UPDATE: June 25, 2019


My wife, Nadia, and baby, Tasman, in a Russian village.

MTHFR and pregnancy is a bigger deal than most doctors want to admit.

It’s not a problem and it’s not scary. It’s something that you need to be aware of and address.

I’m glad you’re here because you are aware that having MTHFR and pregnancy is a big deal.

What’s really awesome is you can do something about it.

Finding out is the hard part.

Let’s address it.

First off –

As a father:

I’m honored with three healthy and beautiful boys (I think so anyway), I know I am very fortunate. I am thankful for this each day and never take it for granted.

As a physician:

I’ve worked with many men and women who had been trying unsuccessfully to have a child. Some call this infertility. I don’t like that label. You’re not infertile. You’re just not ready most likely and we can help you both get your body ready.

I’ve worked with many men and women who have children with significant birth defects or are somewhere on the spectrum. These parents are scared to have a second or third child. They are unsure what to do.

As a soccer coach:

I often have kids on my team who are struggling mentally and physically. It pains me because I know I can do something about it – and so do my boys. Yet the parents have no clue or no desire for alternatives beyond medications. Thankfully, some parents do and I’ve helped a few of these kids fully recover from frequent eye blinking, asthma, eczema, incessant fatigue, seizures, etc. It honestly didn’t take much beyond what I share with you here.

My passion is to reduce the incidence of disease in unborn children.

Phrased another way, my passion is to optimize the lives of unborn children.

That includes your children.

This is what gets me up and out of bed and excited to go to ‘work’.

  • Do you believe it is possible to reduce the incidence of disease or birth defects in unborn children?
  • Have you miscarried in the past or having difficulty with fertility?
  • Did you struggle with preeclampsia? Gallbladder problems? Water break early?
  • Have a child who is on the spectrum, spina bifida, hypospadia, tongue tie, congenital heart defects?

With the right preparation and tools, many of these can be avoided. The issue is you were never informed of this information before. It’s not your fault. It’s actually no ones fault.

What I’m sharing with you right now is literally cutting-edge information.

Many birth defects or significant pediatric conditions, even health problems later in life, are caused by inadequate nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.

This is a massive topic and one of extreme importance.

Before I go on and on about optimizing your pregnancy with the right prenatal vitamins and additional supplements, there are other factors that must be in play that go well beyond just swallowing pills.

Your pregnancy deserves to be optimal.

Here are two absolute must reads:

2 Must Read Books to Optimize MTHFR and Pregnancy

Dirty Genes book by Dr. Ben Lynch












Why read Dirty Genes?

  • Pregnancy is a lot about methylation. This is why governments highly recommend folic acid so much. Folic acid is supposed to support methylation. The issue is it’s not the best form of folate to use. The combination of MTHFR and pregnancy really stress the point that you should NOT use folic acid. I discuss this heavily in this book and why.
  • Many women and men have a MTHFR mutation – also called a MTHFR variant. It’s not really a mutation. Your MTHFR gene still functions – just slower and is more susceptible to problems. Learn how to support your MTHFR gene – and again, having a MTHFR variant and being pregnant is very important to address. It’s not hard – it’s just new information and goes against most standards of care.
  • Not many people talk about the importance of other genes during pregnancy. Dirty Genes discusses a few other genes which are absolutely essential to be functioning at their best while pregnancy. PEMT, NOS3, DAO, GST/GPX are essential and I dedicate a chapter to each one. Then add in COMT and MAOA as they are impacting your neurotransmitters – and your hormones. So – essentially, Dirty Genes is a preconception health book.
  • Gallbladder issues during pregnancy – are a common issue and relates to methylation! Prevent it – and resolve it – and keep your gallbladder.
  • Pregnancy isn’t just about supplementation and food. It’s also about your environment, lifestyle and understanding what labs to order and which household products to use and avoid. This gets addressed.


Real Food for Pregnancy












Why read Real Food for Pregnancy?

  • Food is all our ancestors used to have healthy babies – and it worked. We’re here. The difference is our ancestors used Real Food – not the food we have today. Learn which foods are essential to an optimal pregnancy, why and which ones aren’t.
  • Addresses common complaints during pregnancy – nausea, vomiting, weight gain, gestational diabetes, blood pressure
  • How to exercise while pregnant
  • Which chemicals you need to avoid and where they exist
  • Tips on what to do for breastfeeding and postpartum

Your doctor recommend 4 mg of Folic Acid or Folic Acid generally?

This is 100% old school.

Yes, it is the current standard of care but do you want the standard of care or do you want better?

I want better and there is better – and it’s not that hard at all to do better!

The standard of care does NOT address the combination of MTHFR and pregnancy.

If it did, the standards would change – or at least – they should change. They should change anyway as we have far superior forms of folate available.

In the video below, I share scientific evidence of why folic acid is inferior and give you alternatives to use and why you want to use them.

You’ll need to dedicate 27 minutes to watching this video. If you don’t have time now, share this to your Facebook page, Instagram or email it to yourself.


QUICK FACT: Only 15% of pregnant women have adequate choline levels!

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you 100% have low choline levels.

This is shocking and must change.

This is why I highly recommend Optimal PC and Optimal Prenatal.

Choline is found in both.

Choline is a MAJOR methyl donor and used HEAVILY during pregnancy – and breastfeeding!

Prenatal Vitamins for MTHFR and Generally

There are very few prenatals that meet a high enough standard for me to recommend.

I had to formulate my own and it took me 3 years of research to do it.

Optimal Prenatal is the result.

Why did I have to formulate a new prenatal vitamin when there are already tons of prenatal vitamins?

  • Most use synthetic folic acid. This is NOT supportive for women having genetic problems in the folate pathway. In fact, it’s potentially harmful.
  • If not using folic acid, they use only methylfolate. It’s awesome finding prenatals that don’t use folic acid at all! Truly! They use methylfolate instead. This is a step in the right direction! However, we have to do better. Having only methylfolate is not effective for those with methylation blockages. Methylfolate is needed to bypass the MTHFR mutation and support methylation. Folinic acid is needed to support DNA base production, DNA repair, ATP (energy) production, neurotransmitter formation. While methylfolate can turn into folinic acid, it’s not that easy. Why? There are many environmental issues that can slow the conversion of methylfolate to folinic acid – and the conversion of folinic acid to methylfolate. So – use both.
  • Tablets. I am not a fan of tablets as they do not dissolve well in the digestive system. This means that the nutrients packed into tablets are typically not that bioavailable. When a manufacturing facility produces tablets, it literally sounds like a jackhammer. The force used to compress the nutrients into the stone-like tablet is tremendous. This is far from ideal when the goal is delivering nutrients.
  • Insufficient. The one-a-day prenatal or prenatal ‘gummy’ are great marketing schemes for women who dislike taking pills during pregnancy. I totally understand. My wife and I have three boys. I heard her mention MANY times that she didn’t like taking the pills as they made her nauseated or were hard to swallow. (This is why I made the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder. Only wish I made it 13 years ago…). The problem with too few capsules is the pregnant woman is not going to obtain adequate nutrition for HER and the developing BABY. Pregnancy is an extremely demanding time and demanding times require more nutrition. Period.
  • Vitamin and mineral forms are weak to worthless. There are certain forms which are more available than others. Folic acid is one such example. Why use folic acid when there are more bioavailable forms now – folinic acid and methylfolate? Price. That’s the only reason. Using chelated minerals is way more effective than using minerals that are not bound to an amino acid. These chelated minerals are easier on the digestive system which means less constipation, less stomach aches, less nausea and more absorption in the blood. I could go on and on here but I will stop.

Proof Why Prenatal Vitamins Must Use Both Methylfolate and Folinic Acid

Prenatal vitamins and MTHFR

What you are seeing:

  • This is a slide from one of my conference presentations where I presented to a large group of health professionals. I informed them of the genetic and epigenetic issues surrounding pregnancy.
  • Folic acid is at the very top – and it has to go through ALL these genes in order to be turned into methylfolate.
  • The ‘bubbles’ are genes
  • Most of these researched genes are researched with neural tube defects and pregnancy complications.
  • Most of these researched genes have SNPs – like MTHFR
  • The green circles are pointing out the types of folate your body primarily uses. 5-FormylTHF = folinic acid and 5-MTHF = methylfolate.
  • If you have genetic or epigenetic issues, which many of us do, don’t use folic acid.
  • Take a prenatal that combines these active folates – both of them. This is not a slight recommendation. It’s a massive one.

Genetic SNPs in your Folate Pathway

Here are examples of 3 real people.

They first ordered a genetic test from Ancestry or 23andme. Then they took their raw data and ran it into StrateGene which then generated this report.

They found out which Folate SNPs they have.

Is this scary information?

No. It’s not.

It’s information that really informs you of how careful you need to be about avoiding folic acid, your susceptibilities and how you should focus food choices.

Folate pathway SNPs
























What do these mean and what to do about it:

In short, it means avoid folic acid and use real folates.

It also means that one cannot use folic acid in their prenatal vitamins.

It also means that you cannot just use methylfolate in your prenatal vitamins.

Here’s what it means specifically:

  • Reduced ability to transport folate due to SLC genetic variation. If taking folic acid, then their folate binding proteins may be gummed up and lead to issues. Solution: Avoid folic acid seriously, consume leafy greens, liver and supplement with real folates as needed.
  • Reduced ability to convert an early form of folate into active folates. Solution: more important to avoid folic acid, consume leafy greens, liver and supplement with real folates as needed.
  • Reduced ability to make methylfolate due to MTHFR variation. Solution: avoid folic acid, consume more folate rich foods like leafy greens, liver and supplement as needed.

The following are the prenatal vitamins I formulated based on my years of research.

To give you some perspective, it took me three years to formulate these. I did not rush it. A prenatal is far too important to rush.

  • Optimal Prenatal: provides 800 mcg of combined methylfolate and folinic acid for best folate support. Using only methylfolate in a prenatal is not recommended. This is iron-free. It is iron-free because iron competes with calcium and also many women need varying amounts of iron during pregnancy. Some need none and some need quite a bit. Use Optimal Iron Chewable for a well-tolerated iron supplement. I designed this for my wife as she couldn’t tolerate any iron. Thankfully this one she does.
  • Optimal Prenatal with Plant-Based Protein: provides the same nutrients as above in a complete protein smoothie. Simply add a scoop of this to your morning smoothie and you’re done with your prenatal. It takes more than vitamins and minerals to have a healthy pregnancy. It also requires adequate protein. This prenatal protein powder also provides additional nutrients such as L-carnitine (which the capsules do not).

My three boys: Theodor, Tasman and Mathew

MTHFR and Pregnancy is not just about Prenatal Vitamins

Both men and women must prepare not only with vitamins and minerals – but also fish oil, probiotics, vitamin D, iron (amount varies), electrolytes and choline.

Here is The Optimal Way to support preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • Optimal Prenatal or Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder.
    • I prefer the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder because it is so comprehensive, easy to make and one is more likely to get all their vitamins and minerals for the day in a single smoothie.
    • The Optimal Prenatal capsules are great, too, but more work to remember.
  • Optimal PC or Optimal PC Liquid 
    • Since only 15% of pregnant women have adequate choline levels, I truly believe all women need to be supplementing with choline. This is VERY important to take all throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Use the liquid form if you are vegan or vegetarian as the capsules are made from gelatin.
  • Optimal Fish Oil
    • EPA and DHA are critical for healthy membranes. Again, I believe this one is critical as most people are deficient in these nutrients.
  • Optimal Vitamin D Drops
    • This is still a major deficiency for most people. During pregnancy and breast feeding, it is recommended to take a minimum of 6,000 IU a day and up to 10,000 IU a day. Optimal Vitamin D provides 2,000 IU per DROP and may be taken once a week. You can take 3 drops x 7 days = 21 drops once a week and then not take it again until end of next week. Of course, you need to discuss this with your physician – along with all the other recommendations.
  • ProBiota HistaminX
    • Supporting the microbiome is key for both baby and mother. Research is proving over and over that a healthy microbiome is supportive to the developing baby in many ways. It’s not just with any probiotics but ideally those that support a reduction in histamine. Pregnancy is a time when histamine levels must be low as high histamine levels are associated with pregnancy complications. ProBiota HistaminX uses strains of probiotics which are known to break down histamine and also do not increase levels of histamine. Some probiotics actually increase histamine and these should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Optimal Iron Chewable
    • Iron is not included in the prenatal vitamins because women vary in the amount of iron they need and when they need it. Taking too much iron during pregnancy is a common risk factor for gestational diabetes or other pregnancy related complications.

These 6 supplements are the most critical for MTHFR and pregnancy and pregnancy in general.

Keep in mind that prenatal supplementation is also needed during breastfeeding.


You are still nourishing yourself and your beautiful baby.

If you stop nourishing yourself, you will become depleted, possibly depressed and baby will potentially have methylation dysfunction.

These are things we must avoid.

Big Breastfeeding Tip:

If you struggle with mastitis or pains when breastfeeding, it may be due to low choline levels. By supplementing with Optimal PC, you increase your phosphatidylcholine levels which allow your milk to flow much easier. So many women report a complete resolution in painful breastfeeding when using choline or lecithin. Phosphatidylcholine is superior to lecithin so using Optimal PC while breastfeeding is key!


Yes! For many.

I would LOVE to hear how this prenatal supplementation protocol has helped you throughout pregnancy and during breast feeding.

I received this amazing comment today via Facebook:

I used this protocol after 4 miscarriages and am now 32 weeks pregnant with our little angel! Your work is inspiring and amazing!

How has it worked for you? Please do comment and share!

Others need to experience a healthy and rewarding pregnancy – and the little stinkers after they are born!

Disclaimer: The information and product suggestions presented here are merely suggestions for you to consider. This information is not a prescription, treatment or diagnosis. Follow the suggestions and use the suggested supplements at your own risk. It is highly recommended that you discuss this information with your physician. Always seek the advice from your healthcare professional.


  • Adriana says:

    Hello Dr. Ben,

    I have been tested positive for MTHFR C677T and MTHFR A1298C both heterozygous. I’ve lost 3 pregnancies. My doctor gave me Femibion which contains folic acid, Metafolin, vitamins and iodine. I also take 1000 mg Omega 3 per day. He said that I should also take 1 Clexane injection per day as soon as the pregnancy test turns positive until I give birth. Please be so kind and tell me your opinion about the treatment. Should I also take vitamin C and magnesium or anything else considering my problems? Thank you very much for your time and answer.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Adriana,

      I want to give you some hope 🙂 I have suffered 2 miscarriages and been diagnosed as homozygous for MTHFR C677T (they checked for many other things but everything else was ok). I am 36 weeks pregnant now (very healthy so far) and i have been taken Femibion and low-molecular-weight heparin (as Clexane) the whole pregnancy. I also take 2000 mg Omega 3 per day. I am not a doctor, but i think the Femibion contains vitamin C and magnesium enough so you don´t need to supplement.

      Best of lucks with your next pregnancy!

  • Julie says:

    In your audio I heard you say for calcium could also take moringa. I was reading on this website: http://moringatreeoflife.com/About_Moringa.html to not use moringa flowers during pregnancy. I wasn’t sure if you had heard that.
    Anyway thank you for all of the valuable information!

  • Erin says:

    Hello Dr. Ben,

    I am homozygous C667T. Had 3 miscarriages before being diagnosed. I currently have 2 little ones and I’m nursing my baby. They gave me Folbic and VitaMed MD during my pregnancy but from one of your responses above I see that Folbic is insufficient. What should I be taking as a nursing mother? Thank you!


  • Heather says:

    Dear Dr. Ben,

    I was recently diagnosed with heterozygous A1298C MTHFR mutation. I am guessing the supplements you list above will be helpful for me, though my current OB only told me to take one baby aspirin daily (I am in the process of making an appointment with an RE as I have suffered a miscarriage and cannot emotionally go through that again). I am wondering what your suggestion is about how long I should be on this regimin before trying to conceive. This same OB told me we could conceive right away, as I am on my first cycle since the miscarriage. However, I am worried my body hasn’t built up all the nutrients it seems to be not absoring and/or missing. What is your recommendation? Thank you so much.

  • Nicole Oldfather says:

    Dr. Ben
    I had a healthy baby in 2001, but he was induced early d/t pre-eclampsia. Then in March 2005 I miscarried at 23 weeks, however they said the baby measured at 17 weeks. Again in Nov 2005 I miscarried at 16 weeks, baby measure 13 weeks. I was then tested for clotting disorders and had genetic testing done. The only thing found was MTHFR, but I don’t know what type. In Feb 2006 I got pregnant with my daughter and saw a perinatologist who put me on Lovenox, but said MTHFR had nothing to do with my losses and my ob/gyn believed the same thing. She was born healthy and no pre eclampsia that time. Then in Nov 2013 I was 18 weeks and lost the baby. I had been taking Heparin since I found out I was pregnant. That time I was seeing a maternal fetal medicine specialist who also did not believe that MTHFR had anything to do with my losses and she didn’t even want me to take the Heparin, but my ob doc agreed to keep prescribing it for me anyway. After the loss my ob/gyn told that if I got pregnant again she would not prescribe the Heparin since I miscarried even though I was taking it. Could you comment on blood thinners and still miscarrying? Also, I would like to have another child, I’m 37, but every doctor I have been to thinks that MTHFR is nothing to be concerned about, it’s very frustrating. I am just now really educating myself through your website. I think I saw mentioned that you do phone consultations, is that correct?

  • Stephanie says:

    What is a good iron supplement since the Optimal Prenatal doesn’t have any? The one I took while pregnant with my daughter was Mega Food and has folate and vitamin b-12 in it. My iron levels during both my pregnancies have been low so I know I need extra. Thank you!

  • Kimberly says:

    You stated with regards to Sublingual B12: “Sublingual Active B12 with Methylfolate: provides 1 mg of methylfolate and 800 mcg of methylfolate in a small sublingual tablet.

    I think you meant to said 1mg methylcobalamin and 800mcg methylfolate. 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    Dear Dr. Lynch,

    After being diagnosed with MTHFR heterozygous C677T with ACE deletion homozygous the hematologist I went to advised me that he didn’t think it would be possible for me to get pregnant. The fertility doctor I was seeing thought by implanting the embryo she could circumvent the issue, but after undergoing a failed IVF cycle and then trying on my own, I can tell that the embryo is trying to attach, but haven’t been able to obtain a positive test and end up losing it after being a week late in my cycle. Through all of this, I’ve also discovered that I can’t take baby aspirin, Lovenox or the other typically prescribed blood thinners, due to my allergy to NSAIDS. I tried Vitamin E, but broke out in red spots on my face. I saw Nattokinnase on one of your lists, but I’m unsure of how much I should take and if there are any associated risks. I feel like the Nattokinnase may be my last hope. I have been taking Neevo, Glutathione, DHEA and COQ10 for over 6 months now as recommended by the fertility dr. I also take Zyrtec-D and Zantac for my allergies and get allergy shots every 3-4 weeks, which my doctors seemed to think it would be ok to continue if I were to get pregnant. Any suggestions you could make would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cassie says:

    Have you tried Arixtra? It is a synthetic LMWH that people take when they are allergic to Lovenox.

    I take nattokinase regularly. I was taking it at the beginning of my last pregnancy along with Lovenox. I emailed a doctor who had done research on natto and felt like it was safe for pregnancy. If you look way back thru the history of it, it has been used thousands of years in eastern medicine for pregnancy, the real natto food that is.
    I was still nervous about taking too much so I cut out the natto and stayed on the Lovenox. Exactly a week later I had a superficial clot in my leg ( I have FVL in addition to MTHFR). I ended up on a triple dose of Lovenox as a result.


