10 years ago

I am allergic to salicylates, benzoates and sulfonamides and sulfites. Are any of these in MFTHR?

Kimball S. Egge
6 years ago

Thanks for asking about this…I too am interested in knowing this

3 years ago

I have MTHFR A1298C and I am allergic to sulfitesas well as most antibiotics.

9 months ago

What do you mean by “in” MFTHR? Do you mean are they a result of having the MTHFR trait? I have a double T and have a lot of allergies it may be related.

Marcie Marwood
10 years ago

Dear Dr. Lynch,
The information on your website paired with my test results will make my life SIGNIFICANTLY better. In addition, this information may very well save the lives of some of my younger family members. There have been two suicides in my family and my greatest desire is to prevent a third.
I requested this test back in April and my then PCP consented. The results were not of concern to that provider and I was advised I did not need any special treatment. In November I had a SEVERE adverse reaction to a medication that involved significant psychosis, anxiety and other physical problems. I returned to my previous provider in Seattle, Dr. Kim Celmer. She was quick to note the significance of my genetic mutation and began me on a supplement immediately. There have been so many complications that we have not yet had time to discuss this issue in depth. She has me on other supportive supplements as well. I was severely ill and am still dealing with the fallout.
I thank you for your dedication and passion to share this vital information. I only hope that my family is receptive to learning about this condition.
Kind regards,
Marcie Marwood

Tammy Heenan
10 years ago

Dear Dr. Ben,
I spend time each day scouring the internet for anything that may help me with my multiple medical conditions: Errosive Osteoarthritis, Monoclonal Gammopathy (MGUS), Osteoporosis, Asthma, Emphysema, A-Fib, Paroxymal Atrial Tachycardia, Degenerative Disk Disease, Raynauds, Restless Leg Syndrome, Small Fiber Polynueropathy, numbness in part of hand, numbeness in part of hip and through part of groin, Migraines and Cluster Migraines. Had a Migraine for five weeks straight last year. Had Thyroid removed due to Cancer – 20 yrs ago. Partial Nephrectomy 2011 – had a mass which turned out to be benign. Many Sinus Infecs over the years & two sinus surgeries. Have Sinus Infec now tha that recurred from one in January and on 2000 mg Augmentin 2 x day. Scary taking that high dose. I have constant ringing in ears which gets louder with migraine. Many adverse reactions to foods, perfumed items, cleaning products, laundry soaps, facial products, and reactions cause burning in mouth, eyes, ears, and then spreads throughout body. Reaction to shellfish and contrast dye and bee stings last for several days. Severe reaction fro spray on hair detangler applied by hair salon but the reaction didnt hit until next morning. Ended up in ER. Been tested for Systemic Mastocytosis by bone marrow test and told negative but when samples sent to pathologist, staff noted reason for test Monoclonal Gammopathy. The words Mast Cell were noted anyplace at all in pathologists report. So i wonder if Mast Cells were even looked at. Punch biopsies done by my Family Nurse Practitioner were negative. Tryptase 10. I have some amount of burning every day. I have itching intermittently. My doctor thinks I may have MCAD but punch biopsies did not support that. Bunch biopsies done on areas where no rash present. Rash on shoulders, arms, chest, back, and face come and go. But the rashes arent big hives. In thinking back, I realize I have had symptoms that go back 20 yrs or more. I had much milder burning and itching back then. Is their any direction you can suggest? Would being tested for MFTHR help me get to a diagnosis? I am going to do test for 23andMe. My son did one 2 yrs ago. I am seeing an Allergist/Immunologist in two days and will have some skin testing on that day as well. I am being treated with Hydroxyzine, Benadryl, Singulair, and was briefly on high dose of Prednisone when had bad reaction three months ago. I am off the antihistamines until after testing on Friday. Sorry, I am so longwinded. 🙂 Thank you for any advice you can give me. I am thankful to have found your website and to know the great things you have done and are doing. You very obviously are a wise, compassionate person who cares deeply about the well being and good health of others. Thank you for your time in reading this. 🙂 ,

Sharon Doty Wickham
10 years ago

My daughter has been tested pos for 2 mutations. 3 cousins have as well, all dtrs of 3 brothers. She has been stuck in a post concussion nightmare for 6 weeks. Pediatric neurologist has her on several meds. She is too sick to go to school. I need help! I’m taking her to a functional neurologist tomorrow. Any other suggestions would be great

10 years ago

Dr Lynch

I have just been directed to your website by a natropath I had a short consultation with today whilst looking for digestive enzymes. With a medical history of multiple food (wheat, pork, lamb, dairy, soy, fermented foods etc), drug and chemical allergies, all since birth, migraines from age 10, an inability to digest proteins+carbohydrates+fats properly (hence the digestive enzymes), a diagnosis of IBS/leaky gut in my 20s, thyroid cancer and a stroke both in my early 40’s (I am now 53), she thought immediately of MTHFR and Pyroluria. So now I am reading up on both these topics to see what should be my next step.

My health is good regardless of my above challenges but I feel I am going to have to do another adjustment to my diet and review the supplements I am taking or should be taking. I also need to lose some weight but the body just won’t cooperate at present.

Thank you for making your ongoing research in this particular gene readily available for everyone.


