Dr. Lynch’s time is limited to writing, educating, formulating, presenting and research.

Learning: Dr. Lynch published a book called Dirty Genes which became an instant national bestseller and continues to be. It addresses the MTHFR mutation heavily along with other key genes: COMT, MAOA, GST/GPX, PEMT, NOS3 and DAO. Dirty Genes also covers Methylation, provides quizzes to see if your genes are actually working well or not despite presence or absence of genetic mutations and has recipes designed to support your unique set of genes.

Consults: Dr. Lynch does not do consults. Time is limited now due to research, presentations and educating others how to optimally work with MTHFR and genetics in general.

Health questions: Due to the massive number of requests, it is not possible for Dr. Lynch to respond to health questions. Please note that they will not be reviewed by him.

Speaking, Podcasts, Summits, Conferences or Media Requests: Please do fill out the form below. Please be specific in your request. The more information you provide, the better as Dr. Lynch receives numerous requests and we have to be selective.

MTHFR and Genetic Testing: Dr. Lynch recommends Ancestry over 23andMe as it provides more raw data than 23andme now. Before 23andme did Рno longer the case. Once you order Ancestry and get your raw data, export your raw data and run it through StrateGene to get your genetic report. In the Fall of 2019, Dr. Lynch will be releasing the StrateGene Genetic Test.

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MTHFR? This Course is For You

MTHFR? This Course is For You

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