  • Lauren says:

    Hello, I am quite nervous after finding your past writings. I had 2 miscarriages last year, one @ about 6 weeks and one @ 9 weeks after the heart had developed and we had seen the baby, however the heart was never strong. I was tested for the standard bloodworm at my OB and discovered I had the A1298C mutation. I then went to my wellness dr and had a ton of blood work done. My serum folate was >24.0, vitamin b-12 996, homocysteine 6.0.
    I am currently taking 200 mg progesterone, raw prenatal vitamins (contain .8 folic acid) and Nordic naturals fish oil. I have been taking 1mg folic acid since week 3 – I believe now it was a blind prescpition writing – meaning – you have mthfr- and I don’t know much about it- so here is folic acid. I’m 6.5 weeks and haven’t taken my folic acid this am. I’m scared to take it- after reading this page & other info re autism and excess folic acid…
    Thoughts? Please help!
    Thank you, Lauren

  • Maria says:

    Hi Dr Lynch,

    I am a 29 years-old that has suffered 2 early miscarriages (after seeing healthy heart beat). After my second miscarriage i was diagnosed homozygous C677T for MTHFR. I live in Spain and I am currently pregnant, I am taking Femibion 2 (with Metafolin) and low-molecular-weight heparin. I am soon moving to Australia, and I’ve seen that i will not be able to buy Femibion there. Could you advice me what prenatal multivitamin or just what metafolin supplement could i buy in Australia? I´d appreciate advice from people from Australia too 🙂

    Thanks you for a wonderful webpage!

  • Ronald says:

    To whom it may interest,

    My daughter was extremely happy to find she was pregnant a year or so ago. Sadly she miscarried in about the 8th week. She became pregnant again, was even more excited and then MC even sooner at about one month. To say the lest she and her husband were disappointed.

    She found a new doctor who gave her a battery of tests. The culprit was soon discovered. She is a double homozygous for the MTHFR gene. We found this to be a curious mixture of good and bad news, unhappy to learn the facts of our flawed genetics but armed with the knowledge that it could be treated.

    As treatment her fertility Doctor insists on her taking supplements of Folic Acid. This flys in the face of everything I have been reading on this site and others. I was under the impression that the condition blocks the conversion of folic acid to other chemicals and in fact can produce unhealthy chemical by products ( I should mention my daughter survived Melanoma at age 19). I encouraged my daughter to talk with her MD about the idea of Methyl Folate as a supplement instead of folic acid.

    The problem is he flatly refuses. He even went on to make an analogy that since her conversion of folic acid is reduced then he must increase the volume much like dumping a larger amount of sand so that more of it will get squeezed through a small bottle opening. He also claims to have a high success rate with Folic Acid with his MTHFR patients.

    In conclusion I am uncertain. Websites such as this are calling for MethyFolates while the trained MD is not accepting that idea. Any response would be greatly appreciated as with the struggles my daughter has had a healthy baby would be a blessing for her and her husband.

    Yours Sincerely, A Dad

  • Vivian says:

    I have Hashimotos and only take iodine with my prenatal
    supplement. I see that your recommended prenatal uses
    Potassium iodide…is this superior over kelp? I’ve heard
    opinions on both sides.

  • Paola says:

    Hi Dr. Ben!
    I’m 22 weeks pregnant with a lot of contractions, no infection in me apparently. I have IGM 14H and IGG 12H, also my report says that I have positive 1 copy of A1298C mutation and that I’m heterozygous for the A1298C mutation with negative (normal) for the C677T. This is my 6th pregnancy (1 baby born at 31.5 weeks, 1 baby born at 36 weeks, 3 miscarriages and this one, in that order). With my first daughter, I was with contractions since 16-18 weeks more or less going and returning. But at 31 weeks I started to have contractions every 3 minutes so I got hospitalized and at 31.5 weeks told me that the infection (they never really knew where it was) was now in the baby, so they made a C-section. Se born with bronchitis and other stuffs. Now she is perfect. With the second one, I started with contractions since 16-18 weeks too. At 28th week the contractions started stronger until 34th week that the doctor took me out of medication (Ventolin) and she born at 36 weeks super healthy. With this one, I’d had a cerclage at 15th week. At 18th week I started with contractions apparently I had an urination infection but at the end was negative, since that day I’ve been in bed rest and my contractions are still going. I’m taking since the beginning Aspirin Jr., Complex B, Vitamin D, Folic acid, Maternal vitamins, Heparin, Meticorten. And now the Orciprenaline (metaproterenol) to stop contractions and ciproxine as an antibiotic. Do you think this could be because of my A1298C mutation? Also I have Bradycardia with secondary syncope. Can I do something to prevent a pre term pregnancy this time?
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards,

    • Mjm says:

      What type of “infection” do you think you had at 31 weeks with your first child?
      Did they ever find out exactly what infection the baby had?
      I wonder as I possibly had some infection at 24 weeks pregnant that affected my son and created some umbilical blood flow restriction for about 3 weeks before it resolved itself.
      My son is 6yrs old now ,non verbal and with delays and I am still trying to figure out this puzzle. Thanks.

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi Dr Ben!

    I am soooooo curious on what you have to say on treating morning sickness? You mention in the above podcast that you need to do a separate one on that topic. Have you done one? I can’t find anything on the topic on this site:( I’ve suffered badly with me pregnancies and would love some tricks to help improve quality of life while pregnant!

  • K says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,

    Do you think the methyl B12 will mobilize mercury in pregnant women?


  • Laura says:

    I am a bit confused about how much methylcobalmin to take while ttc/pregnant. I am homozygous 677t. I was previously taking Pure UltraNutrients, but I switched to your seeking health optimal prenatal. I noticed that the B12 is much less than what is typically recommended for MTHFR. Should I supplement with B12 in addition to your seeking health prenatal?

    I am also taking 7.5mg deplin and NAC, and green pastures fermented cod liver oil.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Sandi says:

    dr. ben,

    I am compound hetero and having trouble taking both the powder prenatal and the methylated b12 sublingual tablet. is it possible that i only need the prenatal and not the extra b12, too? I’m not sure how to pick between the two or divvy them up if it is important to take both. my doc has been suggesting both but even slowly working up to the dosages i eventually have terrible side effects with headaches and vomiting, and also weakness and fatigue for days leading up to the culmination of throwing up. not sure i can handle that much folate but want to make sure i am getting enough for a future pregnancy.



  • Katrina Kost says:

    Hello Dr. Ben!

    I tested positive for C677T single mutation and A1298C was negative. I was also diagnosed with low progesterone and poor ovarian reserve. My OB recommended I take Foltx and a baby aspirin every day. I was told by a friend who also has MTHFR to not take this due to the high dose of folic acid. After much research, I realized that this was true. So, instead I have been taking 800MCG of Metafolin and a B-Complex vitamin daily. I’ve also limited my intake of folic acid, gluten, and sugar. I have severe endometriosis and had numerous miscarriages. I’m 34 years old and I do have a healthy 4 year old, but he did have a hole in his heart as an infant (not sure if this is related to MTHFR?). I did not know about MTHFR while pregnant with him. There is a good chance that I am pregnant right now, so I want to make sure I am taking the correct pre-natal and that my diet is correct. I’ve had a difficult time finding the right OB in my area and hope to find someone who is well educated in this area soon. I’ve been told that my body doesn’t absorb iron properly in the past, but never understood why. Could this be due to MTHFR? I just ordered Seeking Health Active B12 Lozenge With L-5-MTHF – 60 Lozenges. Would this be a good fit for me? If not, what would be? Do you recommend I see a Hematologist? Any help is greatly appreciated, I’m feeling a bit lost. Thanks so much!!!

  • Becca says:

    Hi Dr. Ben –

    I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant and Compound Heterozygous. This is my first pregnancy after finding out I had MTHFR about a year and a half ago. I’m taking pretty much everything you’ve listed in this post/podcast with the exception of the prenatal vitamin and the prenatal powder. I am, however, using NuMedica’s Neuromethylation cream which contains the following:

    Natural vitamin D

    I’m very curious about your thoughts on this cream and whether or not Seeking Health will offer it in the future.

  • Al says:

    This site reminds me of facebook. Everyone is asking questions and no one gets answered!

  • Beth says:

    Can you recommend a good prenatal multivitamin, given recently found out I am compound heterozygous and also have high copper:zinc ratio. From what I’ve researched, a lot of multivitamins contain copper, and only the Seeking Health Optimal Protein Powder doesn’t seem to. Are there any others out there, that aren’t as expensive? Without folate?
    This would be for TTC and during pregnancy. Do you also recommend continuing a prenatal multivitamin for the post natal period too?

  • Becca says:

    Hi Dr. Ben –

    I posted back on July 19th but had few more things I wanted to add. Before finding out that I was compound heterozygous, I had two very healthy and uneventful pregnancies and both children were born extremely healthy. Pregnancies 3, 4 and 5 all resulted in miscarriage. Pregnancy three was lost at 12 weeks while 4 and 5 were lost around 5.5 weeks. I’m still a little confused as to how I had two healthy pregnancies and children and then all of a sudden three miscarriages. I’ve had the thought that the interventions I had with my first two (pitocin and epidural) and the anesthesia I received with the DNC after the 12 week miscarriage may be heavy contributors to somehow “triggering” the MTHFR and homocystinuria. Could this be true?

    As I said in the comment above, I’m currently pregnant and following your protocol with the exception of the prenatal (I’m taking the New Chapter prenatal.) After reading more comments and responses on the site, I’m concerned that I’m not taking baby aspirin or on Lovenox. With this pregnancy I’m seeing a midwife, not a regular OB. Should I start baby aspirin at this point? I’m 7 weeks along.

    Thank you for everything you do.

    • Diana says:

      Hi there!

      Did you ever get an answer to your question from anyone? I had perfectly healthy pregnancy and natural birth despite being homozygous for C667T, but recently miscarried at five weeks.

      Thank you!

  • Donna says:


    I was just diagnosed as compound heterozygous MTHFR after my third pregnancy ended (ectopic). We decided to test due to my past history (first child with major neurological birth defects, and second pregnancy ending in miscarriage). My physician has suggested that I go on baby aspirin until I get pregnant, as well as go ahead and start Enlyte for B vitamin supplementation.

    I have legitimately been diagnosed with Pernicious anemia 10 years ago (high gastrin level, increased stomach acid pH on EGD). I have been taking cyanocobalamin injections every 2 weeks for the last few years due to monthly injections not keeping my levels up. From what I’m reading, this may be due to the inactive form on B12 being used. I have found an active form (methylcobalamin injection), but it says it is not safe during pregnancy. I know that I need additional B12 supplementation, as it will not absorb in my GI tract. So, my question is this: Should I try a sublingual form of methylcobalamin in place of my monthly injections? My OB/GYN told me he had no idea……Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • Tiffany says:

    I am trying to conceive. I just found out that I am homozygous C677t & I have endometriosis. What are the chances that I will conceive & have a healthy pregnancy? I am very worried & don’t know what I should do.

  • Mellissa says:

    Hello Dr Ben. I have just recently tested positive for 1298AC and 677CT. My history with fetal losses has been 4 miscarriages, 1 tubal, 1 healthy child, 1 tubal, then another 2 miscarriages. All at 5 weeks or less. (This was all from age 28 to 31) I am 36 and we have been trying for the last 2 yrs to have another child without even a positive. As soon as I told my new dr, she had me checked for the MTHFR. She told me to go down to our health store and so this is what I am taking. TMG 1000 mg, 1 tab daily. Curcumin Phytosome 500 mg, 2 caps daily. B-Complex 50, 1 tab daily. However, this is what the owner said I should be taking. My Dr wrote that I should pick up CoQ10 and Tumeric. I didn’t because I trusted what the owner of the health store said. Should I be taking more? I also have a history of depression, which I take anti-depressants for and also severe migraines. Thank you for any advice you can give. Also thank you for this website! I had never heard of MTHFR before tuesday and this site has been a godsend for trying to understand!!

    • Lynn_M says:

      You have what’s referred to as a compound heterozygous MTHFR mutations. Turmeric and its extract curcumin are anti-inflammatory and CoQ10 assists with mitochondrial processes. These are good, but there are foundational supplements that are critical for people with MTHFR that are probably even more important for you. Those are methylcobalamin, the active form of B12, and L-5-MTHFR, the active form of folate. People with MTHFR mutations cannot convert folic acid and cyanocobalamin to the active forms of folate and methylcobalamin, and those inferior forms of folic acid and cyanocobalamin are probably what is in your B-Complex 50. If so, ditch the B-Complex 50, because folic acid and cyanocobalamin competetively inhibit the active forms of those vitamins that you require.

      Dr. Lynch is one of the preeminent doctors in the field of MTHFR treatment. I would follow the specific supplement recommendations he gives in this article. There’s much more to MTHFR treatment than just taking folate and methylcobalamin, you have to support your entire biochemistry. You also need to have a healthy lifestyle and attitudes.

      You might also check your husband’s MTHFR status, since he contributes half of the genes to a baby.

      • Mellissa says:

        Thank you sooo much Lynn!!! Your right, checked the B-50 complex, ditched it. Did pick up the CoQ10 and a good prenatal that has folate and methylcobalamin along with DHA, EPA, and GLA. I ditched my regular multi-vitamin because it had folic acid. Some of the recommendations Dr Lynch has are a little out of my price range, so hopefully I’m on the right track for now?! Thanks again!!

        • Lynn_M says:

          Because Vitamin B-12 is such a large molecule, only about 1% of methylcobalamin taken orally (from swallowing a pill) is absorbed. So don’t rely on your prenatal to supply sufficient methylcobalamin. You should take additional methylcobalamin in either sublingual, IM injection, subcutaneous injection, or in the topical oil form as found at B12oils.com.

          Given that you don’t have time to waste in trying to get pregnant again, you might consider nutrient testing to ensure that your levels are optimal. Spectracell Micronutrient test is a good option, as is something like Genova’s NutrVal.

  • Meghan says:

    Before I became pregnant with my daughter I was diagnosed with PCOS. My daughter is now 1 year old. I had no trouble conceiving what so ever (thank goodness) and I had a wonderful uneventful very healthy pregnancy and un-medicated natural child birth. After she was born all the issues started. extreme anxiety, depression, mood swings, easy bruising, hair loss, dry skin, achy joints, brittle nails, numb heels when sleeping, memory loss. My OB checked my thyroid hormones and thyroid antibodies and Dx me with Hashimoto’s and low vitamin D. After much research I started taking 150 mcg of Selenium, 175mcg of Iodine, a hebal thyroid support supplement, 4,000 IU of D3 drops, wide spectrum probiotic. I started seeing a holistic Dr. who checked my thyroid again after 5 wks on this regime and found my TSH lowered from a 7.2 to a 4.7, and both thyroid antibodies decreased TPO from 208 to 163 and thyroglobulin is now less than 1, Free T3 increased from 2.5 to a 2.7. She also checked for MTHFR because I’ve always had issues with insomnia, brain fog, lack of memory, mood issues, and just general feeling of being unhealthy even though I do everything right (so I feel) I am 29 now, but have juiced for over 10 years regularly, eat a diet of mainly organics and grow a lot of my own produce. Mainly organic meats. I am very active. I was told recently by my holistic Dr that I need to go gluten free, which I have been changing over slowly but not 100% there yet. The test came back homozygous for C677t which has led me to this site. So I have a few questions.

    1) My Holistic Dr. prescribed a whole new regime to see if my thyroid continues to get better and for the mthf and I want to know if all sounds okay as in amounts or interactions with each other?

    Morning Routine
    -Folapro: Methylfolate 800mcg (because I would like to conceive again)
    -PyhtoMulti: (2 capsule serving size) summary of B vitamins only) Niacin 50mg, B6 25mg, methylfolate 800mcg, methylcobalamin 200mcg, biotin500mcg
    -Ceralin Forte: (3 capsule serving size) Niacin 250mg, B6 25mg, methylfolate 500mcg, methylcobalamin 500mcg, Thiamin 30mg, Riboflavin 30mg, N-acetylcysteine 600mg, Acetyl-L-Canitine 600mg
    Thytrophin PMG: Bovine thyroid processed to remove thyroxine
    Vitamin-D3 drops 4000 IU

    -Thytrophin PMG: Bovine thyroid processed to remove thyroxine

    -OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720: EPA: 860mg, DHA 580mg, other Omega-3 80mg
    -Standard Process Organically Bound Minerals: Iodine 225mcg, kelp 85mg, dried Alfalfa 275mg
    -Selenium 100mcg

    2) Is it best to take all the B vitamins at once like how I was prescribed to take them all in the morning, or should I be taking small amounts throughout the day?

    3) Is there a relationship between PCOS and mthfr? Hashimoto’s and mthfr? I don’t understand why I have so many hormonal issues!

  • JulieK says:

    Hi –
    I’ve been diagnosed recently as hetero c677t. I recently had 2 miscarriages (blighted ovum and at 6 weeks) in the past 5 months. I do have a healthy 2 yr old girl after I had an early miscarriage back in 2010. My dr. just prescribed me folbic, but said it was not necessary. I’m 35 and trying to conceive again with a healthy baby. I was taking new chapter organics prenatal, but got my script filled. Should I reconsider taking folbic and take something else? Thanks.

  • layan says:

    hi dr
    I am from egypt , no doctors in my country aware of mthfr mutation , i am homozygous mthfr c667t iam 27 and suffred from 3 chemical pregnencies i want to know which is the best for me ( optimal prenatal or active b12 with L-5-MTHF or homocystex ) and what is the recomended does if i tolareted ?

  • Carrie says:

    In april I found out for the first time I tested positive for 2 copies of A1298C mutation. Homozygous for A1298c mutation and negative(normal) for C677T. I have a healthy 6 year old, my internist said it was a miracle. I didn’t know then I had the mutation. I had a miscarriage in 2011 – blighted ovum, and have been sexually active since then. I just found out I’m pregnant. I believe it’s because of the supplements my internist has me on. I’ll be 44 when the baby is born. What supplements should I be taking? I don’t see my ob/gyn til Friday and honestly I don’t think he’s up to par on the MTHFR mutation. I don’t want to wait until my ultrasound on Friday to begin supplements.

    Also, my internist has me on ProbioMaxDailyDF, Biotis: IPS, Vitamin D3(10,000 iu), copper, DHEA (5mg), 1/2 iodine tablet, zinc 15, gastrazyme and l-Carnitine. I also occasionally take a samE supplement. I also take a liquid multi that does not contain folic acid.

    After some research, I’ve been taking one bayer aspirin in the morning since i took the pregnancy test.

    Should i continue with these supplements? What prenatal should I take? Please advise! Thanks!

  • jodi says:

    Supplements for males, aid pre conception?

  • Anita says:

    I recently purchased the prenatal vitamins but when do I take the pills if I also take a thyroid pill (hypo). Since I don’t want it to interfere with the absorption of the prenatal pill. How many hours apart.

  • Tanya says:

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if overmethylation is dangerous during pregnancy? I had six miscarriages before having my amazing boy. I would like to give him a sibling and feel I need to increase the amount of methylfolate I was taking. My amazing little man was born with a sacral dimple (benign, but related to spina bifida) and tongue tie – he is fine, (better than fine, he is sensational – does not sleep well at all, but sensational!) but I think these are indicators of not enough methylfolate. My issue is, I have increased my intake of methylfolate while still taking b12 and other recommended suppliments and I am feeling the effects of overmethylation (along with being tired due to my little man not sleeping well). I am older in age, so I can not wait to start trying again, I am already on borrowed time due to my miscarriages. I know I have a comt, plus other genes not great for using folate and oestrogen… so I am asking if the overmethylation causes probs ? does it increase the chances of blood clotting or any other side effect that would be harmful if pregnant. Sorry for any errors in writing this, my little man keeps hitting the keypad. Kind regards Tanya

  • Katie says:

    I see this list showing Prenatals that are iron-free but I click on the link and the supplements have iron. We REALLY need an iron-free one ASAP.