10 years ago
Reply to  Jen

Dr Lynch

Just had another thought/query.

What effect does having no thyroid and using thyroxine replacements have short/long term with a diagnosis of a MTHFR mutation, if any?

This query is because all doctors tend to keep their post surgical patients in a constant state of hypothyroidism which impacts on all aspects of their health e.g. brain fog, lethargy, sensitivity to hot/cold, appetite issues, falling asleep easily in a chair but not so much when in bed, I have the metabolisim of a snail since my surgery. My energy levels do the crash and burn in the blink of an eye.

There is so little written for us thyroidless people as everything is on how to look after your thyroid and foods to eat. My endocronologist just looked at me like I was talking martian when I asked him something similar.

Is just taking my dosage of thyroid medication enough?

Pam Ososky
5 years ago
Reply to  Jen

Hi Jen,
I also share your concern. My husband had his thyroid removed before I met him and he has never been right on the medication.He does not seem to tolerate it and it makes him feel, depressed, irritable, and exhausted most of the time. Doctors and endocrinologists have been not helpful at best. He was just tested and has the MTHFR mutation. I am hoping we find some answers now. Hopefully, you too will find some answers.

Sarah J
10 years ago

Hi, I have one copy of 1229 and one copy of 677. I was tested after suffering an episode of ischimic colitis 3 days after foot surgery. I also had an IUD so the ER gastro thought the MTHFR mutation, foit surgery, and iud may have made a oerfact stirm for a clot. I am better now however my MTHFR trail has ran cold. I was sent to a genetic councler hows only recomendation was to remove the iud. She said past that MTHFR is a non issue and to stop testing my family. My 4yr old son has 2 copies of 1229. My father passed at 48 from heart failure. All of his 6 brothers have heart issues. One other had passed and one is in hospice now. Im TERRIFIED I may leave my son early as my Dad left us. Im 30… 18yrs left?? I would like help finding a doctor in Baltimore MD to see myself, my Brother, and Sister (all have the mutation, same parents). Please help!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sarah J

I did a search for things like “mthfr specialist, find mthfr doctor” etc and found some very experienced doctors. unfortunately they are very expensive, but it’s well worth saving for and working someone who knows this stuff and has an understanding of the importance of food as well as a powerful tool for healing and getting the nourishment needed for your particular situation. I’m not a doctor, but I am also on this path. You can do it!!

10 years ago

Hi I’m 22 I was diagnosed with mthfr mutation 2 factor when I was 16 I grew up always having heart pains an always tired with leg cramps when I got pregnant with my first son I started taking lovenox shots a couple days after I found out I started to do blackouts my doctor promise they would go away it was just because I was pregnant so I had my son an they went away well I still have the wart pain an leg cramps an fatigue then I got pregnant with my second son two years later an the blackouts came back different doctor told me the same thing an put me on lovenox an the las two months I was switched to heparin twice a day it was living hell because they told me I would have to inject them in my stomach so now my youngest is two an the black outs still haven’t went away an I still know nothing I the disorder I have an if the symptoms are even related to them but I take no medicine or nothing for it an I see everyone else takes stuff should I be taking anything angst the doctors I ask are surprised when I tell them I have it like they have never heard of such a thing

10 years ago

Found out in December I have wild type MTHFR c677 T and heterozygous A1298C I have non functional alleles 2 nd 3 and ultra rapid allele 17. Have been on methylated folate nd watching my diet and my homocystein and lipids have gone sky high these past three months. I think I need to see someone in Pa who has knowledge about this. Any suggestions?

Angela Davis
10 years ago

I had a workup from my Endocrine about a year ago and at that time they discovered I was factor 5 , had the mthfr mutation (said it was the better one to have homo/hetero?) And familial hypercholestemia. At that time I was told he wasn’t sure what too do with it..I went to my Endo 2 wks ago and put me on Deplin 15 mg. I do have anxiety and depression that started when I was diagnosed with graves disease. I just wish doctors were more knowledgeable about this. I have only been on Deplin for a couple of days so I am not sure how I am going to respond, I just want some relief.

10 years ago

Hi Dr. Ben!
I’m 22 weeks pregnant with a lot of contractions, no infection in me apparently. I have IGM 14H and IGG 12H, also my report says that I have positive 1 copy of A1298C mutation and that I’m heterozygous for the A1298C mutation with negative (normal) for the C677T. This is my 6th pregnancy (1 baby born at 31.5 weeks, 1 baby born at 36 weeks, 3 miscarriages and this one, in that order). With my first daughter, I was with contractions since 16-18 weeks more or less going and returning. But at 31 weeks I started to have contractions every 3 minutes so I got hospitalized and at 31.5 weeks told me that the infection (they never really knew where it was) was now in the baby, so they made a C-section. Se born with bronchitis and other stuffs. Now she is perfect. With the second one, I started with contractions since 16-18 weeks too. At 28th week the contractions started stronger until 34th week that the doctor took me out of medication (Ventolin) and she born at 36 weeks super healthy. With this one, I’d had a cerclage at 15th week. At 18th week I started with contractions apparently I had an urination infection but at the end was negative, since that day I’ve been in bed rest and my contractions are still going. I’m taking since the beginning Aspirin Jr., Complex B, Vitamin D, Folic acid, Maternal vitamins, Heparin, Meticorten. And now the Orciprenaline (metaproterenol) to stop contractions and ciproxine as an antibiotic. Do you think this could be because of my A1298C mutation? Also I have Bradycardia with secondary syncope. Can I do something to prevent a pre term pregnancy this time?
Thanks a lot!
Best regards,

9 months ago
Reply to  Paola

OH MY GOD please tell me your pregnancy went okay, I gave my wife folic acid and it killed our daughter.