    “Optimal Prenatal: provides 800 mcg of methylfolate and folinic acid for best folate support. Using only methylfolate in a prenatal is not recommended. This is iron-free.

    “Chewable Optimal Multivitamin: this has no iron, has a nice taste and requires a woman to take additional methylfolate during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

  • Kelly says:

    Dr. Lynch,

    My husband and I are trying to conceive after several miscarriages. I am hetero for 1298c and my doc (who has been to your training) has me on a compounded supplement of the following:
    Methyl B12: 2 mg
    L-MTHF: 7.5 MG
    P5P: 25 MG
    ZINC: 10 MG
    MAG: 40MG
    NAC: 400 MG
    D3: 2500

    My question is, is this formulation fine to take once pregnant? I would switch to a prenatal once the pregnancy is confirmed, but for the few weeks that I would be pregnant and not know it yet, is this acceptable?
    Thank you!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Kelly –

      It is pretty high methylfolate but if you feel good with it – then ok.

      The magnesium amount is quite low – 40 mg? or 400 mg? what form?

      Rest of formula is fine and safe.

      I personally recommend people to take a prenatal prior to getting pregnant.

      One needs a comprehensive nutritional plan prior to getting pregnant – both man and woman.

      I do wholly recommend the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder as it is extremely comprehensive – and easy to use – and tastes great as well. Disclosure – my company.

      Both you and your husband should use this. The quality of sperm is also very important for the unborn child’s health and genetics.

      • Kelly says:

        Thank you for the quick and informative response! I am going to order the prenatal powder.
        I feel great on the 7.5 MG. I was worried about negative side effects, but haven’t had any.
        I believe the magnesium is 40mg. I am not sure why so low.
        I have been on this formulation for many months and my husband has also been on supplements (based on his blood work, needs, etc).
        I planned to take a prenatal as well as my above formula, however, I was afraid of getting too much of the Bs.
        Can I take the prenatal powder along with my current regimen?
        Once pregnant, is the above formulation too high to continue?
        Thank you for help, Dr. Lynch!


      • Kelly says:

        Oh, and I forgot to add, the magnesium is glycerinate. Thanks!


  • Rose says:

    Hi Dr Ben, PLEASE I AM DESPERATE NEED OF HELP FOR MY SISTER WHO HAS JUST HAD HER 11th MISCARRIAGE. She has not tried to get pregnant in over a year, cleansed her body, gluten free dairy free. She has been taking the supplements of Metformin 1500 mg, Metanx, Vitamin neevo prenatal,vitamin B6 B12 in all active form, and an aspirin before being pregnant. Doctor put her on lovenox 1 time a day this pregnacy. NO ONE IN NEW YORK KNOWS ABOUT THE MTHFR GENES. She was put on cynthroid 100mg to keep TSH DOWN BUT DOES NOT HAVE A THYROID PROBLEM. I will give you a history of both my sister and brother in law and I ask PLEASE give us some advice.
    My sister has a history of ANA POSITIVE. HOMOZYGOUS FOR C677T with normal homocysteine levels. 2 copies of the 4g allele in PA1. Positive anti annexing.

    My brother in law is heterozygous for 1 copy of c677t, 1 copy A1298c and Hetero for G20210 in the prothrombin factor, 2 gene at elevated risk for venous thrombosis, positive for 2 copies of 4g variant and is homozygous 1. This is what we have from doctors results. Please if you have any advice please help us if they will be ever to have a child together with all these MTHFR GENES. Thank you in advance.

  • Rafaela says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I am Homozygous for C677T and found this out 6 months ago after trying for a baby for 5 yrs with no pregnancy.

    I stopped taking folic acid immediately once I found out and take now:
    1 tablet of your product HomocysteX Plus and 1000 mcg Folate as Metafolin in addition.
    Yesterday I had an embryo transfer as part of my 2nd IVF cycle (also had 3 rounds of IUI).

    My supplements give me a total of 1800 mcg of folate a day however given I am homozygous is that enough? From previous blogs I read to also take 3000 mcg Folinic Acid which I will order but shall I take that instead of the additional 1mcg of Metafolin and just stick with the 800 mcg of Folate in the HomocysteX??

    Also once question which I am confused about and can’t seem to find in your article:
    The article seems to be a general article for anyone pregnant but does not give suggestions for Homozygous people specifically like your Basic Protocol.
    Or am I supposed to combine your Basic Protocol and the Prenatal suggestions?
    Your Optimal Prenatal Vanilla mix which I also ordered only contains 800 mcg of folate and folinic acid. Surely that’s not enough for someone Homozygous like myself?
    I know you don’t like to give suggestions on amounts to take but an estimate would be great.

    Thanks very much,

  • sandi says:

    Dr. Lynch,

    It seems like every time I try to take your prenatal, whether I gradually work up to the dose or not, I get headaches for several days at some point and then eventually am also throwing up all night.

    I am compound hetero and have been working with an ND to clear a sulfur pathway first and it still didn’t work. Do you have other recommendations for meeting my folate needs for a healthy pregnancy with this mutation? Are some people just unable to tolerate folate or b12 in certain forms? For awhile, I seemed to be ok with hydroxo b12 and L5MTFH but I’m having trouble replacing the L5MTHF with your prenatal. I am afraid I messed it up somehow and now I will not be able to tolerate even what I was doing before (hydroxo b12 and L5MTHF). Would love help – I have been trying to work this out for nearly a year now before trying to conceive in order to try to avoid having miscarriages again.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Sandi –

      Sorry to hear that. Are you trying the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder or the Optimal Prenatal capsules?

      First thought is your digestive system needs support. Please work with your doctor on that.

      Also read this article:

      • sandi says:

        Dr Lynch,

        Thanks for getting back to me. I have only tried the powder. Do you think the capsules would be any different? The folate that I tolerated well before was in capsule form.

        I have been on probiotics and am finishing a candida diet. Cut out wheat and dairy is limited. What other digestive support is there?

        Thanks for the article link. I passed it on to my ND. At some earlier point she did have concerns about glutathione with my sulfur pathway that she is trying to clear.

        I am also breastfeeding which makes it more complicated and harder to know what I can and can’t take. Do you know if your preventive measures are breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly? (glutathione, electrolyes, adrenal cortex)

        Thanks for all of the work that you do on this.

  • Jessica says:

    Hi there!

    I am so confused! I just found out I’m pregnant, 6 weeks, and I’m not sure what I should be taking! I’m homozygous for c677 and Herero for factor v.

    I just ordered the optimal prenatal pills, what else should I be taking? My dr just gave me folgard but after reading this I don’t want to take it anymore.


  • Claire says:

    Is it not possible to get enough natural folate eating liver weekly and leafy greens daily?
    I am worried if I take the prenatal I will be overdosing on things like Vitamin A perhaps, since I eat liver each week and take cod liver oil.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      It can be possible to get enough folate from liver and leafy greens – definitely. Need to check your RBC folate levels and MCV and MCH.

      Vitamin A can be deficient in many pregnant women – and it is. The vitamin A in Optimal Prenatal is a 50/50 blend of beta carotene and retinyl palmitate -so it is not all vitamin A – only 50% of it is.

      You could also switch from cod liver oil to just regular fish oil.

      • Claire says:

        Thanks Dr Lynch for your reply. I will try get those levels checked privately. My GP only tested serum folate and it is very elevated. She didn’t know why. But I’ve had it elevated even in previous tests when pregant (and taking folic acid) and when not pregnant (and not taking folic acid). Any idea why this could be?

        With my 4th pregnancy I started taking methylfolate later on but did end with miscarriage (despite 3 normal previous births). I think it was due to a chronic gut infection I’ve since discovered and a stressful year. This year I have developed anxiety type symptoms and am trying to figure out what is going wrong so I can have another healthy baby. I sometimes get a tight chest and can’t fgure out what is causing it. Any tips what else to test for?
        Thanks for your great informative website.

      • Claire says:

        Hi Dr Lynch, Just wondering how much natural food form folate would you recommend would generally be enough to eat. e.g. one liver meal per week plus some sides of cooked leafy greens few times per week? (I get worried about eating too much raw leafy greens with all the stuff I’ve read on oxalates which I am suspecting may be an issue for me).
        I am assuming if someone has certain MTHFR genes then one would need extra folate? (I have yet to test myself)
        I just tend to feel that no matter how good a supplement is, the body deals with food sources much better and I would prefer to get as much nutrition from food before opting for supplements. And probably more risk of over doing it with supplements than there is with over eating food folate?
        I would appreciate your thoughts on how to get enough food form folate.

  • Tsvety says:

    Hello, d-r Ben!
    My name is Tsvety, I am 32, from Bulgaria.
    I have been diagnosed with MTHFR C677T homozygous mutation, after i had to cease pregnancy in 21 week, beacuse of several malformation in the baby Now, two years later I am planning again to try … Unfortunatelly we don`t have good spacialists here in Bulgaria and I am trying to educate myself through the internet. I hope I will find the answers of my questions here. I have one more missed abortion in 9 week last year (I don`t know if it has any relation with MTHFR). Now will be my third trial…. The main problem is that after the diagnosis became clear I was prescribed by the so called genetic specialist to take 3×1 Neofolic Meta + 2 x 1 B complex (normal). After a year we increased the dose to 3×2 Neofolic Meta. Recently I have understood that people like us are absolutely forbidden to take normal forms of these B-vits :(((((

    Now I am searching for answers and fighting by myself. My question is what do you think about this specific product and if I start taking it now, do I have to continue taking it through my pregnancy and through the breast-feeding (with God`s help) ?


    Many thanks in advance, I am really counting on you to help me …

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi there –

      I am not sure about Swanson products. I know they are quite inexpensive but not sure of their potency or delivery/absorption.

      The article above outlines what I believe to be most supportive.

      • Tsvety says:

        Hello, d-r Lynch 🙂

        Thank you very much for getting back to me.

        I have already ordered the Swanson`s active B complex, because I didn`t know what to do 🙁 Is there a way to track the effect ? How am I supposed to understand is this product reflecting positive on me, or negative ?

        I wanted to ask you in addition one more question. In Bulgaria all the specialists recommend the methyl form of B9 + B complex (normal synthetic formula). Is it ok for us to take the normal form of B complex, not active ??? is it harmful ?
        Something else is a therapy with fraxiparine injections while being pregnant. But I stil cannot understand in which cases this therapy is needed ? Me presonally, nobody prescribed fraxiparine ….

        Thank you in advance !

  • lauryn says:

    Hi Dr lynch,
    Does Garden of life provide the correct folate form for MTHFR? It says it is folate from organic lemon. Does this get absorbed as easy as the L5MTH? i have been taking the Garden of life and the Jarrow b-right. What do you think?

    Thank you so much for all of this wonderful information!


    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Lauren –

      I am not sure – I demand understanding exactly which form of folate is used in the supplement and I believe all consumers should be educated to do the same. This is why I clearly label all of my formulations which precise ingredient type. I never just use ‘folate’ – but rather ‘Folate (as Quatrefolic and calcium folinate)’ for example. This way you know you are getting two active forms of folate – and exactly which ones. These are the two that I use in Optimal Prenatal – as mentioned in the article above.

  • Lauren says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I’m compound heterozygous and am 24 weeks pregnant. I’m currently taking Seeking Health Optimal Prenantal , Seeking Health Optimal Fish Oil, Seeking Health Active B12, in additional to PB8 probiotics and Calm (magnesium).

    Is it safe to also take Glutathione or NAC while pregnant to aid in detoxing my body?


    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Lauren –

      I would not take NAC or glutathione while pregnant. You do not want to actively detox while pregnant. The best thing to do is avoid exposures – that’s the ideal way to detox while pregnant 😉

      • Molly says:

        There have actually been studies conducted showing that NAC taken through 20 weeks of pregnancy reduces the rate of miscarriage by 290%. Don’t take my word for it— feel free to research it.

  • lauryn says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch-
    Is it ok to take your vitamin E during first trimester? I have been reading studies online linking Vitamin E (400iu+) with birth defects. Is there truth to this? If not, how many of the Vitamin E 400 should I be taking and when should I start?

    Thank you for all your generous help!!

  • Claudia says:

    Dr. Lynch,

    I have had 7 implantation failures with c677, leiden factor v and endometriosis while taking Lovenox and NeevoDHA. I have been working on healing leaky gut with GAPS protocol for last six months and implementing your protocols. But, I can only tolerate up to 200 mcgs of L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate and hydroxocobalamin. Any more methylfolate and methyl B-12 and I get terrible joint pain, depression, etc. I am taking your B-minus supplement and will start on calcium d gluconate to be able then to take glutathione, as per your article. Is there something different about the form of L -Methylfolate in NeevoDHA that makes it more tolerable? I didn’t have any side effects with that form. Also, I can take folinic acid with no side effects.

    Thank you for your great website and all the supplements from Seeking Health!

  • Niki says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,
    I’m 29 yrs old and have been dealing with rpl for 13 years. I’ve had 6 miscarriages all at the same time of 6 weeks and had one live birth but she had IUGR and died 8 days later. I just found out in May after my last loss that I have heterozygous c677t and the doctor said that had nothing to do with my many losses. Anyway, with my last 2 pregnancies they tried heparin thinking I had a bleeding disorder but didn’t know what, and that didn’t work. The second time, they doubled my heparin and that still didn’t work. And there was another time they tried progesterone and that didn’t have any impact. I do know that whenever I get pregnant, all my numbers:hcg, progesterone etc, all look great and then BAM! Instant death almost. Wth is going on? Is just heparin not enough? I know now what I have, so I can take the right vit, but I’m quite terrified. Just moved to another state cause I have NO trust in the other state I was living in. I can’t handle losing another baby, burying one was hard enough. Please, please give me some insite.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi. I am homozygous C677T and plan to get pregnant soon. I want to make sure I have this clear: You recommend to take the Optimal Prenantal with the addition of Sublingual Active B12 with Methylfolate AND L-5-MTHF?

    Also, the Optimal prenatal has CoQH in it already. You want us to add more in addition to that?

    I am confused as to why you suggest taking the chewable cal/mad plus D, Optimal vitamin E, and Optimal PC. Can you please explain? Thank you

  • christieann mathison says:

    Hi Dr Lynch. is there ANY direction or input you can offer on PUPPP’s(Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) and possible mutations or snp’s involved and how to correct or protocol once they erupt in pregnancy?
    I have my family’s 23andme data, I had PUPPPS with my son, not my daughter and he also had breastMILK jaundice(late onset 8 weeks -5mths)…..any input would be appreciated.
    I am homo MTHFR C677T, MAO-AR297R, BHMT-08
    he is homo MAO-AAR297R, VDR TAQ, MTRRA66G, BHMT-08 & hetero MTHFR C677T

    • Dr Lynch says:

      I’d look at histamine – and reduce histamine containing foods – and support your pregnancy more nutritionally.

      Pregnancy requires a lot of nutrition and methylation – and reduction in either can increase histamine.

      Histamine can increase urticaria.

      I believe if you support with the recommendations above and reduce histamine containing foods – you’ll reduce your risk of this stuff.

      Read this about histamine:

  • Zori says:

    Hello, D-r Ben,
    I am 26, with diagnosed endometriosis and one missed abortion in the 10th gestational week.
    I tested homozygous MTHFR 677CT and heterozygous MTRR 66AG after the abortion. My homocysteine levels are normal.
    I want to have a successful pregnancy so much! Please, give me your advice!
    I am also heterozygous 4G/5G for PAI and heterozygous for Val34Leu (F13).

    After the missed abortion, I have been taking l-methylfolate for already 9 months. In the 8th month I added active b 12 (of ‘Seeking health’, 5000 mcg lozenges as methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin) and I also took one tablet of ‘B minus” (of “Seeking Health”) everyday. First, I started with 1/8 of b 12 lozenge, and then gradually reached 1/4 of b 12 lozenge. When I reached ½ ot b 12 lozenge I had terrible HEADACHE and stopped B12 and B minus and continued with l-methylfolate. After one week I tried again with 1/4 of b 12 lozenge every day but the same headache appeared. Do I have to immediately consult a doctor?!?
    I am taking now birth control pills to control ovarian cysts, but I have never had such a reaction to them, so I suppose reaction is to b12.
    – Do you think all that means that I have enough b 12 in my body and I do not need to take it in an active methylated form?
    – Should I supplement with b 12 and b complex in any way? Do you think I should switch to only adenosylcobalamin or only hydroxocobalamin during pregnancy? IS HYDROXOCOBALAMIN PROPER or IS IT TOXIC (as ciancobalamin) FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMOZYGOUS MTHFR 677CT and HETEROZYGOUS MTRR 66AG? What dosage do you recommend during pregnancy, having in mind my headaches?
    – Should I take b1, b6 and the other b vitamins in an active form or I can use the not active ones?
    Thank you so much in advance! I am glad that you exist!

  • Lola says:

    Dear DR. Ben

    I had miscarriage 6 moths ago and got tested for gene mutations. I am MTHFR C667T heterozygotus and i have also other mutation PAI-1 heterozygotus 4G/5G
    According to my OB/GYN he suggest that i need to be under low molecular heparine next time i get preagnant , for blood thining also he recommends high dosage of folic acid…wich i wont take. I am already taking 400 mcg metafolin and 1000 mcg of methyilcobalamin. I am also taking 2000 mg of omega 3 premium fish oil and probiotics (l-bifidus).
    I have kidney stones and often acid reflux with heartburn wich are mainly treated with antacids.
    I’m trying to make some supplement plan that will collerate with all my conditions and prepare my body for next hopefully healthy pregnancy.
    what do you recommend? wich supplements and what about vitamin D3 and my kindey stone conditions? taking b12 on empty stomach in the morning really worsen my heartburn wich conserns me. I have a feeling that i am taking too many pills and that they dont work well all together.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Domonique says:

    Hi Dr Ben, firstly thank you. I’m a big fan of your work and appreciate your time in explaining this all important topic…

    Just wanted to ask re: prenatal supplementation for healthy women that don’t have MTHFR snip/s. Would you still recommend the same, being: Muliti, CoQH, probiotic, Active B12 w/ MTHF, Optimal Krill Oil & Fish Oil, Vit D360 and CalMag?

    Also, what’s your thoughts on supplementing with Fermented Cod Liver oil instead of Fish Oil?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Domonique –

      I would recommend the same yes – because a lack of a SNP doesn’t mean a lack of function in the enzyme – other issues may be present – such as nutrient deficiency for one.

      I do not recommend fermented cod liver oil – high histamine. High histamine = bad for pregnancy and for those with DAO snps or gut issues.

  • Lucinda says:

    Hi Dr Ben,
    Thanks for everything you do! I have one copy of the MTHFR 677CT and many other SNPs and am hoping to fall pregnant in the coming months. I have purchased the following and am wondering if I can take them all ‘together’ or if there is overlap with any and therefore no need to take them?
    Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder
    Active CoQH
    Optimal Vit D Liquid
    Chewable Cal/Mag plus D
    Probiota 12 Powder
    Optimal Vit E
    Optimal Fish OIl
    Optimal Krill Oil
    Optimal PC.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Lucy –

      Morning smoothie with 1/2 scoop of Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder
      With smoothie, you can take 1 capsule of Optimal PC and Optimal Fish Oil

      Lunch smoothie with the other 1/2 scoop of Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder

      OR you can the whole scoop in the AM if you feel better that way. That is what many do – it’s up to the person.