10 years ago

Hi Dr. Ben,

I am glad I found your website. It was very difficult when I was first diagnosed. I would be interested to take a look at what diseases are related to having two copies of the MTHFR A1298C variant – homozygote. I have a list of my diagnosed diseases on the website above under “my life as a zebra.” I am also interested in the likelihood of passing on this condition to my children as I have five. Thanks for educating us!

Darlene Ulmet

Allison Bratten
9 years ago

Doctor Ben,
I appreciate your website more than you know. I thought I was a perfectly healthy 21 year old woman when my husband and I found out we were pregnant in October of 2013. At our 13 week first ultrasound we discovered I had a missed miscarriage and my child no longer had a heart beat. Shortly after my D&C I went in for lab work and discovered I has homozygous C677T mthfr with elevated homocysteine levels. I came to find out the only reason my doctor was able to run the tests for this disorder was because of my mother’s history of three miscarriages. If it were not for this history my doctor informed me that insurance wouldn’t have paid for this testing until after the second loss of a child. He also explained to me that only one of his colleagues in the practice of twelve believes in this testing and the significance it holds with miscarriage and NTD. He says because it is understudied many doctors won’t even give this disorder merit in relation to miscarriages. To think my child was healthy and if I was tested for this as soon as I was pregnant or even before I would be one month away from delivering a healthy child is unfathomable to me. Is there anything that could be done to raise awareness about mthfr and possibly save thousands of people or even more from the devastation I have had? Thank you for your website and giving validation to the seriousness of mthfr.
Allison Bratten

9 years ago

Hi Dr Ben
I am homozygous 667. And I am now following the thyroid summit online. June 1-6.
There seems to be a lot of overlapping symptoms.
How do they relate to each other? Do some of the presenters know of the MTHFR gene?
Is one more likely to have thyroid problems with this gene?
Would really like to have answers to this !

9 years ago

Dear Dr Ben.
Found the answer to my previous question!
The Link Between MTHFR Gene Mutations and Disease, Including Thyroid Health
An Interview With Dr. Ben Lynch, Expert on MTHFR Polymorphisms
Thanks for all the excellent work on this subject.
Just a note! From the Thyroid summit. I have understood that the best tests to use to find out if your Thyroid has a problem is the T3 and rT3 test. Which is not mentioned in the above article.

Erin Adams
9 years ago

Dr. Lynch-

I was recently diagnosed with compund heterozygous MTHFR mutation. I had one miscarriage in 2012 and a somewhat normal pregnancy in 2013 (complicated by pre-e at 37 weeks). I had a baby girl on Valentine’s Day (38w2d) this year who was, shortly after birth, diagnosed with seizures caused by an in utero stroke. She is doing very well at this time with no notable deficits and is self-weaning off of her phenobarb and has not seized since day 3 of life. I am currently waiting on a plan of action from my Ob/Gyn but had a couple of questions for you. First, what do you recommend, supplement wise, for further pregnancies and when do I need to start them? Also, my daughter had coag studies done when she was inpatient and I’m uncertain whether or not she was tested for MTHFR (I will be checking with her pediatrician next week at her 4 month well). If she wasn’t tested, should we screen her and should we also screen my family (we have a strong family hx of heart disease on my father’s side)? Is there anything I need to do for my daughter now in terms of supplements? Should my husband be screened? I’m uncertain of where to draw the line in terms of screening, my mom went immediately after finding out my results and had her labs drawn. Was that even necessary? I feel like this is something that we all need to be aware of and there is so little in the line of research. (I want to shout it from the roof top for everyone to get screened). At any rate, just wondering what your thoughts were in our situation.

Sorry for the lenghty post.

Thank you so much,

Erin Adams

Michelle Durkin
9 years ago

Hello Dr. Ben,

I’m looking for information regarding miscarriages and clotting disorders. I had one previous pregnancy without any complications two years ago. I recently had a spontaneous triplet pregnancy and lost all of them at 10 weeks. Up until I lost them, I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I had a few ultrasounds and bloodwork days before I lost them—–everything was perfect—- until all of their hearts just stopped. I shouldn’t have lost all three of them due to their sacs/separate placentas, etc. After the miscarriage many, many women reached out to me explaining how they found out that they had a clotting issue—-all after they lost a baby. So I had my dr do further testing, this was the only thing that made any sense to me that would harm all three. I found out that I am homozygous for MTHFR C677T mutation and negative for A1298C. I also am homozygous for the 4G variant in the PAI-1 (serpine1) gene. So, for one, I can’t understand why this isn’t in a prenatal panel or in regular screening for women trying to conceive. I would love to be an advocate for women that have had miscarriages. Also, do you think that a folic acid supp should be taken or folate?

Thank you for your interest in this!

9 years ago

Hello Dr. Ben,

in 2006 I found out that I am positive for one mutation on the C677T and the A1298C on the heterozygous side. I was then diagnosed with a rare lipoma disorder in 2010 called Dercum’s Disease or the medical term Adiposis Dolorosa. I was put on Foltx one time daily with an aspirin for the MTHFR mutation. Is the correct treatment for MTHFR? Also, have you seen a correlation between MTHFR and types of fat disorders?


9 years ago


Advocate away 🙂 🙂 I am sure it would be big help to many.

I haven’t seen folic acid recommended by any MTHFR docs I have read anything from. Why does it sometimes seem to work? Is it because it’s always given in tandem with baby aspirin, and the baby aspirin impacts the clotting issue (my theory 🙂 thereby preventing the clotting that causes the pregnancy loss?


9 years ago

hi dr ben, I have just figured out that some of my mom’s symptoms may be due to a b12 deficiency. I think it is a longstanding problem that was probably a factor in a recent stroke. Following the stroke, she had a nasty fall & was given a lot of paracetamol for the pain from some cracked ribs. We are now seeing what looks like some neuropathic pain and possibly some autonomic neuropathy.

What is the best way to go about raising her levels of methyl B12? Does she need additional L5 methyl @ the same time or maybe folinic and possibly Lithium (for transport per yasko).

I think I need to find a neurologist, but also maybe a B12 expert to consult? Can you help or recommend someone?


9 years ago

Hello Dr. Ben,
I am heterozygous for the MTTHF snip and have been trying to cope with increasingly severe allergies and migraines as the years have gone by. After using the methylated B vitamins for a year or so I have realized a lessening in both problems. I still suffer both conditions, but I am beginning to have a life again at 60. Anything else I can do to continue this improvement?

Claire Green
9 years ago

Dear Dr. Ben,

Thank you for including a fascinating bio of your colorful life so far. You are quite the renassaince man and so helpful and generous in the time you give to this site answering questions. I am a ND (NCNM 92), who is late to the MTHFR party. I will be doing the two day self study class from Bastyr later this summer. And I was recently surprised to find out I am homozygous 677TT via 23andme. (I also found out I am less than 2% German even though my maternal grandfather emigrated from there in 1932, it looks like his ancestors came form the Balkans, who knew?)

So I am writing to underscore your message of treat the person first with lifestyle, gut healing, all the naturopathic principles. I am 53 years old and basically feel very healthy. I attribute that to a lifetime of healthy living: clean home, clean water, grow alot my own food, eat a hybrid of Paleo/Blood Type A/Warrior Diet, lots of exercise and stress management. I conceived my son Ben at age 38 first try. I am not bragging, just relating my experience that lifestyle has a profound influence on epigenetics. My heart goes out to some of these commenters with miscarriages, autistic children, etc. etc.

I saw earlier in the above thread you seemed a bit confused by a comment about Blood Secretor Status. IF you have not looked into the work of Peter D’Adamo ND already, I think you should, you two would probably have alot to talk about and your work dovetails well with his.

Peace out and grok on,

9 years ago

Dear Dr Ben, thank you for the great work.

I am 15 weeks pregnant. Everything is going well. I had a miscarriage 3 years ago (9 w) and then one chemical pregnancy before I got pregnant. After tests, I learned that I have homozygot 1298 and heterozygote Protrombin. For the last three years I have been on folic acid (low dose 400-800) not folate (I didn’t know the difference), then before I got pregnant and since my pregnancy I am on citranatal assure. My doctor also put me on folgard (one a day). No baby aspirin. Synthroid in the morning. My blood tests came back normal. 772 vit b, 5 homocysteine, good CBC levels, 112 iron, 50 vit d etc. the only issue is my folic acid, it is 30.8 ng/ml which is high. In mid may it was 21 (before folgard). I just stopped taking folgard after reading your website (3 days ago). I took 42 pills in total. Planning to change my prenatal as well.

1. I don’t know what to take?
2. Is my folic acid level in blood too high? Dangerous?
3. Has it been toxic for the baby? I am worried.

I will be back in the US in mid august. What shall I do until then? Can’t find methyfolate vitamin here. Look forward to your help:) thanks a million!!!!

Maria D
9 years ago

Hi Dr Ben

I have MTFHR C667 one. I have been recommended to be on low dose naltrexone due to several autoimmunity conditions. I have thyroiditis and a right thyroid nodule along with oral allergy syndrome. My vitamin D is very low. I wonder how I could progress with treatment without reacting to it? I have tried supplements/meds but then start reacting to them. I need to start something while also addressing the MTFHR. I have not started the naltrexone yet since I would like to be successful with this as well. Are there transdermals available or some way to proceed with treatment?

9 years ago

Hi Dr Ben,
I’ve just come across this grain from Senegal ( and can get it wholesale)…. called fonio, it’s rich in protein , esp methionine and cysteine and is gluten free. My African contact doesn’t understand gluten-free concept but I think it’s the next quinoa. It’s got a fairly delicate taste and it makes a delicious porridge for breakfast and to accompany stews etc. I’m experimenting making bread with it.
would you like to trial some?