      Lunch: 1 Active CoQH and 1 Optimal Krill Oil

      After dinner: 1 Chewable Cal Mag Plus D (or you can take this anytime – midday – anytime – just spacing it out here as it fits.

      After dinner: ProBiota 12 Powder – 1/4 scoop

      Optimal Vitamin D – 21 drops once a week should be good to go. Or you can do 3 drops a day – anytime with or without food.

      I would return the Optimal Vitamin E as it is already in the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder- unless you have clotting issues – then you may need more but typically what is in the prenatal protein powder is enough.

      Keep in mind that your partner should also be supporting his nutrition. He can also take the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder (I do).

      He should take what you take. Healthy sperm is also very important.

  • leah says:

    So can children take l methyl supplements and if so at what age?

  • Zori says:

    Hello again, D-r Ben, is hydroxocobalamin proper or is it toxic (as ciancobalamin) for people who are homozygous MTHFR 667CT and heterozygous MTRR 66AG and can they actually absorb it?

    Thank you.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Zori –

      Hydroxocobalamin is useful for those who have excessive nitric oxide – this is complex to identify.

      It has to be methylated to methylcobalamin – so those who have too many methyl groups floating around, it could help with that – but it also helps with hydrogen sulfide excess and nitric oxide excess.

  • Claire says:

    Hi Dr Lynch,
    I’ve just noticed you have updated this prenatal article but it seems more concise in terms of the supplements described to take in pregnancy. Is it possible to have your more detailed list I’m sure I saw before?
    Many thanks

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Claire –

      The list for detailed supplementation is above. I edited it a bit as many of the nutrients were already in the Optimal Prenatal and I didn’t want people to take more than needed.

      The original list was before I formulated Optimal Prenatal.

  • Zori says:

    Thank you d-r Ben! I have terrible headache from methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, so I can’t take them. I am homozygous MTHFR 667CT and heterozygous MTRR 66AG, so is it safe for me to take hydroxocobalamin and will I absorb it?

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Zori –

      Please read this article – and you likely need to do these steps first:

      Then you should be able to tolerate the methyl/adenoB12 combination.

      • Zori says:

        Thank you D-r Ben, I am trying to follow these steps. After I added l-gluthatione I received again a slight headache but it is bearable. My potassium levels are normal (4.81 mmol/l with reference range – 3.5 – 5.5) so I don’t take any potassium. I am taking now little quantity of b 12 of Seeking health and l-methylfolate. Can people wirh MTHFR C677T Homozygous Mutation absorb vitamin B 6 in the form of pyridoxine hidrochloride and is it harmful for us in this form ?

  • Tanya Chilts says:

    Hi all in Australia. If you are looking for a supplier of Seeking Health products in Australia (I was) go to Realize Health https://shop.realizehealth.com.au/ .I have placed two orders with them, their delivery time was good and Aus dollar conversion pricing very comparable. I was very happy with them. Thought I would share as I want them to keep stocking Seeking Health!

    • Domonique says:

      Hi Tanya, I’m in AUS & bought direct off Seeking Health – they ship worldwide. It only took about 7days to arrive and conversion is just based on exchange rate..

  • Domonique says:

    Hi Tanya, I’m in AUS and I just bought direct of Seeking Health – they ship worldwide. It only took about 7days (and that’s to Darwin) to arrive and the conversion was based on current exchange rates…

  • Kat says:

    Hello Dr. Ben,

    I just found that I have the c677t heterozygous mutation after having a miscarriage. I also have hypothyroid (mostly well regulated) and hashimotos. I am on second bottle of your prenatal vitamins, as well as probiotic and epa/dha from metagenics.

    I will going for an embryo transfer probably in next month to 6 weeks and would like your opinion on anything else I should add to optimize chances for a healthy full term pregnancy and healthy baby.

    Thank you for all the important work and information you are putting out there, this is quite overwhelming, and finding your website has been terrific.


  • Ashley says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,

    I just delivered twins, and I’m planning on having them tested for mutations. I have heterozygous 677T/1298C MTHFR mutations. My question is- if my twins also have these mutations, how would we treat them? They are almost 6 months old.

    Thank you!

  • Breann says:

    Hi Dr. Ben, thank you for this article!

    My son was born with a cleft lip. I am ordering your products now to use while breastfeeding.

    I just discovered I am hetero MTHFR C677T (as well as homo MTRR). My b12 came back at 1439…. I am just wondering with a high b12 if I should follow the recommendations for Prenatal Supplementation?

  • lemley says:

    I HAD A MISCARRIAGE IN 2000 AND I HAVE BEEN TRYING EVER SINCE. I HAD SURGERY IN 2007 TO REMOVE THE fibriods and they came back again. until i met oduduwa ajakaye in 2014 who send me his herbal product, today im cured and have given birth

  • Vee says:

    Had to take neevo dha and an asprin a day during my 2nd pregnancy. I have just found out I am pregnant again and want something more wholesome such as your products. I do not have MTHFR, my miscarriages where just marked down as unknown causes.
    Which products do you recommend I take?


    • Dr Lynch says:

      Vee –

      Regardless of SNPs or lack of MTHFR, the suggested prenatal protocol above is needed to support overall healthy development of a baby.

      I would talk with your doctor which ones are best for you.

      At the very least, I recommend:
      – Optimal Prenatal – either capsules or powder but I am way more pro-powder as it is super easy and complete with protein as well
      – Optimal PC capsules
      – ProBiota 12
      – Optimal Fish Oil
      – Optimal Vitamin D Drops

      To support your understanding of what goes on with pregnancy and how to optimize methylation during this amazing time, I passionately recommend the Prenatal Conference course. It’s very useful for your physician(s) as well.

  • ruth says:


    I have had 4 healthy children and after I had 5 miscarriages all normal chromosomes. All miscarriages occurred at 10 weeks and I know that’s when the placenta takes over. I’m now pregnant again and had lots of testing done and the only thing that came up is that i’m heterozygous for both c677t and 1298c with normal homocystein levels. Currently i’m taking baby asprin, lovenox, neevodha, vit D3, progesterone. They say i’m a special case especially since I’ve had 4 healthy children. i’m not sure what’s caused my miscarriages. Please let me know what I can do to better my pregnancy. I don’t want to lose another baby. Thanks!

  • Cara says:

    Hi Dr Lynch
    I have been diagnosed with compound hetero after 2 miscarriages. I have bought your optimal prenatal vitamins and have been taking 6/day along with active B12 with L-5-MTHF. I have been taking 1 lozenge before breakfast and lunch. Do you think that’s enough methylfolate? Also my obgyn says I don’t need to take aspirin. Do you suggest a baby aspirin daily? I am also taking vit d3 4000iu. What other nutrients should I be taking? Thank you so much for your time.

  • Tsvety says:

    Hello, d-r Lynch

    Since it is too hard too order Seeking health in my country, I am trying to find some substitutes and relevant supplements. Please share your opinion on this product, which I can find in our pharmacy shops in Europe – http://www.vitabiotics.com/pregnacare/max/

    What is this form of folat and is it dangerous for us –

    Folic Acid 400 µg 200
    Amount provided by:
    L-Methylfolate 200 µg
    Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid 200 µg

    I bought also Melatonin, Prim rose oil, Q 10 and Alpha-lipoic acid.
    Is this enough ?
    This is the whole content, :

    Nutritional Information Average per 2 tablets % EC NRV*
    N-Acetyl Cysteine 50 mg –
    L-Arginine 100 mg –
    Inositol 100 mg –
    Natural Mixed Carotenoids 2 mg –
    Vitamin D (as D3 400 IU) 10 µg 200
    Vitamin E 4 mg α-TE 33
    Vitamin K 70 µg 93
    Vitamin C 80 mg 100
    Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 5 mg 455
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 2 mg 143
    Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 20 mg NE 125
    Vitamin B6 10 mg 714
    Folic Acid 400 µg 200
    Amount provided by:
    L-Methylfolate 200 µg
    Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid 200 µg
    Vitamin B12 9 µg 360
    Biotin 150 µg 300
    Pantothenic Acid 6 mg 100
    Calcium 500 mg 63
    Magnesium 150 mg 40
    Iron 17 mg 121
    Zinc 15 mg 150
    Copper 1000 µg 100
    Manganese 0.5 mg 25
    Selenium 55 µg 100
    Iodine 140 µg 93
    NRV = Nutrient Reference Values, µg = microgram
    mg = milligram, IU = International Units.

    Two Pregnacare® Max Tablets per day, plus one Omega-3 capsule every day. Swallow each with a cold drink and take with a main meal. Not to be chewed. Do not exceed recommended intake. Pregnacare® tablets and capsules should only be taken on a full stomach. You can start taking Pregnacare® Max at any point during pregnancy.

    No artificial colours
    No preservatives
    No salt or yeast
    No lactose
    Gluten free
    Pregnacare® is not tested on animals
    Formulated by experts
    Slow disperse tablets – gentle on the stomach

    Omega-3 Fish Oil 600 mg –
    DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) 300 mg –
    EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) 60 mg

  • ally says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch-
    Is it safe to begin methylcobalamin and methylfolate while breastfeeding? I’ve read this can Kickstart the methylation pathways and detoxing can occur, passing heavy metals and toxins into breastmilk? I’m homozygous c667t, and have been having neurological symptoms, muscle weakness and fatigue, brain fog, extreme fatigue for 4 months. Thank you!

  • Marwa El-sayad says:

    hi dr
    im 34 yrs old …i am diagnosed as hetero c677t muation …im now 6 weeks pregnant ..i am on 1600mcg metafoline and 1000mcg methylcobalymaine …and my fasting homocystein level is 5…also i take asprin and innohep once daily
    i need if this dose of metafoline and vit b12 is enough or i need to increase the dose

  • Nancy says:

    Hi Dr. Ben
    My daughter is pregnant again. Her last 2-pregnancies she was terribly sick all day and all night. Is this a gene mutation? Is there something she can take that may help her with her full-time sickness?
    Thanks Dr. Ben

    Kind Regards,

  • Zara says:

    Hello D-r Ben,
    I am in the process of IVF. I had three laparoscopies because of endometriosis and one miscarriange.
    I have Homozygous genotype for MTHFR 677C>T Mutation and heterozygous genotype for 66A>G MTRR Mutation.
    Please, tell me, is it safe for the baby if I take B vitamins complex during pregnancy and can I overdose with B vitamins during pregnancy?

    Do you think that I need to supplement with b 12 during pregnancy, although my b 12 blood levels are normal? Can I take hydroxocobalamin during pregnancy, will I absorb it in this form with my mutations and is it safe for the baby?

    Can I absorb vitamin B 6 in the form of pyridoxine hidrochloride and is it harmful for me or the baby in this form ?

    Thank you!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Zara –

      I am comfortable with the recommendations in this article.

      I would not be concerned about taking B vitamins in addition to the ones listed above – they are plenty adequate.

      Using hydroxocobalamin is also not recommended during pregnancy. I would use methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

      Yes – you need B12 during pregnancy even if they are ‘normal’. Pregnancy is a demanding time and more methylated nutrients are needed.

      You can absorb B6 as pyridoxine HCl most likely – but P5P is definitely better.

      Optimal Prenatal is what I truly recommend for an optimal pregnancy – it took me about 3 yrs to formulate it – a lot of thought went into it.

      Dr Lynch

  • Lee says:

    Dr. Lynch,

    I am following your prenatal protocol and it’s doing wonders for my body. Thank you!

    However, my biggest concern is making sure I am providing my body with enough of everything I need for a future pregnancy. I can’t seem to get past 4 out of the recommended 8 prenatals per day without feeling methylation side effects. (rashes/acne, anxiety, panicky and severe insomnia) And also, once I get pregnant are all of these supplements still safe and should I consider others in addition?

    I am homo c677t. I take my prenatals with food and never past 12:30p.m. each day. I split them into 2 doses, 2 pills with breakfast and 2 with lunch. I eat all organic, whole food and grass fed meat. I eat a lot of raw leafy greens. Can my diet alone make up for the other half of the prenatals that I can’t seem to tolerate? How do I know I am getting sufficient nutrients for myself and my baby?

    And last, I’ve ALWAYS had issues with sleeping. Falling asleep is the most difficult for me and I’ve tried every remedy out there (natural and not) I need help getting to sleep. I just seem to have excess energy even when I hit the pillow. Once I fall asleep I can typically get about 6-7 hours per night, yet always interrupted. I take optimal magnesium and also supplement with organic cocoa powder in my diet.I just can’t seem to get a consistent pattern down. Anything supplement wise that may help in addition to relaxation techniques that would be SAFE in pregnancy? I’ve been battling this for 15 years and it feels very physiological.

    Thank you Dr. Lynch.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Lee –

      Have you read this article and followed the recommendations?

      It appears that you have some blockages somewhere and they need to get lifted.

      I’d evaluate hormones – I like http://www.precisionhormones.com – talk with your doctor about it.

      The supplements recommended in this article are safe to take during pregnancy.

      Since you eat a healthy diet, you may not need as many nutrients as others. That said, perhaps 2 twice a day is just fine for you!

      Since you’ve always had issues with sleeping, I’d really look at COMT enzymatic function – and you can do that with the lab test I mentioned above.

      Cocoa powder has caffeine – and that may be altering your sleep patterns.

      Could also be:
      – EMF/WiFi – turn it off at night
      – light in the bedroom – make it dark
      – working before bed – dont work for a few hours prior to sleeping
      – write down your list to do the next day prior to bed to clear your mind
      – open your window to allow fresh air – low oxygen = poor sleep
      – consider new mattress/pillow if uncomfortable
      – meditation before bed
      – hypnosis
      – guided imagery

      Supplementation considerations:
      – Optimal Sleep – not in yet – but will be soon – a formula I made for those with sleep difficulties
      SAMe– take 1 before bed to assist with sleep – try on a Friday night or an ‘unimportant’ night to see how it affects you – should allow you to sleep well
      Active Magnesium – magnesium malate is known to support sleep – chew one or two before bed.
      Niacin – 50 mg – before bed to help reduce glutamate and support sleep

      Once Optimal Sleep comes in, try that by itself.

      I’d also try SAMe by itself for now since Optimal Sleep is not available.

      Keep me posted how you are doing with these recommendations!

  • Alli says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I just received blood work back from my gyn and the results say that I am positive for one copy of the mthfr C677T gene (heterozygous). After reading your supplement recommendations, I also wondering if I would be a candidate for taking a baby aspirin in addition to the other prenatal recs you have made. I didn’t know if one copy of the gene was enough to warrant the baby aspirin. Thanks for your research in this area!

  • Tabitha says:


    I have just recently found out I am pregnant after trying for 6 years, and having multiple losses. Obviously I am totally freaked out at this early stage, and unfortunately for me, here in NZ they know barely anything about these MTHFR mutations.

    I have homoz c677t, the double gene, and my youngest sister passed away from a mitochondrial disease, leigh’s syndrome, which they have linked to low b1 vitamin.

    Basically at the moment my doctor has me on kirkman TMG 500mg with folinic acid and methyl b12 here’s the link :

    she said this is all I need, I am also on low dose 100m aspirin, and prosgeterone cream, and I take this supplement twice per day.

    It says in the supplement that there is only:
    6 mcg of vit b12 methylcobalamin
    400 mcg of folinic acid
    500mg Trimethylglycine

    I have a steady head tremor and have done for the past 3 years, doctors have no idea why, and don’t seem in the slightest bit fazed.

    Basically I just wanted to know if this supplement is enough? I am very confused by this 100mcg if I am only taking 6mcg?

    Should I add all of the supplements above to my protocol as well? And can I keep using this supplement, but add the others?

    I want to ensure I am taking the right amount of supplements for this pregnancy to be as healthy as possible, and I am at a complete loss, with the lack of information here in NZ, I would LOVE your advice!


  • Lynda says:

    Dear Dr Lynch,

    I am so glad I found your site, I have only just found out that I have MTHFA I have Homozygote A1298C and like so many people I was told by my fertility specialist and a geneticist to just take folic acid and not to worry?.. Which of course I started to take, until I did my own research and last month switched over to folinic acid 500 mcg. I am also taking a preconception supplement called conceive well gold and have only just relised it contains 500 pg of folic acid!!.. I am also taking Ubiquinol CoQ10 300 mg and Vit D.

    My fertility specialist says I am ready to start (I’m doing IVF and have been taking the above for 3 months) but I have concerns because in Australia MTHFA is just so misunderstood.

    I guess I am more concerned than most people with MTHFA because I am 43 and have Spina Bifida (wheelchair bound) and am Obese so I am so worried I will have a child with Spina Bifida or other issues if I don’t get the correct advice and take the right supplements.

    Can you provide some guidance to give me peace of mind.

    Kind Regards

  • Anna says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I have a couple questions. Here are some facts about me:
    -Have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years, one miscarriage at 8 weeks
    -Fertility specialist did a test for MTHFR, I’m compound heterozygous. He said it’s the second worst…Lucky me!
    -I’m on Metanx, Baby Aspirin and Lovenox once I’m pregnant and during IVF treatments
    – Other supplements: CoQ10, Fish Oil, probiotic, and New Chapter Prenatal

    – Is Metanx ok?
    – Is New Chapter ok?
    – Do I need both?
    – Anything else I should be taking?

    Thank you for your time! I keep researching answers to these questions but no luck finding any good info! Thanks again!

    – Anna

  • Cailey says:

    My lab results say I’m Heterozygous c677t, we are not yet trying to conceive, but do you recommend this protocol although we are not yet pregnant?

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Hi Cailey – Many of these recommendations are not just specific to pregnancy…but also apply to overall health. If you are planning to conceive in the next year or even after, you (and your partner) will want to start preparing your bodies to have health babies. Health parents = healthy gametes (sperm and eggs) = healthy babies. It’s never too early to start 🙂

  • shauna says:

    I recently suffered Submassive Pulmonary Embolism after knee surgery due to some unfortunate medical negligence. My blood was sent to the Mayo Clinic to determine whether I had any blood clotting problems, which I do not. It was however determined that I have MTHFR C667T on both alleles but my homeocystaine and B12 levels were normal. My husband and I want to have a child, however we have been advised to wait another 6 months (for a year in total) in order for my body to recover. I am no longer taking anticoagulants (Lovenox and Elicuis) and am taking 81mg of aspririn daily. I have been advised I will need to take aspirin for at least 1-2 years and will definitely need Lovenox throughout pregnancy. I just turned 39 and feel like we won’t have a lot of time to wait. My OBGYN wants me to take 5mg of Folic Acid and I already know that I can’t take it. Is 5mg of folate the equivalent? I’ve been reading a lot of your articles and you mention that you don’t take it daily. I have ordered your prenatal supplement and plan to take it for the next 6 months in preparation of pregnancy, but I want to be sure I am getting adequate folate levels without getting too much. Thanks!

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Shauna – Diet is the best place to start for nutrition. Eating plenty of leafy green vegetables (roughly 5-7 cups per day) is a great way to make sure you get sufficient folate (there are 150+ different forms) plus other micronutrients that may work together synergistically. If you plan to take methylfolate, start with a low dose (e.g. 400 MICROgrams aka mcg) and work your way up gradually. 5mg of folic acid is not equivalent to 5 mg of methylfolate. Methylfolate is the biologically active form whereas folic acid is synthetic and is not easily converted to the active form.

      Please refer to this before starting methylfolate supplementation: https://mthfr.net/preventing-methylfolate-side-effects/2014/11/26/.

      Hope this helps!

  • Daria Berent says:

    Dr Lynch,
    I am a 33 years-old that has suffered 2 early miscarriages (6 and 9 weeks). After my second miscarriage (3 weeks ago) I was diagnosed homozygous C677T for MTHFR. I want to prepare myself properly for the next pregnancy. My gynecologist says that I will taking low-molecular-weight heparin and ACARD if I got pregnant next time. Could you advise me which and how many metafolin (or other) Seeking Health supplements should I take to prevent miscarriage and to provide my child with the best genetics possible. Thank you in advance.

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Hi Darla – Deeply sorry to hear about your recent miscarriage. What Dr. Ben lays out in this post are his general recommendations for prenatal supplementation and have worked for other women in your situation have happy, healthy babies. If you have specific questions for your situation, it is highly advised to discuss these options with your gynecologist or work with someone trained in MTHFR and methylation: http://seekinghealth.org/physician-directory/

      Wishing you the best. Please keep us updated!
      Dr. Aron

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi Dr.
    I just found out that I have MTHFR Compound Heterozygous for C677T/A1298C. I am about 9 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. My husband and I have a 3 1/2 yr old son, we have been TTC for 2 yrs and throughout that time have had 2 miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy. I was diagnosed with PCOS around age 14.
    I am currently taking an over the counter NatureMade prenatal with dha, baby aspirin, vitamin D3, and fabb tab (folic acid) due to having twins. The infertility doc started me on lovenox yesterday. I am a bit overwhelmed with finding out this information and unsure what to do. The doctor said to continue what i am doing right now since everything has been looking good on the ultrasounds with the babies. I am just very nervous about losing these babies.

  • Camelia says:

    Hi, dr. Lynch

    So glad having found this informative website. The truth is I am overwhelmed by all this info. In the country I live no health professional really cares about my MTHFR mutation, which I just found out recently because I insisted on having the test. I am compound heterozygous. Had 2 healthy pregnancies at 24 and 28. And 2 subsequent missed miscarriages at age 37 and 38 both at 8 weeks. The only elevated level in my blood is homocystein (mere 1 point higher than norm) and now after baby aspirin and extra folic acid (1000mcg) my homocystein is normal.

    My OB, GP and hemotologist all agree that MTHFR had nothing to do with my losses. Im not sure though. My husband will be testing his SG and it may be as well that ir is not so well.

    I will however try using L5 methyl form now + continuing vitamin D and fish oil which I have been taking all along. I was taking baby aspirin in my 4th pregnancy which I insisted upin and my OB was OK with it, but it didn’t prevent my MC.

    Question – does MTHFR really worsen with age and does it cause extra clotting during periods? I started getting more clots during menses since I got 34. My OB thinks clotting is normal…

  • Sheila says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,
    Thanks for all this info.
    I became sensitive to chemicals after living in a couple houses with mold (stachi) I also went through extreme stress while trying to find a place to live with chemical sensitivity. I then somehow got pregnant (after not being able to for 3 years) I have felt bad my entire pregnancy- I did the 23 and me test and I am homozygous C677T and CBS++

    Im taking your Optimal Prenatal in the powder form, krill oil, Vit D drops, Optimal fish oil, and have tried taking the Optiam Iron Plus Cofactors but its hard on my stomach (I had low iron in my last blood test)

    What else should I be taking considering the genetic profile? I have heard I need to address the CBS++ prior to the methlyation?

    Can you please guide me on this?
    I also have amalgam fillings I was planning on getting removed before I found out I was pregnant. I did the Dr’s Data heavy metals test with DMPS challenge and came up with very high mercury and and high lead (compared to non-challenge criteria so its hard to say how bad it is?)

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Im also worried if I methlyate can it release toxins into my bloodstream and into the baby?


  • Kylie says:

    Dr Ben,

    I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with my first baby, no known miscarriages, but it took us 2.5 years to conceive. I am heterozygous C667T and I follow a gluten free diet, which greatly helped with some abnormal thyroid tests a year ago.

    So I thought I was on the right protocol while trying to conceive, so I simply continued after getting pregnant. But now I am concerned that I may have missed my window for taking the right things.

    I have been taking the Optimal Multi Chewable, along with Cal/Mag, Fish Oil/DHA, Ubiquinol, Vitamin E, Probiota 12, and sublingual Vitamin D. My folate levels have tested in the normal range, but I am concerned that the Optimal Chewable may not have had enough Folate for me during these first few weeks. I also just found a comment buried in this thread about the licorice extract (which I had never even noticed on the label!) and I am concerned about its affect so far.

    I have ordered the prenatal powder, but I am too nervous to even continue the Optimal Multi until it arrives.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!

    p.s. Our last ultrasound at 9 weeks and 5 days showed a health pregnancy and a very active kicking baby.

  • Nichole Clark says:

    Hi, I am actually a FP certified practitioner and we offer MTHFR testing. My husband and I are homozygous TT mutation carriers. I have started metanx once daily plus I am taking Thorne prenatal, D3, fish oil and probiotics. The metanx rep recommended I take Deplin as well as we are trying to conceive. I had some samples and had supplemented.
    What are your thoughts on these large doses ? I don’t feel any s/e’s from it. We have a healthy 13 mo girl who definitely has the mutation due to our homozygous mutation. Of note, no problems with conception and miscarriage history. She cannot drink cows milk and is on goat’s which is naturally lower in b12 and folic acid. Would you supplement? If yes how much? I have researched and there isn’t much out there and it’s not well studied.

  • Barb says:

    I finally submitted my 23 and Me results to a website, and I have MTFHR C677T and MTHFR A1298C. I have ADHD, depression and anxiety, and my son has ADHD and is on the autism spectrum. I think it is important to note that I lost a triplet in that pregnant at 9 weeks, and later had a placental abruption with one of my twins, leading to his water breaking early and premature delivery of both babies. I took multivitamins and folic acid all through my pregnancy. Here is an interesting thing: both boys, who are FRATERNAL twins were born with a minor anomaly at the top of their gluteal cleft-a bit of extra skin and extra creasing in a Y shape. One son who has a more prominent anomaly was tested for spina bifida at 6 months to rule it out, thankfully he did not have it. BUT, I wonder now if the anomalies are due to me not absorbing the folic acid during the pregnancy! Luckily they are minor cosmetic issues now (they are 8 years old) but I am strongly convinced this is related. And I wonder if my twin on the spectrum was affected. Their little sister, who was born 2 years later, does not have the gluteal cleft anomaly on her bottom and is neurotypical. I took regular folic acid during that pregnant too. Any thoughts?

  • Jenny says:

    Dear Dr. Lynch,
    Why did you choose to add herbs to your prenatal powder? Red rasberry, while it is used in many pregnancy formulas, has also been shown to be linked with miscarriage in early pregnany. I could not find any research done on milk thistle and pregnancy. The safety has not been established, as with most herbs. It would be great if your formula was JUST vitamins/minerals. This is one reason I love the Thorne basic prenatal, with its methylated folate, but unfortunately, like your wife during pregnancy, I cannot swallow pills without vomiting now. I am considering taking your children’s chewable… curious whether the formula is okay to take during pregnancy (obviously has less of some vitamins)? Please consider making a new prenatal alternative to the pills, without unnecessary herbs!

  • Anna says:

    Hi Dr.Aaron,

    I never got a response to my post. Could you please answer my questions if you find the time! Thank you so much!

    Anna June 11, 2015 at 3:43 am # Reply
    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I have a couple questions. Here are some facts about me:
    -Have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years, one miscarriage at 8 weeks
    -Fertility specialist did a test for MTHFR, I’m compound heterozygous. He said it’s the second worst…Lucky me!
    -I’m on Metanx, Baby Aspirin and Lovenox once I’m pregnant and during IVF treatments
    – Other supplements: CoQ10, Fish Oil, probiotic, and New Chapter Prenatal

    – Is Metanx ok?
    – Is New Chapter ok?
    – Do I need both?
    – Anything else I should be taking?

    Thank you for your time! I keep researching answers to these questions but no luck finding any good info! Thanks again!

    – Anna

  • MG says:


    If one does not tolerate 5-MTHF well, and is already pregnant, should they still try the prenatal or follow preventing methyl….. protocol?

    I was not sure if the balanced nutrients in the prenatal might negate negative effects of 5-MTHF.


  • Krista says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    Just curious as to why vitamin K is in your prenatal? What if some individuals already have clotting disorders or clotting issues?

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Hi Krista – Vitamin K is an important nutrient for bone mineralization and proper clotting among other functions. If someone has a clotting disorder and needs to take a blood thinner like, Warfarin, then the amount of Vitamin K consumed has to be monitored as it can change the dosage of Warfarin needed. Hope this answers your question!

  • Erin says:


    I have been trying to conceive with my first child for the last year with no luck. I am homo A1297C and my husband is homo c677T. My husband has 1 half sister with 2 autistic children and 1 full sister with 1 autistic child. So far non of my husband’s siblings have had any children without autism. I am really scared that this will also be our fate, but no one in my family has it. Is there anyone with our mutations or similar that has followed Dr. Lynch’s protocol and has a family history of autism and had a (non-autistic) healthy child? I’m starting to feel like it’s “a sign” that I haven’t gotten pregnant yet.

    Thank you any input.

  • Megan says:


    I am homozygous MTHFR C677T and am currently taking Homocystex Plus, which has been effective in lowering my homocysteine levels. Is it safe to continue taking Homocystex Plus during pregnancy and in addition to the Optimal Prenatal vitamin?

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Hi Megan – Both contain Riboflavin, B6, Folate, and B12 in different dosages. The main difference is that Homocystex Plus contains TMG, which may be one of the main reasons your homocysteine levels have decreased. They are safe to take together, but I would use caution with increasing the amount of total folate all at once. Please consult your doctor for specific recommendations. Also see Preventing Methylfolate Side Effects.

  • Lori says:

    I have both C677T & A1298C MTHFR mutations and just lost a baby due to a neural tube defect. My doctor has me on Folinic Plus which has 4mg folinic acid, 2 mg methycobalmin, and 50 mg pyridoxal 5 phosphate. He told me to take 2 of these a day but after a few days and serious abdominal cramps I have been taking one a day and feel much better. Should I be taking methyl folate instead or also, or is the folinic plus sufficient because of the previous NTD? Should I take a separate multi vitamin or just get one with all of that as well (like Optimal Prenatal)? Can I take something like the Optimal Prenatal Powder and the high dose of Folinic Plus together? I’m also taking 4000 iu D3 a day. Definitely thinking about the probiotic, but what else would you recommend?

  • kat says:


    I had blood work done which showed positive for homozygous MTHFR C677T after a miscarriage. Since then, I have been following your pre-natal protocol, and feeling good about it.
    My question is about absorption – I have now had multiple cycles canceled (for embryo transfer) because I do not seem to be absorbing Estrace, and my levels are up and down, and therefore, uterine lining not getting quite thick enough. Do you have any suggestions as to any other supplements you offer that would help with that specifically?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Jules says:

    Dear Dr. Lynch,

    I have 2 copies of 1298. Would the regimen you mention above apply to me, or should I be considering a slightly different mix? (I read somewhere that folinic acid is better for us for example?)

    Thanks so much for your advice!

  • Lenka Nartufi says:

    Dear dr., I have one question about takeing optimal prenatal. In this supplement is 5000 IU of vitamine A, but vitamine A is teratogenic. In the most experiments teratogenic efect is 10000 IU till 7 week and 25.000 IU after 7 week in first trimester. But the intake of this by day is 40.000 IU. What do you think about this, Do you think that is realy good to take it in first trimester? It scares me, because I would like to take all suplement that I need, I am homozygot MTHFR, so I buy this supplement and I would like to change it for my standard supplement, but 40.000 IU of vit. A can be huge problem … What do you means … ? Sorry for my not good english 🙂

  • Domonique says:

    Hi Dr Ben, I’m homozygous C677T and have just had a beautiful 2wk old baby. However, he suffers badly with colic. I’ve read of some studies by BioGaia that probiotics for colicky babies can help. Do you have any insights and recommendations at all on this?
    ps – I followed your prenatal protocol (except for VitD as I’m in Australia & levels are good) with Seeking Health vitamins for the last 7mths of my pregnancy. Should I continue to take the same?
    Thank you so much in advance, and for your time and dedication to helping us all understand this better and improve our health.
    Nothing but gratitude.

  • Paula Sadlow says:

    After having a baby diagnosed with anencephaly last year and a missed miscarriage this year, my OB/GYN advised me to take 4000 mcg of folic acid plus a prenatal with DHA despite having the MTHFR gene mutation. I took her recommendation before I started to do my own research. I am going to start taking the Optimal Prenatal, but what do I do with regards to needing extra folic acid to prevent another pregnancy with a NTD? Is 4000 mcg of folic acid interchangeable with the equivalent of folate? I have checked the doctor director, but there is no one in my area, or within 100+ miles of where we live.

  • Mariann says:

    Dr Ben,
    I live in Europe but would like to try the prenatal shake, is it possible to order it internationally?
    Many thanks in advance,

  • Rose Clive says:

    Hi Dr Ben,

    I have hashimoto’s thyroiditis and MTHFR A1298C homozygous. I was wondering if this prenatal supplement would be okay because of the iodine. Thanks for your help!


  • Janine says:

    Hello Dr. Lynch,

    I´ve read that calcium orotate, calcium ameno ethyl phosphate, and calcium aspartate are better forms of calcium. Also i´m concerned about the magnesium/calcium ratio of 2 to 1. Aren´t we likely getting more calcium through our diet than magnesium due to poor soil? Thank you for your help.

  • Kelly P says:

    Hi Dr Ben,
    Is it safe to add additional methylfolate along with the optimal prenatal? And how much more? I heard that only 400mcg of folate might be a little low (but that the 400mcg of the folinic acid was definitely great). Thank you!
    Kelly P

  • Briana says:

    I have the Heterozygous MTHFR A1298C and was given Orthomolecular alpha base without Iron multivitamin. I am trying to get pregnant and am terrified because I want a healthy baby and pregnancy. on the back of the bottle, it says “Consult with doctor if you are pregnant or trying” is this safe to take? Im also taking Deplin twice a week. I dont want to over do this… Im already concerned enough!!

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Briana – That disclaimer is there as a precaution on the manufacturer’s part. Alpha Base appears to be a solid multivitamin and doesn’t raise any red flags, but I say that without knowing anything about your medical history. If you are concerned, please consult your doctor and hopefully she is aware that you are pregnant and are taking Deplin. 🙂

  • Nicki says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,

    I’ve had two tests done for MTHFR mutations. The first test said I was homozygous C677T (spectracell), but Dr. Amy Yasko’s said I was only heterozygous C677T. Do I need to get another test to know once and for all? I suspect I am only hetero, since I have very few health problems. I do, however, suspect I have histamine intolerance. I read your article about it, and I avoid high histamine foods now. I’m aware of its link to MTHFR.

    Anyway, I’m 26. I’m about 1.5 years away from wanting to get pregnant. What can/should I be doing NOW to prepare my body?

    Background: I take 2 pills (of the 6 recommended daily) of the new formulation of ‘ultranutrient’ by pure encapsulations. The current formula has methylcobalimin and methylfolate. I only weigh 105 pounds, and more than this makes me jittery. I’ve tried other methylcobalimin and methylfolate products and they also make me jittery, and my heart races. One gave me hives & my throat swelled up (or at least I think contributed to the severe reaction I had the next day). I can’t take most methylation supplements every day or in the doses recommended, but I’ve been doing well on ultranutrient for awhile, so I’m hesitant to switch. Hives with anaphylaxis are nothing to mess with (FYI this only happens to me about once a year, and is seemingly random). I also take a quality fish oil and probiotics (I’m switching to your brand of probiotics when my current supply runs out), and a D3K2 supplement every day. My vitamin D is normal. Thyroid is normal. Cholesterol is normal. Blood pressure is low (always has been) but still normal. I work out with weights 4-5 days a week and my diet is generally paleo with exceptions. I definitely get a lot of folate and folinic acid in my diet – tons of greens, daily. I’ve never tested “allergic,” but I avoid gluten because it makes me feel awful (brain fog, exhaustion, general lack of concentration). Periods are somewhat irregular, but have been more consistent lately. Generally a 31-35 day cycle (has never been 28 – should I worry about that? I know MTHFR has implications for hormones…).

    What more should I do? I am 100% committed to PREVENTING disease rather than treating it, which is why I ask. I know that’s your stated purpose too. I’ve studied your articles and I know what problems MTHFR can cause. I have many individuals in my family who are really, truly sick from it, and I cannot cope with the thought of passing down a hereditary problem to my future kids knowing I did not do EVERYTHING in my power to mitigate the damage, including preparing my body for healthy pregnancy well in advance.

  • Giselle says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,
    I just found out I’m 4 weeks pregnant after 4 miscarriages and a failed IUI treatment. I’m homozygous for MTHFR A1297C and have no other issues that have been detected. Have had blood clotting disorder testing, homocystine level is fine, no PCOS or any other issues. I was slightly hypothyroid about a year ago but corrected it with diet and supplements.

    I am currently taking a progesterone suppository, seeking health Active B12 with 5-12 with L-5-MTHF, Thorne Basic Prenatal, 1000 mg of vitamin C, baby aspirin, high absorption CoQ10, and Blue Ice fermented Cod Liver oil. I just purchased several of the recommended supplements in this post including L-5 MTHF, Optimal Vitamin E, Optimal PC and P-5-P. I am wondering what other recommendations you might have for me to take that would assist me in holding on to this pregnancy and growing a healthy baby 🙂

  • Ella says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    After a completely healthy first pregnancy (with no history of miscarriage or any previous health issues) that ended with an emergency cesarean due to a partial placental abruption during labor and a couple of months later discovering our child has an atrial septal defect, I wasn’t satisfied hearing there are no known reasons and recently discovered the MTHFR mutation. My daughter, now 2, has a heterozygous C677T mutation, and I have a homozygous C677T mutation.

    I am now 8 weeks pregnant with our second. I am currently taking 1 tablet per day of Active B12 with L-5-MTHF in addition to a whole food prenatal (with folate, no folic acid), herbal multivitamin (with folate, no folic acid), herbal calcium, and a multi-strain probiotic. I’d like to determine if there’s additional testing I should get (so far I’ve been advised to have homocysteine levels checked), if there’s additional supplementation I need based on my circumstances, and if my risk for another placental abruption is normal if I supplement correctly (my goal is a VBAC without intervention).

    I have my daughter taking 1/4 tablet per day of Active B12 with L-5-MTHF, herbal multivitamin, herbal calcium, an herbal formula to heal and soothe the gut, and probiotics. I’d like to determine if there’s additional testing she should get, if there’s additional supplementation she needs based on her circumstances, and if there is a chance of healing her heart with the right supplementation.

    I know there isn’t a ton of research or practitioners with extensive knowledge, so I am just trying to gather as much data as possible from various sources.

    Thank you for your time!

  • Katie says:

    Hi Dr Ben,

    I first became alerted to the world of MTHFR after researching when my first baby had a tongue tie and heart murmur. I am wanting to have another baby soon and I know this is important so I got tested and my results say no mutation detected for C677T but with the MTHFR A1298C – Heterozygous Mutation Detected. I live in Australia and Im finding it hard to find experienced practitioners and information here. My son is about to turn one and I am still breastfeeding. What supplements would you recommend for me? Thankyou so much!

  • Kristin says:

    Are the levels of methyfolate in the Seeking Health Prenatal enough on their own without needing further supplementation? After being diagnosed with MTHFR, homozygous C677T, several years ago, I was prescribed Metanx and have been taking it ever since. It seems to have worked well for me with many symptoms subsiding. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and have been taking Metanx along with Seeking Health Prenatal. Unfortunately, I just received notice that my insurance will no longer cover my Metanx at the start of the new year. As a first time mom with MTHFR, I’m a bit panicked that the prescription that has worked so well for me thus far will no longer be available. I have no history of blood clots and my homocysteine was recently rechecked and is 5.3. I’m wondering if I need the extra methyfolate from Metanx while pregnant or if the Seeking Health levels are sufficient? I don’t trust the high risk doctor I recently met with who stated that I just need to take “extra folic acid”….. Currently looking for an MFM that knows more than I do about MTHFR.