9 years ago

Our children have anxiety, depression, tic disorder, autistic symptoms, ocd, sensory integration issues. Not a single doctor has recommended any testing such as this. We are in the Philadelphia/NJ area. How can I have my children tested? Who can we see who will not scoff at this possibility of MTHFR mutation? Do you work with patients out of state?
Thanks very much!

5 months ago
Reply to  Andrea

Sounds like PANS. Have you seen a functional medicine doctor? They need a functional medicine doctor who is familiar with PANS

9 years ago

Hello Dr. Ben, I am trying to gain as much info on MTHFR as possible. (I found out my daughter has MTHFR, which led to myself and many other relatives being diagnosed) I found your site helpful. After seeing and hearing about the MANY health problems in my family, I see alot of health issues that “run” in my family. This has caused me to wonder if they have to do with MTHFR? Is there an email address or other way to give you a quick list of “common” health problems in my family? The doctors in my area are not taking MTHFR seriously. Meanwhile people in my family have either died, are dying or are very ill and the common factors seem to be hovering around MTHFR. Also, does anyone know of any forums/blogs with people that have MTHFR to compare health problems or to help others with this disorder like a support group type of thing? If not maybe I can help begin one although I wouldn’t know where to start! lol Either way, any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

9 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

I forgot to mention that (recently retired) Dr Cynthia Curry (genetics doctor) is the doctor who diagnosed myself, my daughter and my mother with MTHFR (along with some other disorders). At the time I was diagnosed (in 2007) she was writing a book on genetic disorders. I am trying to find out if she ever finished it or how to get a copy.

Jennifer D
9 years ago


Thank you for your work in this area. I feel so lost. I am heterozygous C677T with elevated homocysteine of 11. My cholesterol, C-reactive protein, Insulin resistance score is high. I’m about 30 ponds overweight and working hard on that but have been having trouble moving the scale. Saw a functional doctor but quickly lost faith and couldng afford. Regular docs are dismissing me. I responded great to l-methylfolate 15mg for 4 months then started feeling like my skin was burning and folate level was too high. Stopped all and tried specialized b-complex and felt awful, tired and brain fog. Stopped b complex and tried 7.5 folate and that solved issues but still felt a little too wired. I’m struggling with depression/anxiety, especially without folate and during second half of cycle. I feel like I’m going crazy and no one will help me. Having trouble finding doctor to help. Finally seeing geneticist but even still afraid they won’t help either. I’m scared to get too much folate and I don’t have any one to monitor me but I know it worked. Please help.


9 years ago

Hi Dr. Lynch, I have C677T and A1298C I would like to know the recommended dose of L-Methyltetrahydrofolate during pregnancy or what you would recommend. Currently taking Optional Prenatal. My body is currently suffering from issues related to gene mutations so 800 mcg of folate is not near enough. How much is too much? Also do you recommend taking Lovenox blood thinner during pregnancy with the two above gene mutations? I look forward to your answer.


9 years ago

Hi Dr. Ben i just recently found out i have both mthfr gene mutations. It does explain so much. Like the chronic fatigue, cancer, IBS, potassium deficiency, breathing probelmes, leg/knee pain, miscarriage, etopic pregnancy (which led to the gene testing) and always feeling sick. But in turn of me saying it explains alot on the other hand im so lost on what actions to take or where to begin. My doctor which is an obgyn prescribed me foltx and that is it.. Is that enough?!? Im desperate for answers. I cant find anyone around my area that specializes in mthfr mutation. I live in austintown ohio. Please help, i really am desperate at this point to be able to live a healthy life. Hope to hear from you soon!

9 years ago

Hi, just got results at 53 I have 2 copies for Homozygous for C677T. I do not know what 2 copies means or difference between Heterozgous? I thought I read on your site I should not take folic acid which the PA gave me prescribed 1 mg a day. I also tested for reactive to band 41 and 66 for Lyme and acute Candia in my blood positive. My only daughter now 17 please read last article I wrote “Heart Wrenching Story 2010″ Sun Sentinel”. I now wonder if this gene caused her very rare heart condition? IDD, CTGA sirius inverses. I had 2 miscarriages.
I also had Graves disease a year after she was born. I was misdiagnosed and in NIH for a week and no one thought to test me for this gene. I was told I had MCTD and Mastocytosis
which I was cleared of from NIH with no answers to my severe reactions and anxiety attacks I lived with my life. What are the symptoms with this gene and is it from the mothers side or fathers? Who should be tested in my family? I need to find a doctor in Boca Raton FL area that knows about this. Thank you for any information you have for me.