  • Julia says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,

    Due to my search for answers after experiencing 3 early miscarriages (I’m 32, no children yet) in a row, I happened to find your web page and supplement recommendations.

    I live in Sweden and doctors are in general not very eager to find the reasons for miscarriages. Plus, there are only limited possibilities to seek help from private clinics. I had tests for thyroid hormone levels, blood clogging and a “chromosome analysis” done which all came back clear. I understand that procedures might differ between countries but I’m wondering if you know what is actually included in this general chromosome analysis? Would MTHFR be detected, or does this require a specific test?

    My second question concerns your supplement recommendations. Number 1. (2.), 4. and 5. all contain active folate. Why do you recommend taking three different supplements to get this one ingredient?
    Also, in case I either do not have or do not know if I have MTHFR with my history of miscarriages, how much active folate should I take? Is there any harm from over-dosing?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • Marie says:

    Hello Dr Ben,

    I have been looking a lot on internet and you are the only one who really cares about Heterozygous MTHFR 1298C.
    Within 5 months I had 2 miscarriages at 6 weeks both. I decided to run all the possible tests before trying another time.
    I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with TSH3 around 8 µU/ml and FT3 and FT4 normal level.
    My doctor told me that this could be the reason of my miscarriages and she made me start Euritox 25 to get my TSH3 to the right level.

    In my test I can also read a heterozygote Mutation of MTHFR A 1298C with Omocisteine (Hcy) at 8,2 µmoli/l. (considered ok until 15 according to the test)
    My doctor tells me that we do not need to do anything as, the Omocisteine level is at a normal level.
    Do you think i should follow what my doctor says or do you believe this could also be a factor of my miscarriage?

    I feel so guilty for these 2 miscarriages. I do not want to take the risk of causing another miscarriage by not taking seriously my test results.

    I thank you so much for your very precious support.

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Marie – I can understand not wanting to take a risk given past miscarriages. I would consider reviewing this article with your doctor. If she is unsure, consider consulting a practitioner on the Physician Directory. Your doctor should evaluate your diet, lifestyle, and health history to identify potential deficiencies that may increase the risk of miscarriage. Everything Dr. Lynch mentions in this article is very safe when taken properly along with a well-rounded diet and lifestyle, so these nutrients are worth considering. Wishing you the best!

  • Yamini says:


    I have MTHFR A1298C and PAI-1 along with PCOS / insulin resistance for which I take metformin which could lead to B-12 deficiency. During pregnancy, along with heparin, baby aspirin, optimal prenatal, wanted to ask if I should take active B12 too.

  • Michelle says:

    Dr. Lynch,

    I gave birth to our first daughter almost 18 months ago, after having gone through 2 miscarriages. My daughter was born with Spina Bifida, so I know for our next pregnancy we will have to take a large dose of folate. My OB thinks MTHFR isn’t anything I should worry about and just thinks I need a mega dose of folic acid. My question is- what is the proper ratio I should take of folate to methylcabolomin? I know you need a good amount of B12 to help absorb the folate, but I’m not sure what the magic ratio number is. If I take 4 or 5mg of folate, how much methycabolomin would I need? Thank you so much for any further insight you might have.

  • Rose says:

    I am heterozygous for:
    MTHFR C667,
    COMT V158M
    COMT H62H
    VDR Bsm
    VDR Taq
    MAO-A R297R
    MTR A2756G
    MTRR K350A
    MTRR A664A
    CBS A360A
    My husband and I are trying to convince but I just realized to don’t tolerate my b-complex and it gives me depression, anxiety, aggression and acne. What can I take so I’m still getting folate if our attempts have been successful? Since being off it my moods levelled out and acne has shrunk.
    Also, I live in Canada. Can anyone recommend a HCP who is very knowledgeable about genetics? Appreciate any input.
    Thank you!

  • Samantha says:

    6 months ago I lost my baby while I was 6 months preg due to complications from tube defects. I found out I have 2 copies of mthfr 6c77t. We want to try again but I’m so scared to have this happen again. I have a two year old who is healthy! I’m currently on 5mg of Folate and dr furhman prenatal. I’m willing to do anything to prep my body. Do you take all of the vitamins you suggest on top of the prenatal? My son is also a carrier on the same gene, one copy.

  • megan says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch, I have MTHFR and have had two successful pregnancies. I hope to conceive a few more times and was wondering what you thought about the whole foods derived prenatal from Garden of Life? I took that during both pregnancies and while breastfeeding. I dont want to continue if it isnt a good match with MTHFR. I see several other women in this thread have asked about this particular supplement. Thank you!!

  • Kate says:

    Dr. Ben,

    I’m preparing for my first IVF cycle (FET on March 1st) and found out I’m heterozygous for both C677T and A1298C.

    This will be my first attempt at pregnancy, so no history of miscarriages, but I’d like to do everything in my power to avoid one, if possible.

    I’ve been taking a probiotic, Garden of Life Raw Prenatal (containing methyfolate), and extra Vitamin C and E.

    My question is in regards to dosage for methyfolate. How much do you recommend for compound heterozygous? Garden of Life has 800 mcg.

    Would adding Sublingual Active B12 with Methylfolate in ADDITION be too much methyfolate? Is it even possible to overdose?

    Anything else you’d recommend?

    Thank-you so much for your wealth of knowledge and willingness to help us all.

  • Kate says:

    … Also, my doctor has recommended baby aspirin. What would you recommend replacing that with– to avoid the fillers but serve the same purpose?

  • Tammy says:

    Hi Drs. Ben and Aron,
    I am homozygous C677T and have been following Dr. Ben’s protocol (8 Optimal Prenatals, etc.) for several months now. I have been going through secondary infertility for 3 years and had 2 early miscarriages during this time (triploidy of maternal origin and blighted ovum). I just got back some labs, and none of my doctors or MTHFR specialists have been able to advise . . . for my RBC Folate — hemolysate folate came back as >620.0 and Rbc folate came back as >1542. Serum MMA came back as 173 nmol/L. What does this mean in terms of how much B-12 and methylated folate I should take? Should I stop taking any additional folate beyond what’s in the prenatals (I was taking Active B12 with L-5-MTHF for several months and had just started 2 daily 800 mcg folinic acid capsules a few days prior to getting my labs drawn)? Should I just take extra B12 (perhaps the Active B12 without the L-5-MTHF)? Thanks in advance for any help! Nobody seems to know the answer to my question!

    • Dr. Aron says:

      Tammy – It depends. Supplementation is not an exact science. Without knowing your health history, I would first look at whole food sources of folate (e.g. leafy greens) and B12 (e.g. high quality animal products). This podcast by Dr. Lynch on “How Much To Take?” will be another way to think about how to approach supplementation. Hope this provides some guidance.

  • Melina says:

    Dr. Lynch,

    I’m 41, and my only pregnancy (at the age of 38) ended at 20 weeks when I went into premature labor following the early rupture of my membranes. No one could explain what went wrong. Since then, my husband and I have been trying to conceive naturally again for the past 3 years, unsuccessfully. I was prescribed Metformin for insulin resistance, and was told to consult an RE regarding IVF. After our failed cycle last year, I was tested for numerous issues. I found out that I have the MTHFR mutation (hetero C677T), as well as a protein S deficiency. We can only afford one more round of IVF, and I’m trying my best to get my ducks in a row. I’m taking your Optimal Prenatal, Optimal Fish Oil, and Optimal Iron Plus Cofactors (I’m anemic). I’m also taking a low dose aspirin, additional vitamin D3, ubiquinol, Culterelle, and r-alpha lipoid acid for egg quality and overall health. My RE wants me on 4 mg of folic acid (Folgard), but I know it isn’t the right form for me. Also, after a week of taking your prenatal, I noticed some symptoms of over methylation so I’ve cut back. I’ll work up to the full dose again slowly. My question is, is there anything else you’d suggest for me to take or do so we can finally have the baby we’ve always wanted? I don’t know how big a factor MTHFR is in our failures, but I certainly don’t want it to be a factor at all. Thanks so much for everything you do. I love this site.


  • Ashley says:

    Hello, thank you for the great information and products. MTHFR runs in my family although I have not been diagnosed. We have recently started our second preconception diet/supplements to plan for what will hopefully be baby number two. I am just wondering if I need to take an additional folate supplement with the optimal prenatal (if so which one)? Calcium/Mag? I already take most of your recommendations but those two I’m unsure if I need to add to my regimen. Thanks again!

  • Danielle says:

    Hi Ben,
    What supplement brand of iron glycinate do you recommend?
    Thank you

  • Donelle says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,

    I don’t know how I missed this site, but I’m so glad I found it. I was diagnosed about a year ago as having the MTHFR gene mutation. I am homozygous with C677T. I immediately started taking the Homocystex plus as recommended by the neurologist that diagnosed me. I have recently become pregnant(10 weeks-first child-first pregnancy) and am overwhelmed with ensuring I’m taking the right supplementation. The idea that my child could suffer from my prenatal mistakes/genetics has me worried. I’m taking the Optimal Prenatal right now and doing my best with morning sickness to take all 8 pills. I’m also taking Nordic Naturals Omega 3’s. I recently bought a vitamin D supplement because I have been told I am deficient previously. Am I taking enough folate for the MTHFR or should I also be taking the Homocystex plus in addition to prenatals? I noticed the Homocystex plus has TMG and the prenatal doesn’t. I just noticed this, so now I’m confused. I also would like a recommendation on how much iron to supplement with. If you could tell me exactly what to take and how much, I would GREATLY appreciate it. My dr took zero interest in my vitamins and acted like any brand would work. Thanks!

  • Michelle says:

    Hi. I saw that you wrote that using only methylfolate in a prenatal is not recommended, and I was wondering why this was? During a previous pregnancy, I took a multivitamin with only methyltetrahydrofolate. I recently switched to a prenatal containing both methyltetrahydrofolate and calcium folinate, but was actually concerned that this wasn’t appropriate supplementation. I have MTHFR Homozygous TT mutation. What is the best type of supplementation for my type of mutation? Thank you!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      The information in the article here is what many use and have great success.

      You need both forms of folate as you stated above.

      You may need additional methylfolate and if that is the case, you may eat leafy green vegetables or take a MTHF supplement in addition to the prenatal with folate combination.

  • Ana says:

    Hi Dr. Ben and Dr. Aaron

    After 3 miscarriages I tested positive for MTHFR A1296C. I feel a bit lost! There is too much information in the internet and I am feeling confused. After reading that folic acid what nos good for me I want to understand which are the best supplements for me. My OB just told me to take baby aspiring and as soon as I get a positive test I will start with anticoagulant injections.

    I so want to get pregnant with a healthy baby, but I am also worried that I am not “healthy” enough (B12, B6, folate, magnesium , calcium, etc) and this will affect my future baby. What can I do?

    Thank you!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Ana –

      The article above has the information you need to nutritionally support a pregnancy.

      If you are concerned you need more support, then you need to find a doctor who understands nutritional biochemistry. http://www.naturopathic.org or http://www.functionalmedicine.org or http://www.seekinghealth.org all have directories to find good docs.

      Good luck and have a great healthy baby!

    • Devyn says:

      Hi Ana. I love all of Dr. Ben’s advice and supplements. I took many before and during my pregnancy. I like you had 3 miscarriages in a row. I chose to take the prenatal NeevoDHA. I have one copy of MTHFR. However, demand your Dr test you for gluten intoleance/Celiac. After 3 miscarriages I finally had a healthy baby after finding out I was a Celiac and had to medically cut out gluten. Some people think this has nothing to do with it but it seemed all too coincidental to me. My gut was likely so inflamed my fetuses weren’t thriving. I was also not retaining and nutrients/supplements on top of the MTHFR issue. You will get there. It’s hard and scary but never ever give up hope.

  • Jordan Harvey says:

    i am 5 weeks pregnant and have been taking prenatal with folate since february. i have one copy of the C1669T. i also started taking the folate with the B-12 lozenge you recommended. is that too much?

    • Dr Lynch says:

      If you feel great – great! If you feel ‘off’, then try reducing the amount. The prenatal supplement should provide enough for you. Try without the lozenge for a few days and see how you do. Working with a great doc is key 😉

  • Krystal says:

    I was recently diagnosed as MTHFR C677t heterozygous. I have had secondary infertility for 4 years and am currently undergoing fertility treatments, so I’m looking for a prenatal. I have been taking Emerald Laboratories high potency prenatal and was hoping to get your opinion on it (supplement facts here: http://www.ultralaboratories.com/EmeraldLabs/Prenatal%20Multi/index.php)

    My main concern is the high level of B12 (200mcg). Could that be harmful? I see these “studies” coming out now saying high levels of folate and b12 could lead to increased risk of autism. Seeing that my prenatal contains 3,300% daily value of B12 concerns me.

    I really appreciate your help!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      I believe the study is referring to high levels of ‘folic acid’ – not folate.

      Sadly – the researchers did not measure what ‘type’ of ‘folate’ was high.

      Folate means all types of folate – not any specific one.

      Folic acid needs to be avoided.

      Methylfolate is ok and useful

      Watch this for more information on why folic acid should be avoided.

  • Heidi says:

    Dr Lynch, my second daughter was born with a unilateral cataract. Have you ever found that related to a mother with MTHFR? Professionals have all told me that unilateral (versus bilateral) cataracts are just an anomaly. But that seems strange to me that there isn’t some causation. Thank you, Heidi

    • Heidi says:

      I am homozygous C667T if that helps. Thank you.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Some cataracts are related to MTHFR – seen this in the literature. I am not well versed on this subject though. MTHFR supports methylation – which supports 100’s of reactions. It is connected to many things – which is why it’s so critical to support.

  • Tricia says:

    I can’t find this info anywhere. But infant formula with no folic acid is hard to find. I’ve been using one called Happy Tot organic for a year now until someone pointed out it lists folic acid in the ingredients list. That list is just below the the one above it that says folate. I hate to think I’ve been giving my Gbaby folic acid for a year due to false labeling. I have contacted the company but not heard from them yet. Do you, or anybody know, where I can buy formula with folate?

    • Lynn_M says:

      The Happy Tot was not mislabeled. Folic acid is a folate. Folate is an umbrella term that includes folic acid as well as MTHF. It’s not enough to look for folate on a label, you need to look for L-5-MTHF or 6S-5-MTHF if you want the activated form of folate. I don’t know who makes a formula with those forms of folate.

  • Abby says:

    First of all, thank you for your work and research on MTHFR!

    I am allergic to vitamin C and all citrus foods-oranges, lemons, cranberries, etc. So I would not be able to take your prenatal vitamins or the powder….. do you have any other suggestions or products?

    Thank you for your time!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Abby – allergic or intolerant?

      Those things – with the exception of vitamin C – are histamine related likely.

      I, too, do not tolerate citrus foods but I tolerate vitamin C just fine.

      I can consume the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder without any issues – the Vanilla one. Chocolate doesn’t do well for me.

      You can try a sample of the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder IF you are not allergic to any nutrient.

      Other than this, I am not sure what to recommend as most prenatals have vitamin C in them.

      • Abby says:

        Thank you so much for responding, I’m sure you are very busy!

        My symptoms when I eat citrus or vitamin C are: itchy rash on my hands that is unbearable-if I continue to eat these foods eventually my hands will ooze and my genital area will be on fire. My mouth will get full of horrible sores that make eating extremely painful…so i considered it an allergy, but maybe it’s not. How could I find out if it is a histamine related issue? And if it is, can it go away?! That would be amazing!

        Thanks again,


  • Victoria says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I am here after three heartbreaking losses over the past ten months:
    1.) Son lost at 13 weeks due to Pentalogy of Cantrel (severe case including the heart).
    2.) 4 week chemical pregnancy.
    3.) 9 week loss, although the baby stopped developing at 6 weeks and was showing chromosomal abnormality in embryo on ultrasound.

    I am:
    1.) MTHFR Heterozygous (ran further clotting tests and they came back fine).
    2.) Low on Vitamin D3.
    3.) Suffered Hyperemesis Gravidarum with the first pregnancy.
    4.) I have late ovulation and short luteal phase. Doctors had put me on progesterone during the last two pregnancies as a way to lengthen my luteal phase, though I didn’t have issues with spotting or anything of the sort during the first.
    5.) Considering IVF only for the aspect of early chromosomal testing.

    My questions are:
    1.) What is the difference between your Active B12 Lozenge With L-5-MTHF and the L-5-MTHF Lozenge? Should I take both? And how many per day? I have been instructed to take 5000 mcg of folic acid in the first trimester due to my losses – of course, I wouldn’t be taking folic acid. Do I take one Active B12 with L-5-MTHF and then supplement the rest with the L-5-MTHF? Does any other supplement contain methylfolate? I do not wish to overdose.

    2.) Since the Active CoQH is discontinued and your website recommends the Optimal CoQu10, I wish to ask – are they the same thing? Can you take CoQu10 once you’re pregnant or is it just for pre-conception?

    3.) What is the best daily schedule to take the following:
    Optimal Prenatal – 240 Vegetarian Capsules
    L-5-MTHF Lozenge – 1,000 mcg – 60 Lozenges
    Active B12 Lozenge With L-5-MTHF – 60 Lozenges
    Optimal Fish Oil – Burp Free – 60 Softgels
    Optimal Krill Oil – 60 Softgels
    Optimal Vitamin D | Liquid Vitamin D | 2,000 IU per Drop
    Calcium Magnesium Plus D3 – 120 Chewable Tablets
    Optimal PC – 100 Softgels
    Probiota 12 Powder – 200 Billion CFU’s
    Optimal CoQ10 – 60 Vegetarian Capsules

    4.) Am I missing Iron in this cocktail?

    Thank you in advance for your help and your wonderful podcasts!

    Best regards,

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Victoria –

      I’d keep it more simple.

      Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder – in AM with frozen berries and almond milk or so. This formula is superior to the capsules – and easier, more complete as it also has complete protein.
      ProBiota 12 – 1 capsule or 1/4 tsp if getting the powder – after dinner
      Optimal CoQ10 – 1 capsule with breakfast or lunch or dinner
      Optimal Fish Oil – 2 capsules with breakfast
      Optimal Iron (as needed) – as prescribed by your doctor
      Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C – 1 tsp upon waking (after a glass of water)
      Optimal Liposomal Glutathione – 1/2 tsp upon waking with the vitamin C
      Vitamin D 5,000 IU – one capsule daily – anytime with food

      Contine taking throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding 😉

      Have a fantastic pregnancy!

  • Laura says:

    Can I get some more information as to why the Prop 65 warning is now on the bottles of your prenatal vitamins? I don’t know when it started getting added to the bottles, but I’ve been on these my entire pregnancy (due next week now) and just noticed the warning last week. The explanation I got from your staff wasn’t very clear. How can a prenatal vitamin have a warning that it can cause birth defects- the very thing one is trying to avoid while growing a baby? And why are there higher levels of lead in these in the first place? Do ALL brands of prenatal vitamins in fact contain lead, just some don’t carry the California warning? It doesn’t make me feel very confident about continuing to take these, or the fact that I’ve been on them for well over a year.