Jan Reeder
9 years ago

Hi Ben,
I watched your free gift video on MTHFR . I have a gene mutation MTHFR,
tested from a ND Dr. in town. I used his folate and liquid b12, the correct kind of
folate. I felt good for a little while then got worse. I backed off from so much
vitamin b supplementation. I still do not think I am metholayting, I have really
bad depression, I am on Wellbutrin, taking Vt. B12 and folate the right kind. Vitamin
D. I have tried so many supplements and vitamins and amino acids, I
sometimes get worse or no results at all. I am so confused, feeling hopeless,
worthless since I also have CFS from Epstein Barr, CMV and HHV6, was treated
with Valcyte for one year, also no good results. All Doctors really don’t know
what to do for me, In there minds im basically depressed. I am so sad that I have depression and CFS and I don’t know how to get the right help. Can you help
me. I need help in the methalation after watching your video.
Feeling hopeless and helpless

9 years ago

wondering ifthe symptoms I have been dealing with some before and some after
puberty have any8crcumfcorrelation to eachother because of one issue.
before: frequent bloody noses with clotting
cycles of elevated white blood cells
bouts of vomiting/diarrhea needing medical intervention to discontinue “attack” with body temp dropping to low 90’s
low body temp/bp usually below 100/80
elevated eye pressures/electrical activity
from puberty on:
severe fatigue with bouts of inability to stay awake
tingly toes/fingers that turn gray in color
easy bruising
high cholesterol
hyperdynamic gallbladder
peptic/gastric ulcers
irregular periods(went a year once without one)
sore joints and muscles
super sensitive skin
bouts of inability to gain weight and bouts of inability to loose weight
severe acne(treatrd with isotreniton)
food intolerences (eating to needing a bathroom within 10-20 mins)
anxiety/mood swings(diagnosed bipolar 1/generalized anxiety
elevated co2 in blood
high cholesterol
itchy scalp (pulling hair out gives short reliev
forgetting more than normal
inability to conceive(1 emervency c section full term*dr.said I couldnt deliver more than the circumference of a #2 penicl the way my insides looked* birth of 1 twin ,3 miscarriages

9 years ago

We just had our MTHFR test done and my daughter is heterozygous for 1298A>C AC

I understand that this is not supposed to mean any significant medical concerns. She also has PANDAS and has been in a neuro-psychatric crisis for the last 18 months following an asymptomatic strep infection

I am wondering if this is a coincidence, or if there is a high number of kids with PANDAS who have this seemingly insignificant mutation? If reduced enzyme activity to 80% of normal can trigger such situations?

5 months ago
Reply to  Sherrie

Is she in a moldy school? My daughter (PANS) stopped methylating in her moldy school and could not detox until this was addressed

9 years ago

Good evening Dr. Ben,

I have found your website to be very informative and extremely helpful.

I conceived my infant son via donor egg after a long bout of reoccurring miscarriages. I am homozygous MTHFR – the C type (I can never remember the number). Is there any chance through epigenetics that I gave my son the same mutation? We have not had him tested – I am simply curious since we do not share any of the same genetics.

Also, I appear to have arthritic nodules on almost every MCP joint of my fingers. My last MRI & blood work did not reflect Lupus or RA (they run in my family), but those tests were well over a year ago. Is there a link between autoimmune disorders and my MTHFR status?

Many thanks!

Karen Marciniak
9 years ago

Thanks for your help here. My daughter tested positive for the mthfr mutation and I have so many relevant conditions I must have it too. Please advise what tests to ask for.

9 years ago

Hello Dr. been positive for the MTHFR C677T homogenous mutation. Unfortunately I also have the COMT V158M & COMT H62H homogeneous mutations. With that in mind, many of the supplements and vitamins for MTHFR C677T homogenous will not always work in my favor. At least that’s how I understand it. What do you recommend for this combination of mutations?

My other homogenous mutations are:

9 years ago

Unfortunately, Dr. Lynch rarely answers questions anymore on this site, and I can understand why. He’s busy giving conferences, and plus, it would be unethical for him to give out specific medical advice without the patient signing a consent form.

And then there’s the whole issue of offering medical advice for free…

Best to set up an appointment with him if possible.

9 years ago

I have to say I’m a little envious reading this!

9 years ago

Dr Ben,
My son has Crohn’s but also has a Protein S deficiency and so has had several superficial blood clots. His GI has him on Humira and Methotrexate and folic acid supplement to help combat the effects of these drugs. I sent him the link to your talk on MTHFR and the nurse called me back with instructions to go to Genetic Testing for follow-up. My guess is he never looked at it. I called my son’s primary and asked him to order the test–we are going today to have it done. I was tested already and it’s normal.
My question for you is–if my son is positive for MTHFR combined with the drugs he’s on to control the Crohn’s symptoms would that combination somehow intensify the possibility of a gene mutation (or DNA methylation) that could influence an oncogenic process? In other words, if positive, is he at higher risk for cancer because he’s positive and on these drugs? Thanks much. Sherry

9 years ago

Can you recommend a dr on ny? I’m mthfr a1298c
Been ill for 2 yrs with chronic fatigue ebv.

9 years ago

Hello, I have been diagnosed with mthfrc677t and have had no guidance from my primary care physician. Could you give me a referral in medina Ohio area? Thank you

9 years ago

If he’s not able to answer questions here than he should take down the site.

9 years ago

I am so grateful I found your website! I have been so overwhelmed by finding out I have the heterozygous mutation MTHFR C677T. For me it started in 2012 when I was found to be extremely deficient in vitamin B12, my level being under 100. He at first assumed it might be pernicious anemia as my grandfather also had low levels of b12 which ultimately led him to early Alzheimer’s. My doctor immediately started me on bi-weekly b12 injections only to find they weren’t bring up my levels. At all. In fact the injections made be incredibly sleepy for 3 days & then would only raise my level by 40 or so. It was then my homocysteine levels came in high & I was also put on methylated folate. After 8 months if folate & bi-weekly B12 injections I was barely over a b12 level of 300. At this point I was referred to a neurologist & a gastrologist. The neurologist decided to combine the B12 injection with a B-complex injection & finally I felt amazing! My next blood test came back with my B12 level being over 1000. It was then my doctor wanted to determine the cause I was sent to the gastrologist who ruled out PA & Celiacs disease. They were stumped. I moved to Texas where doctors weren’t sure I still needed injects as my levels were still high. But slowly my help started deteriorating. Frustrated at my new doctors attempts to constantly try to prescribe me anti-depressants, which never seem to work & only made me nauseous, I was giving up. It was then my sister happened into a doctor to be told her B12 was low as well. Thankfully her doctor was educated in gene mutations & immediately tested her for the MTHFR mutations to which she tested positive to the heterozygous MTHFR C677T mutation. He then had her send me information about the test & I too was tested & the received the same positive. Unfortunately my doctor here in South Texas had never heard of it & could not offer any guidance. I recently was referred to a neurologist for migraines that have been chronically reoccurring in this past month & he saw that my B12 levels have again dropped significantly & started me on the nasal spray & prescribed folic acid as well as an anti-depressant he said was to help with the migraines. I am very leery to take the folic acid, which he said is the exact same as folate, & the anti-depressant. This led me to start my search again into finding out what the MTHFR mutations are & how to go about supplementing & fixing the problems. Aside from the b12 deficiency, I am also low in vitamin D, have recently been experiencing brain fogs/lapse in short term memory, insomnia, chronic canker sores, severe abdominal pain, nausea, occasional vomiting & even find it hard to formulate works & speak! It is very depressing, but I don’t feel it’s depression I’m experiencing, but rather frustration if not knowing how to fix this problem. I have called a few doctors on your list & am still waiting on a response from them. In the meantime I’ve had my three kids tested and sadly all of them tested positive for the same MTHFR mutation. My son was also very low in Vitamin D despite us living in sunny south Texas & being a very active family. While I’m grateful I found out the root of the possible cause to our family ailments, I’m also overwhelmed & desperate to find help or at least a doctor who knows about it & can help get us on the right path to healing. My goal is to regain my health & start my kids on a path that might prevent them from the same frustrating chronic illness. I also want to note that my grandfather who was also b12 deficient, had a long family history to Alzheimer’s, ADHD, vitamin deficiencies, and had a son diagnosed at a young age of leukemia. I find myself connecting the dots that these family ailments might be linked to this genetic mutation.

9 years ago

My husband has been having tingling sensations in his body for the past 8-9 months. He has been to 4 doctors — 2 neurologists, an internal med doc, and neuro surgeon, all doing tests for diseases and deficiencies. He has had ct scans,MRI of brain and neck, a myelogram, EMG. He was found to have elevated homocysteine.. In a different situation a couple years ago, he was found to have high B6 level and had been on multivitamins for many years and was taken off. It seemed to take several months for his B6 level to go down and then maybe 3 or 4 months later this tingling started. Because of the homocysteine and the tingling, one of the neurologists put him on cerefolin-NAC which is a high B12 and folate with n-acetylcysteine. Now after 3 months the homocysteine is better but still 13, but he is still tingling all over. Should he be genetically tested for MTHFR? And what about supplementation with other B vitamins including B 6? What about testing for GSTM1–his heavy metal blood test came back normal ?

9 years ago
Reply to  Cathy

Hi Cathy,

I’m not a doctor, just a patient, so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I’ve had issues with even small doses of b6, so I can relate. If it were me, I would avoid b6 at all costs. Red blood cell tests can show low or normal levels, but there can still be high tissue levels, not to mention possible damage from the previous high levels. The same with heavy metals — blood levels fluctuate all the time, but heavy metals can still be high in tissues. Some folks have hair analysis done to determine heavy metal issues.

You might consider getting a SpectraCell panel which measures nutrient levels in the white blood cells…some say that’s more accurate. I believe Dr. Lynch has recommended them in the past.

Many, many people seem to be sensitive to b6, even at very low doses:

I’ve read that B2 is required to make B6 bioavailable, so perhaps you could ask your doctor or do some research on the b2-b6 connection. Also read a study that showed that b6 inhibits b1 (thiamine) which is also helpful for tingling and neuropathy. So maybe a combination of b1 and b2 — with no b6 — might help, but hopefully Dr. Lynch will chime in with his thoughts.

Hope this might at least be a little helpful. Best of luck.

p.s. TMG (trimethylglycine) will bring down homocysteine levels — that’s documented in studies on kids with autism.

9 years ago

gluten can cause neuropathies. consider a few months of strict gluten free diet as a trial. Look at for paleo diet info. Alot of free info on the web: whole30, primal blueprint, etc. good luck!