  • FatSM says:

    Hi Dr. Ben
    I am newly diagnosed with:
    Mthfr Mutation C.665C>T heterozygous.
    Mthfr Mutation C.1286A>C heterozygous.
    My doctor prescribed me folgard which I don’t want to take since I find out that I have this gene defect and because I start swelling every time when I take any prenatal vitamins or b-complex. Now, I think that is because of folic acid. I had 2 miscarriages and I plan to get pregnant again.
    I also have antiphospolid syndrome (Phosphatidylserine IgM 44 units/mL range is 0- 24 units/mL), and I take aspirin 81 mg a day for that.
    Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1 Igg+igm Ab, Serum high (B2 Glyco 1 Igm 27 smu ( range 0-20))
    I need to know what doses of Methylfolate,folinic acid and b12 should I start with? And is there anything else that I need to add? What prenatal vitamin should I start to take? Optimal Prenatal or Optimal PC….or?
    I also want to know once when I get pregnant should I continue taking the same doses or more?

  • FatSM says:

    And I forget to say that I’ve be taking Methylfolate ( Folate as quatrefolic R – methylthetrafolicacid glucosamine salt 1000 mcg) and vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin 1200 mcg.

  • Jodi says:

    I was recently diagnosed as MTHFR compound heterozygous after having a pregnancy with a NTD (Anencephaly). I want to try to get pregnant again asap. My OB has me on Deplin (7.5 mg L-Methofolate). I wanted to try your Optimum Prenatal protein powder, but am concerned that the amount of folate in the powder with the Deplin will be too much. I am currently having some side effects from the Deplin (headaches, fogginess, spotty vision). I will try to regulate with Niacin, but if that doesn’t work:

    What is the minimum amount of methofolate that would be enough to try to prevent another NTD in case I have to reduce the amount of methofolate?

    How much is too much methofolate? If I stay on Deplin AND take a prenatal with Folate, will that be too much (assuming I feel OK)?

  • Rebecca Houston says:

    Hi Drs,
    I had a recent stillbirth at 24 weeks and was just told that I have two forms of the MTHFR (was not given details) only that I need to take one baby aspirin a day and lots of folic acid. As well I have a genetic disorder called Biotinidase Deficiency (BTD) and told to take lots of extra Biotin. My husband and I live a natural life so taking the baby aspirin is just not going to work for me especially because I have gut issues to begin with (which from what Ive researched could be the cause of the MTHFR…..) so I just would like to know what I should be taking for the next pregnancy? Well actually I would like to start taking pre pregnancy for optimal health. The pre natal I am taking now I got from Natural Grocers it is called Baby and Me by Megafood. Its the only vitamin that doesnt hurt my stomach but Im concerned it wont be enough.
    Thank you for your time!!!!

    • Rebecca Houston says:

      I mean could be caused by MTHFR or the BTD I cant remember which I researched too much my brain is fried (the gut issues)

  • Destiny says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch!

    Can I take your Iron with your Prenatal, or would that be too much vitamin A/Biotin?

    If I take your Prenatal, is the Optimal PC necessary?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Destiny –

      If you are not consuming that much vitamin A containing foods, then combining our Optimal Iron with Optimal Prenatal will be supportive for you.

      Optimal PC is useful in addition if you have PEMT or MTHFR polymorphisms or liver issues.

      You may find it best to take Optimal PC just a few times a week – one with lunch. Not dinner.

      You may also find it useful to take Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C once in the morning before a meal a few times a week instead of the Optimal PC. Easier to take and you get the PC plus vitamin C.

      Have a great pregnancy!

  • Valeria says:

    Hello Drs,
    I’m 29 years old and had 2 misscarriages so far, the first one I was 6 weeks. after that my doctor took a bunch of blood work. The only thing abnormal was the MTHFR mutation I’m c665c homozygosus ,after that i got pregnat right away (no period in between) that pregnancy last for about 2 or 3 weeks. The doctors said that my body wasn’t prepare for that pregnancy, also the ultrasound never showed a sac but my hcg levels were doubling for a week untill I start bleeding, after that the hcg levels dropped. I’ve been with almost 4 different doctors that said that MTHFR has nothing to do with my misscarriages.however, I’ve been doing my own research and found your articles as well as many stories similar to mine. Most of my doctors prescribed prenatals with folic acid which is absurd since I can’t absorb it. Finally after showing some of your articles, one of my doctors prescribed thorne prenatal vitamins she said that another good vitamin is nest prenatal vitamins . She also told me to take baby aspirinI also required to get my homocysteine levels checked and they were normal 5.9. Additolionally I asked my doctors for lovenox shots if I get pregnant again and they said that they do not recommend that because again my miscarriages have nothing to do with MTHFR. It is very frustanting not being able to find a doctor who understands and give me the right supplement. Thats why im here asking if what I’m taking is ok or not.
    The other question is when my body would be prepare for another pregnancy I haven’t have my period simce my first misscarriage and that was almost e months ago.
    Thank you in advance for your time

  • Nayra says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I am homozygous for the c677T mutation and recently found out that I am pregnant (currently at week 6). I am 38 years old and this is my first pregnancy.

    Is it safe to take Optimal Prenatal during the whole pregnancy or should I stop or decrease the dose at any point? Since I will need folate supplementation during all my life due to the mutation I am worried that stopping will cause any harm to the baby, but once again I reckon that continuing with folate after first trimester may not be good for the baby (some researches associates high amounts of folate after 1st trimester with autism).

    I have also been having 1mg of B12 (methylcobalamin) every other day. Is it too much? Should I decrease it during pregnancy?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dr Lynch says:


      Yes, you need to support your pregnancy – and duration of breast feeding with a prenatal such as Optimal Prenatal. It is designed to be taken throughout these periods.

      You should not need additional B12 as there is plenty in the prenatal.

      I would also recommend the ProBiota 12, Optimal Vitamin D Drops, Optimal PC and also the ProBiota 12 to be most comprehensive during this amazing time.

      I’ve recently updated this article with an added video. I highly recommend coming back here and re-reading the article – at least watching the video 🙂

      Have an amazing pregnancy!

  • Erin says:


    I have been taking Thornes prenatal as I am trying to prepare my vessel for a pregnancy. I am interested in trying out your Optimal Prenatal powder. Would I stop taking my Thornes prenatal while drinking the powder?

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Yes you would stop taking any other prenatal. The Optimal Prenatal protein powder is a very comprehensive blend and provides most nutrients you need.

      Only others you may need – for general support – possibly – are:
      – iron
      – phosphatidylcholine
      – probiotic
      – vitamin D

      I enjoy the Optimal Prenatal powder with:
      – almond milk
      – frozen organic blueberries / raspberries
      – chia seeds
      – sometimes a few coffee beans to give it a nice flavor – just a few beans – like 5 or 10 – whole / roasted

  • Jordan says:

    Hello Dr Lynch, I am not currently pregnant but will be TTC again soon , have tried in the past but with no luck. Recently found out I have the A1298c = A/C gene also Homocysteine is at a 7 Would like to be on the right supplements I ordered Thorne prentals , should I also order a active b12 with 5 mthf? I also take a d3 , and started CO Q10 yester because labs showed it low. Do you recommend anything else? Thank you so much for your time.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Jordan –

      I would recommend the essential list at the bottom of the article.

      I am also not a fan of Thorne Prenatals as it is too basic. It’s ok for someone in perfect health but for those of us who need extra support, I believe Optimal Prenatal is far superior. I encourage you to use the best there is and Optimal Prenatal is it. Yes it is my company formulation, but it took me 2+ years to formulate it (lot of research) and it has helped many who could not conceive and now they have children.

      I’d also recommend:
      – Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C
      – Vitamin D
      – ProBiota 12 probiotic

      That should do it.

      Our prenatal has CoQ10 in it.

      Be sure to have your partner on the SAME nutrients as you. Seriously. Until you conceive. Then he can stop.

      BTW – I have Optimal Prenatal Powder most mornings for breakfast – smoothie form.

      Enjoy your pregnancy 😉

      • EG says:

        What do you say when people cannot tolerate Methylfolate? I have worked on improving my health since I started reading your site over 3 years ago. I have had two pregnancies since then and have never been able to tolerate methylfolate. I even took it with one of my pregnancies in low doses and that was the only baby that actually HAD some minor “defects” like tongue tie, lip tie and a sacral dimple. Methylfolate makes me extremely agitated. Your info looks good, but I am beginning to question if methylfolate is right for everyone since I can’t handle it, and the correlation with one of my children….

        • Dr Lynch says:

          Many cannot tolerate methylfolate. I believe it is due to higher oxidative stress, infections, excessive glutamate, methyl trapping (due to MTR enzyme slow down for various reasons).

          Tongue tie and lip ties and dimples all to me are signs of methylation dysfunction – and can be caused by many things. I seriously doubt it was the methylfolate. The methylfolate may have actually prevented them from getting worse. Of course, we won’t know.

          Having a viral or some type of infection during 1st term of pregnancy increases the risk of tongue tie and other midline defects. This is because methylation gets diverted during infections – one of the reasons – there are others.

          I do hope your child is doing well now. Having the tongue tie and lip tie released is very important – but must be done by a trained professional who is skilled in this area.

  • Dana says:

    I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. I have had 2 IVF fresh cycles and 2 frozen cycles. I recently found out I have the mthfr heterozygous C677T mutation. I have been taking 800 mcg of Folate, 500 B6 and 500 B12. I am now so fatigued. I have been on synthroid for 28 years for hypothyroidism but my levels are normal. I am going to doing another ivf cycle and want to see what you recommend.

    • Dana says:

      I also take a prenatal vitamin, 400 mcg Cq10, 1000 Vitamin D, baby aspirin. I didn’t become fatigued until taking Folate,B6 and B12. I want to do whatever necessary to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

  • rachel says:

    Have you ever heard of short umbilical cords related to MTHFR? The literature that I can find doesn’t comment on it. . but I’m wondering if it might just be related.

  • Kelly P says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,

    Thanks very much for this very informative, helpful article. I am already implementing many of your suggestions, but have one question. In addition to an MTHFR mutation, (C677t homzygous), I also have COMT mutations. Is there anything you would recommend for me in this situation? I am also curious if Niacin is safe during pregnancy. (I am 5 week pregnant.) Thanks so much,


  • Jill says:

    I am taking the optimal prenatal and metanx for C677t. Is this too much? I read that high levels of folate and B12 can cause autism.

  • Lauren says:

    Hi! I started your powder prenatal alittle over a week ago. The first week I felt wonderful, the start of this week I started to feel fatigued as well as experiencing headaches & and just alittle out there. Is this a reaction to the vitamin? I am a little nervous, as there is a good chance I am Pregnant ( I’m able to test Monday). Any input is appreciated- I am a1289c hetero. Is this an overmethylation reaction? How dangerous would this be to experience this early in pregnancy?

  • Lisette says:

    Hi there,
    Is there a recommendation for methylfolate dosage for infants?
    I am compound heterozygous for the mthfr mutation, as is my 4.5 year old daughter. We also have a 3 mo old son, who at this point we are assuming has at least 1 of the mutations although he has not been tested. I give him as much breast milk as I can, but I have struggled with milk supply issues with both my children. We are currently supplementing my breast milk with a homemade goat milk formula that is whole-food based (recipe from Weston A Price Foundation). Should I be supplementing this with liquid methylfolate? Thank you for assisting!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Be sure to take phosphatidylcholine and continue your prenatal supplementation as you breastfeed. Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder would be the most comprehensive for you – along with Optimal PC and Optimal Fish Oil. If stressed, consider Optimal Adrenal as stress will reduce milk supply. Vitamin D and probiotics are also key. These will all enter your breastmilk and get into your little one 😉

  • Carolina says:

    Hi,after two early miscarriages I was just diagnosed with MTHFR defect (just hearing about this first time over the phone) and I was doing research about and came across this post; I looked at the Optimal Prenatal but they are a little expensive and we are on a tight budget right now; I then found Thorne Research Basic Prenatal (new formula) for half the price (minding I am just preparing my body to be able to carry a pregnancy full term and have to use for maybe at least two to three months before getting pregnant again and through the whole pregnancy) I compared the ingredients and they are about the same with some differences in some of them one of them being Folate 1 mg instead of 800 mcg, the only big difference I saw was that the cheaper one does not have any of the herbs and plants the optimal prenatal has. Have you heard about this vitamins? do you think they could help with the condition? Thank you

  • Julie says:

    Hello Dr. Lynch. I am looking for a prenatal with merhylfolate and methylcobalamin. Just wondering why the Optimal Prenatal has both methylfolate and folinic acid. Is it okay to just use one with methylfolate? Also why does the Optimal Prenatal have such a large amount of B12? Would a prenatal with 100% RDA of active B12 be sufficient?

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Julie –

      The RDA of most nutrients is quite on the low end. This is the amount needed to keep out of a disease state – not provide optimal nutrition.

      One needs both types of folate – folinic acid and MTHF – in a prenatal. Please watch the video presentation I did – located on this page.

      I do not recommend taking a prenatal with just MTHF or just folinic acid. That would not support your pregnancy nearly as well as one which has both MTHFR and folinic acid.

  • Patricia says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch, I’m 6 weeks pregnant. I had a miscarriage 8 months ago and 4 chemical pregnancies after that. From ovulation day at last cycle I started taking your Active B12 with L-5 MTHF (twice a day) and the 8 daily capsules of the Optimal Prenatal for a total of 1600 mcg Folate. I’m 42 years old and have a 4 year old, no problems with that pregnancy and didn’t know I am MTHFR homo, only took test 5 months ago. I just visited the doctor first time and prescribed 5000 mcg Folic Acid. I’m not going to take it, but would you suggest increasing Folate to 5000 mcg? The doctor didn’t take any tests. He also prescribed Duphaston, in case you have any thoughts about it, again no test to check progesterone levels. About my diet: really healthy, eating lots of greens including spinach and spirulina. Many thanks!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Patricia – sorry about your troubles.

      It’s not just about taking more folate. I’d consider the Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder as it is more comprehensive and easier to take. I’d also add in Optimal PC, ProBiota 12, Optimal Fish Oil and Optimal Vitamin D. A baby aspirin may be warranted as well. I think it would be wise to get a hormone test – like the Dutch Hormone test.

      • stephanie says:

        Dr. Lynch- I’m homozygous and lost my first pregnancy to anencephaly. had a 2nd successful pregnancy taking your advice and taking Thorne’s 5-mthf (5 mg) AND Folgard (my Dr said he couldn’t promise me that the folate alone would work so I took both and had a perfect baby). For my last pregnancy I dropped the Folgard and just took the Thorne 5-MTHF (5mg)and had another anencephaly (was also taking Neevo DHA, vitamin d as I had been for my son).
        My Dr says I should do whatever I did with my successful pregnancy – which included folgard but you say the opposite. What should I do?

  • April says:

    After two recurrent miscarriages, I went to a fertility specialist. At my first appt found out i was actually pregnant (3-4 wks). Dr did bloodwork at first appt and result came back with heterozygous C677T MTHFR mutation. The fertility dr immediately put me on baby aspirin, Folgard, prenatal vitamin and progesterone supp (tid). I am now 26wks along and doing more research on MTHFR after having more unanswered questions and looking into vaccine options for baby. After a lot of reading I’m just really concerned about taking Folgard and prenatal vitamin..too much folic acid! I just really want to do what is best for my baby and avoid any further complications for her & I. HELP!

    * I also have PCOS….before pregnancy I was taking Metformin 500mg bid; self prescribed methylfolate and b-12 after doing some research on PCOS.

  • Cortney Wayne says:

    If I fallow this, do I still need to take a baby aspirin?

  • Michele says:

    Hi Dr. Ben,
    I have the double c677 mutation and am negative for the a1298 mutation. I am pretty sure (will know for certain in a few days) that I am pregnant. I have a beautiful healthy 3 year old daughter but suffered with pretty bad anxiety, morning sickness and joint pain while pregnant in addition to very bad post partum depression and insufficient milk supply after her birth. I have been on 10mg celexa for the past three years and had a very early miscarriage a year and a half ago. I have a few questions that I am hoping you will be able to answer – do I start slow with the methlyfolate and the b12 you recommend or start with a higher dose to protect my unborn baby during this critical time? Also, if I start with the higher doses could it trigger toxicity or cause my body to detox and thus possibly harm the baby? Lastly, can all the supplements you recommend be taken with the celexa (I am going to slowly wean off of it during the next several weeks). I just found out about MTHFR and that I am Homozygous a few days ago, otherwise I would have been using your protocol years ago. ? If my pregnancy test does come out positive in a few days are there any additional tests you would recommend that my obgyn order? Thanks so much and God bless!

    • Mariposa says:

      Hi Michele,

      I too have been trying to conceive, and found out I have double copy of 677 as well, tested after having 5 losses within a year. I started with Thorne stress B complex before I knew, god sent, in order to lengthen luteal phase. It worked. I took this vitamin for 6 mo and 5mg folic acid per doctor’s orders, before I found out. My fertility doctor still prescribed 5mg folic acid despite the results. I am going against her recommendation, and instead have worked my way up to 3-6 mg of 5-methyl daily. That’s 1-2 methyl guard plus from Thorne research. I have the same question as you; how can we ensure we are getting enough folate to support our pregnancy without having to take folic acid. I noticed this is from a month ago, but I hope that everything is working out for you. I get more folate because I focus on a folate rich diet, though I cannot do the liver ?

  • Ania says:

    What do you think about Nutrivene d for a pregnant women, I cant’ get your recommended vitamin in my country?

  • Melinda says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch,
    I ordered Seeking Health’s Optimal Liposomal Active B12 with L5MTHF. My B12 levels were low and my doctor recommended I supplement more B12 than what is present in the Prenatal Protein which I’m already taking. It contains 200 mg of PHosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine. Above you recommended taking the Optimal PC, but how much if the PC does a woman need for prenatal nutrition? Is 200 mg daily enough if I’m getting it through the B12/L5MTHF/PC drops?

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Melinda –

      It depends if you are getting about 800 mg of choline a day in your diet. It is actually quite a bit. Most pregnant women are deficient in choline. Our Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder has another 250 mg of choline – so that would be 450 mg of choline. This would mean you need another 400 mg daily from your diet – which is doable – but you must do it. Choline is SO SO huge for you and your developing baby – it’s critical. I would consider either taking one capsule of the Optimal PC daily or adding the Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C. I know it seems like a lot – but we are talking about a LIFE of benefit to your future child. Research is showing it over and over again how important choline is during pregnant – AND – breastfeeding 🙂 I’m pleased you are making a huge effort and looking out for your child! So awesome to see! Have an amazing pregnancy – and a lovely healthy vibrant child!

  • pebbz says:

    Hi Dr Lynch

    I have a double strand of the MTHF and my hubby has a single strand is how it was explained to us. we have a son 3yrs we i gave birth to at 38 weeks and he is perfect born at 10 percentile 6 pounds. we lost our lil girl a year ago at 28 weeks pregnant with no symptoms expect i didnt feel her move enough but doctors wouldnt give me a scan and kept saying baby is fine and im low risk not diabetic or over weight ect. I am now pregnant 8 weeks early days. i would love to send you all the vitamins i have been requested to take and see if this is all ok. as i would not want to go through this heart break again its been so traumatic and has altered our lives.

    Please can you help i will be extremely grateful for your help

    Thank you

  • Haley says:

    Hi Dr lynch!

    I’m wonder if there’s a way to prevent lip and tongue ties in pregnancy. My first born has both as do myself and my husband.

    Thank you!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Haley – I believe it is possible however there may be some genetic components that I am unaware of. Typically following the recommendations I have in this article suffice along with maintaining general health – without any infections during pregnancy – esp the first trimester.

  • Katie says:

    Is it safe to take TMG during pregnancy e? I am compound heterozygous and was wondering if 2000 of methylfolate wasn’t enough? I can’t tolerate more than that’s without anxiety and feeling super stimulated. I do also supplement with baby all the others things things yii recommend in this article.