9 years ago

Dr. Ben, I have one copy of A1298C MTHFR mutation, that I know of. I have been ill since I can remember. Familial tremor, 7 pregnancies,only 2 lived youngest had placental separation also yet new OB saved her. 3 fetal demise in last trimester, 1 miscarriage at 3 mos and 1 ectopic. I have had premature CAD since 28 years old, familial. 2 probable MI, at least 30 or more TIAs,2 or more CVAs, epilepsy since head trauma, heart failure, ataxia, syncope. Compound complex migraines at least 3xwk since 14. Osteoperosis, breast masses and lymphnodes in groin removed. Stage 4 cervical cancer at 24 yrs old. Seizures and TIAs mimic each other but I can tell difference like the migraines with 3 different auras inc. black strings in left eye, shooting pain from top of head to jaw after smelling kerosene, skunk or apple pie. Seriously one of the 3 strong odors only I can smell. I know what I’m having. All auras begin at least half hour prior to “episode”. Artheriosclerosis, severe leg cramps, Nightly insomnia, ribs & clavicles break. Severe weakness on right side. Inability to walk much at all first hour I’m awake and if I walk to much. Use cane or walker. Adult onset ADHD, memory loss , confusion, can’t focus or complete anything I start. I have fabulous days when I can walk talk clearly and dance like I did at 16. Have been treated for pscyh disorders, have mood swings I never had until I started to decline in 2002. I’m 57. I got clean on Aug. 12, 1985 and only take my seizure, heart, hypertension, ADHD and migraine meds. They (all my docs,primary and specialists) are continually trying to put me on strong chronic pain meds. I won’t take anything that makes me feel even slightly dopey until 15 mins. before bed. Hate the feeling now. Have had both lenses replaced in my eyes. Been diagnosed with everything but what I tell them I’m feeling. Went from 179 to 84 lbs in just over a year. Weaned myself off several meds slowly due to weight loss and apathy. Up to 105 now. I eat healthy, live on organic farm. Need help. Disability has taken my life and joy from me. I live in NC 28734. I know both sides of family have mutations also. Need doc in my area who can help me. Want to see my 6 grandkids become adults. Sorry so long could have been much longer but hands and feet are numb. Polyneuropathy all four limbs. Thank you for your time.

9 years ago

Dr. Lynch,

Very interesting background!

I also went on a wild 2 year backpacking pilgrimage across Asia. I left healthy, came home very sick with parasites. The medical system failed to diagnose them and left them harming be for over a decade. After collapsing from chronic illness I determined to get well. Just this year a lab found my parasites and also got diagnosed with MTHFR C677T homozygous. Thanks, in part, to your excellent information and supplements, I am feeling a while lot better and getting back the energy I used to have.

Thank you.

Keep up the great work!

9 years ago

Hello, When my son was an infant, he was colicky – cried whenever he was awake, up to 10 hours a day. No underlying medical causes were discovered, but throughout his childhood, he was a moody, sensitive child…highly sensitive to touch and sound. When he was 9, he told me he was overwhelmed and wanted to die. He said that he felt like he was made of glass and broke all the time, while other people were made of steel and they could be happy. I took him to an ND here in Portland, Oregon who specializes in children with sensory processing issues. She tested his neurotransmitter levels and proteins, and among other things, she noted his MTHFR mutation. I don’t recall which mutation it was. So he started taking a very easy, affordable MTHFR supplement, along with some form of serotonin and Vitamin D, based on her other findings in him. By age 10, he was a happy child for the first time ever. It was like the sun came out from behind the clouds, like he had been given his childhood. Over the next couple of years, we slacked off on the supplements. I kind of took this naturopathic stuff maybe not as seriously as I would traditional MD-style medicine. He seemed pretty happy. But around 12, he really started to sink again. He had a big episode of overwhelm by the world again last fall, right after his 13th birthday. Daily and nightly tears. A shot of B12 at my friend’s office (another ND) seemed to help a bit, but by this winter, he was again lying in heaps of tears every day, not wanting to live, really starting to talk seriously about dying. I took him back to the children’s ND again last weekend, and she gave him the B12 shot to get him through the weekend and a higher dosage of MTHFR – she really emphasized that of all the things we know about his system, this is the most important thing to be treating. Well, all this to say that I am happy to report that yesterday, the switch went from off to on. He started the day still unhappy and by the nighttime, he was smiling. He said, “I feel better, mom.” He woke up today happy to face the world and just ran out the door to school, the very place that overwhelmed him to tears just a few days ago. We are still going to go ahead and do an updated analysis of his neurotransmitters, but at the moment, I am moving toward convinced that there is something to this MTHFR stuff. If you’ve ever had a kid who would rather die than play, you know what I mean when I say that this is a gravely serious finding. Thought you’d like knowing our story.

Christie Harrington
8 years ago

I delivered and anacephalic child in 2002 and after that was tested per my OBGYN for MTHFR. I was found to be heterozyous for the 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate redutase (MTHFR) C677T mutation on one copy of the gene. It was recommended that I be referred for assay of a second common MTHFR mutation, A1298C; however, no futher testing was completed at that time. There was no treatment suggested to me, just a form to notify me of the mutation. I am 38 years old and recently was hospitalized for a Myocaridal Infarction but was found to have no blockage in my major arteries, and a normal EKG/Echo. I am negative for any drug use. I have no previous medical history of any cardiac problems. I do not know anyone in my area that is knowledgable on this specific mutation. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have that would be helpful and/or suggested possible treatments.

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MTHFR? This Course is For You

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