  • Daniele says:

    Good morning Dr Lynch,

    I’m following your MTHFR C677T Mutation: Basic Protocol but I’m a bit confused .
    I realised that B12 and Methylfolate has to be assumed sublingually becouse of absorbition problems.
    So , why your HomocysteX product is not sublingual ?
    Thanks a lot


  • Daniele says:

    Good morning,

    in Optimal prenatal there is only little amount of B12 and not sublingual. Could this be a problem of mthyltrap since there is 800 mg of methylfolate inside ?



    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Daniele –

      The B12 amount is significant and in two active forms. It is very sufficient to prevent a methyl trap. People don’t need sublingual B12 if they have decent digestion. If they do have absorption issues, then yes, adding a sublingual B12 could be useful.

  • Rozita says:

    Hello Dr Lynch, I am compound heterozygous and pregnant again 5th time, 4 miscarriages on 8th week. I wasn’t able to prepare properly to be able to tolerate 5-MTHF, should I keep trying while pregnant. I have been taking folinic acid and it seems I tolerate it just fine. Is there a multivitamin product that I can use with folinic instead of 5-MTHF suitable for pregnancy?

  • Chiara says:

    Hello Dr. Lynch! I just published an article on Hormones Matter entitled “Exploring the Nexus between Estrogen, Autism, and Vaccine Injury,” where the nexus is folate metabolism. For some reason your MTHFR forum is disabled, so I’m hoping this reaches you here! The link: https://www.hormonesmatter.com/exploring-nexus-estrogen-autism-vaccine-injury/

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Kylie says:

    Hi dr lynch,

    I just ordered optimal prenatal as I have am homo A1298. I have high serum b12 and high folate rbc. I am also low in iron and would need to take iron plus cofacters. My question is, is it safe to take vit a in the mutli, then more bit a in the iron supp, then more vit a in fish oil? I would have thought it would be too muc?!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Kylie –

      Sorry – haven’t been on this site in a bit. I’m more on http://www.drbenlynch.com – we have plans to update this website.

      High B12 and Folate may be related to it being trapped. Consider liposomal glutathione to help open the MTR pathway.

      Or you may simply have enough b12 and folate.

      If you are supplementing with other b12 and folate – stop and just use the prenatal.

      The microbiome may also increase B12 and folate levels as can heavy metals – via trapping at MTR intersection.

  • Jacqueline Cooper says:

    I was wondering if one can take sam-e and coq10 during pregnancy for mood and energy if I have mthfr mutation. Struggling a bit right atm. Thanks!

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi there – researchers have used SAMe during pregnancy for those with liver issues and found benefit. I would very much consider using Optimal Prenatal Protein Powder as it provides much needed protein for pregnancy – and mood – along with the most needed nutrients. Simply add to your favorite type of milk – almond, goat, etc – along with frozen berries.

  • Fi says:

    Hi dr lynch – i am hetero c677t and trying to conceive. I am taking your prenatal powder and wonder if i need to supplement with extra b12/folate or is the amount in the prenatal enough?

  • Jenny says:

    Dr. Lynch,

    I am wondering what your suggestion is about how long I should be on this regimen before trying to conceive? Is it immediate or does it need to be in my system for a while?

  • sarah says:

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    are you also suffering from PCOS

  • Caitlin says:

    Hello Dr. Lynch,

    Thank you so much for the fantastic educational information on this site. I am breastfeeding my one year old, and just found out that I have MTHFR A1298c Hetero. I also have multiple COMT SNPTs and likely have histamine intolerance with over a dozen food sensitivities and issues with inflammation. I have not begun any supplements yet since I just got my genetic test back, but my toddler is already showing signs of some sensitivity to things, so I am worried about her having inherited my MTHFR status. My question is would I be alright to supplement with the prenatal or should I start somewhere more gradual. I want to make sure she is getting what she needs via my milk or directly through her diet, and I am no longer taking any other form of prenatal. I also have anxiety and mild depression symptoms that crept up since six months postpartum gradually until now. They have responded somewhat to tightening up an already very clean diet, and I suspect those symptoms are related to the MTHFR gene and I need to do something to help that sooner rather than later. Thank you so much for all of your help. I look forward to trying to find a practitioner to help me and learning more on here.

  • Jessica Miller says:

    Dr Lynch,
    I am homozygous a1298c with a history of two miscarriages. I just found out I’m pregnant again and am wanting to take your prenatal. Is red raspberry leaf safe for the first trimester? As I saw the prenatal has it. Thank you!

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve been taking optimal prenatal along with several of the other supplements recommended here’s and am now 39 weeks with our rainbow baby! I am wondering how is this this protocol needs to be altered supports breastfeeding once baby arrives.thank you!

  • Laura says:

    Hello Dr. Lynch
    I had written in privately without a response so I would love to reach you here. I recently found out I have MTHFR C677T heterozygous and I am wondering about your Optimal PC vitamin. I purchased it but want to make sure that I can not take too much of choline since there is some in my prenatal already. If you can let me know a little more about this, I would really appreciate it! Thank you for your help.

  • Arooj haider says:

    Can u please suggest me a supplement for oligoasthenozoospermia??? Plz I need ur help

  • Shannon says:

    Thank you for your research on MTHFR. Your videos have really helped me understand how important this issue is. My chiropractor ordered the necessary genetic test due to infertility concerns. It was discovered that I was positive for MTHFR w/C677t. He placed me on supplements: Super Methyl Sp and L-5-MTHF. All this is new to me and I stumbled across your info while reading a blog. I realize how serious this issue is for me. I don’t really have any other health concerns at this time. However, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 5yrs now with no luck. Maybe this was a blessing after all so I could correct some chemical imbalances. I’m wondering since I now realize the seriousness of the issue and am trying to correct with supplements if it will help with getting pregnant? Is there any advice or research to support infertility and MTHFR? What are the odds of still having a child with neural tube defects?

  • Shannon says:

    Oh and should I still take the Super Methyl Sp & L-5-MTHF while taking the Optimal prenatal? Or is the prenatal alone enough?

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Shannon –

      Everyone is different in how much nutrient they need. It’s not dependent upon how many SNPs you have but the whole picture. Please read Dirty Genes to gain a way more complete understanding.

  • Elliott says:

    Hello today!

    I sadly can’t afford to buy your prenatal vitamins, so I was going to buy your b12 with l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate 800 mcg instead to add to my basic multivitamin that I can afford. I’m concerned though, as I read above: “Using only methylfolate in a prenatal is not recommended” … why is this not recommended? Why do you recommend a combination of methylfolate and folinic acid; is this absolutely necessary?

    I don’t know if I have a MTHF gene mutation as doctors here won’t test me for it (they laughed when I brought it up), so I have been taking 1000mcg of L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate. I’m hoping to conceive in the next few months, so I have been doing more research on folate requirements and now I’m overwhelmed/confused!

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

  • jennifer torres says:

    Hello, I am 16 Weeks pregnant with twins after 13 miscarriages. I was told i need to take a prenatal with methylfolate( i have MTHFR) and an extra side of folate. Can you please advise? I’m not sure if there is an all in one or i need to take separate? I am also unsure on dosage. Any help would be soo appreciated!

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Torres

  • Blender Goldsmith says:

    I want to tell all the women in the world with no child that there is hope for you all, because i was also a barren woman, i had no child for the past 12 years i consulted my doctor and he told me that there is no way on earth that i can ever getting pregnant, because of previous abortion i did for my ex husband, so i was confused and my husband was giving up and told me we should adopt a child, i was so sad in such way that i had to talk to a friend about adopting a child, my friend Said forget about adopting a child. She then introduced me to a spiritual Doctor. Marvelspelltemple @ gmail. com i contacted and explained everything to him and immediately Doctor Muna told me not to worry my problems will be solved, i believed and did as he instructed me, including applying her fertility medicine. After 4 weeks i went to hospital for a total test and i found out i was 2 weeks pregnant and today i’m a mother of an amazing twins.

  • Lisa says:

    How’s long should we (both me and hubby) be on these supplements prior to trying to conceive?

  • Erin says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch – thanks so much for everything you do, reading the success stories and knowledge on your site helps me to feel empowered and inspired. My husband and I have just had two consecutive early pregnancy losses over the past 3 months. The first was a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks, and the second was a blighted ovum at 8 weeks. We recently tested for the MTHFR mutation and found that both he and I are compound heterozygous (AC and CT) for both mutations. I’ve been on the prenatal chewable for about a month (waiting for it to come back in stock!), and wondering if these supplements are recommended?

    – Optimal Prenatal Chewable or Optimal Prenatal Powder
    – Optimal PC Liquid
    – Probiota 12 Powder
    – Active B12 with L-5-MTHF

    I also take supplemental vitamin D (an extra 1000 IU), and try to eat an organic diet full of fruits, vegetables, quality animal protein and fermented foods. Would the combination of the b-12/L-5-MTHF and the Optimal Prenatal be giving me too much methylated folate?

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi Erin –

      That amount of B12/MTHF may be fine for you or it may be too much. If you get methylfolate side effects, it’s too much. Everyone is different. If I took that amount each day it would be too much. I just do the prenatal powder each morning and I’m good. Later in the day I may start crashing a bit mentally and if so, I now take a bit of Optimal Methylate Chewable – sometimes just 1/4 or 1/2 chewable. I find it very useful when getting foggy or sluggish brain.

  • Rachel Snyder says:

    Hi Dr Lynch,

    I am hetero for a1298 and c677t. I have had one great pregnancy on Designs for Health Prenatal Pro Packets but developed some b6 toxicity with their 50mg dose. Healthy baby girl, I plan to get pregnant here in the next year so as I was looking at this product I noticed it had folic acid in it which i thought synthetic folic acid was semi toxic for mthfr people? I basically just want to make sure im taking the best formula for my mutation. Do you recommend this product for non pregnant women after baby as well? What are good maintenance supps for ppl with my mutation while not pregnant. Do we need a liver support supplement?

  • KC says:

    I wish the prenatal powder didn’t have sugar and stevia. I try to avoid both. I don’t do well with stevia. In the hospital for my stillbirth, they said I looked yellow and found my ALT and AST elevated. They decided it was vitamin A toxicity due to taking cod liver oil, beef liver pills, and butter oil. When they tested the vitamin A, it was below normal, but they still felt it was vitamin A toxicity. I thought it might be from the misoprostol, but that was denied. At any rate, is there a danger of vitamin A toxicity with your prenatal if your diet has natural food sources of Vitamin A? I have been having lots of green smoothies. I also eat sardines.

    • Dr Lynch says:

      Hi KC –

      We are currently removing Stevia from all our products.

      Odd that they diagnosed you with vitamin A toxicity even though your levels were fine.

      Most health professionals do not understand vitamins or minerals well so they are quick to blame them.

      The amount of pre-formed vitamin A in Optimal Prenatal is at the RDA level – so it is not a high amount. If also taking Cod Liver Oil and eating liver, yes – vitamin A levels may climb a bit too high.

      I’d keep looking for reasons why the discoloration though if your A levels were not high.

  • KC says:

    I saw above where you recommended quitting NAC when pregnant. However, there seems to beca connection between pregnancy induced hypertension, preeclampsia, and/or miscarriage. Also, there seems to be assistance that NAC can provide in pregnancy. Please see the medical studies copied below.




  • KC says:

    I see all these people talking about baby aspirin with the homo. MTHFR C677T. What about using white willow bark? How do we know if it is necessary?

  • Rachel Snyder says:

    can you elaborate on the “chemical known to cause birth defects” in this formula? That is my only reserve is buying this….

  • KC says:

    I bought your book but I guess it is a little hard to read the whole thing right now (just had 26 week stillbirth and found out I have homozygous MTHFR C677T). At the time, I didn’t know my MTHFR status, and was taking a prenatal with 600 mcg menthlyfolate. Now, I am taking your prenatal and 1000 mcg extra menthlyfolate. Plus 1000 mcg B12 and 100 mcg B6. I found some doctors with a cursory knowledge of MTHFR, but hard to find really knowledgeable ones that don’t cost a fortune. My serum folate came back high out of range, and my doctor was worried. My B12 came back in range. My homocysteine came back at 5. I don’t feel any side effects, although I felt great benefits from the B6. How do I know if I still need more menthlyfolate? I don’t want to have another loss or birth defects. 🙁

  • Marie says:

    Hi Dr . Lynch,

    I have two kids and unfortunately didn’t have any of this information before getting pregnant (I am one of the fortunate ones – got pregnant easily and no miscarriages despite being in my early 40’s).

    Both my children had tongue ties. The youngest also has a congenital heart defect and the combination of the tongue tie and the CHD caused failure to thrive. He also had a divot in his low back that was checked via ultrasound as a newborn for fear of serious illness (I can’t recall what). This was all very scary stuff. The other has been diagnosed with a vision issue that may also be related to MTHFR, I’m not sure. He is being treated for this with therapies and glasses but it is a long, hard, process to get his sight to the best it can be. I also wonder if he doesn’t have an issue with anxiety or be operating very high on the spectrum.

    We are fortunate that they are both bright and otherwise healthy. However I wonder if there are things we can do for them NOW that I didn’t do prenatally in terms of genetic tests, diet and supplements which could optimize their childhood growth and development, and furthermore assist them into adulthood? Please advise thanks.

  • Heather Roy says:

    Dr Lynch,
    I know that born dirty genes can be passed on to baby through pregnancy but can babies genes act dirty fresh out of the gate? What are good ways to support a newborn after birth if breastfeeding?

    • Hi Heather –

      Absolutely babies can be born with dirty genes which ‘got’ dirty via epigenetic transfer from mother’s blood/microbiome/immunity/environment (water, food, soils, air).

      The best way to support baby after birth via breastfeeding is to continue using the prenatal vitamins and other supplements I’ve recommended above. I’d also add a bit of liposomal glutathione – a few drops a day to start – for mother – as that will also pass to the baby – or at least minimize the transfer of higher oxidative stress from mom.

      Key is to avoid chemicals, eat well, sleep well and limit stress – all easy to type as I sit here.

      Listen to Dirty Genes on Audible is a great way to get tips into your head so you can implement one at a time – over time.

      It’s a journey 🙂

  • Daniele Ponzini says:

    Hi doctor Lynch,

    I’ve a 14 month’s y.o. baby and my wife breastfed her since now taking your optimal prenatal supplements. Now that my wife can’t breastfed anymore (she lost milk) I would like to give somethyng to help my baby grow up well. Pediatrician (italian) suggested a drops product with DHA,zinc,vitamin E,A,D and folic acid inside but I’m worry about folic acid. Could be a problem even for a 14 y.o. baby ? What do you suggest me ?


    • Daniele Ponzini says:

      Maybe doc Lynch have you a reply for me ?
      I can’t find in Italy any supp drops for my baby without folic acid…

    • kira says:

      I have the same question. My son is 14 months and stopped breastfeeding at 10 months when I got pregnant again.

      All of the commercially sold “drop” vitamins I have seen contain folic acid and don’t have methyl b12.

      What can I give my son?

      The only thing he currently gets (other than a very well balanced organic diet) is fish oil which also contains vitamin D3 (doesn’t have K2 though, which I know is important for D3 absorption).

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Dr Lynch,
    Can I take your prenatal during pregnancy and if not what would you recommend?
    I am homozygous c677t. I had 2 miscarriages before being diagnosed and have just had a 3rd miscarriage even after taking your prenatal for 2+ months.

    • Hi Sarah –

      I’m sorry you’re experiencing recurrent miscarriages. Let’s get you to full healthy term 😉

      For now, I’d hold off trying to conceive and work on reading and implementing what I have in the book, Dirty Genes.

      I know that there are multiple genes at play when it comes to recurrent miscarriage and MTHFR is just one.

      MTHFR (methylation)
      NOS3 (oxygen and blood and nutrient delivery to you and baby)
      COMT (hormonal)
      GST (detoxification)
      DAO (histamine)
      PEMT (cell membranes, placenta, milk production and gallbladder health)

      Dirty Genes covers all these and does it well.

      I’d also read Real Food for Pregnancy.

      Note your partner will also need to clean their genes as well 😉

      Keep me posted!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks. We’ve both been living exceptionally healthily for 8/9 months so not sure how much more we can do there! I guess there is always room for improvement… You didn’t answer the question about whether optimal Prenatal can be taking during pregnancy so I’d be interested to know?

  • Jeanette says:

    I recently started taking Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal. I searched high and low and found this one would be a good fit for my gene mutation of A1298C. We would like to start trying for a second baby. Our first child was born with a neutral tube defect, Spina bifida occulta, and I would really like to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I spoke with my obgyn and she said I should also take additional folate, at least 3 more mg. I was just wondering your take on 4mg of folate, does that seem like too much? I ordered Life Extension Optimized Folate (L-Methylfolate). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jeanette –

      I highly recommend you consider Optimal Prenatal with Plant Based Protein vanilla as it is easier to take, toss in a smoothie with your favorite milk and frozen organic berries and you’re solid.

      You can switch back and forth between Optimal Prenatal capsules and the shake.

      An optimal pregnancy is NOT just about taking a bunch of folate. It’s also about many other factors which is why I recommend the ProBiota HistaminX, Optimal PC, Optimal Iron Chewable, Optimal Fish Oil and Optimal Vitamin D Drops. It’s a comprehensive plan which supports all aspects of your pregnancy – not just folate.

      You will have way better success this way.

      Please read and watch my video here on this page and those supplements I recommended are all in the Prenatal Supplements category here.

      Have a fantastic pregnancy! 🙂

  • Julie says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have the MTHFR heterozygous C677T. I’m taking 400mcg of methylfolate and a prenatal vitamin with 355mcg of folic acid. I would like to know if this supplementation is correct. I would also like to know if I may have an excess of the vitamin leading to a child with autism. I would also like to know if I need to do anything during pregnancy against thrombophilia and if there is any risk with the mutation I have.

    • Hi Julie –

      There is not set right amount in mcg for folate. It depends on how you feel on that day and in that moment. Some days you’ll need more and other days you’ll need less.

      If you are taking any Folic Acid, you need to Stop.

      Only take folate in the forms of Folinic Acid and L-5-MTHF (aka L-methylfolate).

      Pregnancy is not just about folate – far from.

      It requires a comprehensive plan which I outline in this article.

      The more you follow the recommendations as outlined, the higher the chances are of a healthy pregnancy.

      Thrombophilia has to be managed by your healthcare professional. Using a great prenatal like Optimal Prenatal will help but one may also need additional support like Lovenox.

  • Lisa says:

    I am 16 weeks pregnant and have been alternating folinic acid and the seeking health folate chewables every other day, as well as am taking the optimal prenatal capsules. Is taking the additional folinic acid and folate beneficial? Or is it a good time to stop that and just stick with the prenatal?

  • Ashley says:

    I have had 3 miscarriages and am prepared to try your protocol. How long do I need to be on the protocol before trying again?


    • Hi Ashley –

      I’d get you and your partner both on the protocol for at least 3 months. Then you’ll need to stay on it throughout pregnancy. You may also want to look at your hormones and clotting scores and homocysteine. Other genes are common for clotting such as F5 and PA-1 which contribute to recurrent miscarriage and Lovenox medication can really help reduce the risk with these.

  • simone says:

    Hi there,
    I am 16 weeks pregnant. We used a donor egg knowing she didn’t have any MTHFR defects. I know that the baby will be heterozygous C677T as both my husband and I are homozygous for this gene. We also know that they will be at least heterozygous for “VDR Bsm, MAO A R297R and CBS A360A” …

    I am taking your chewable prenatal, Ferrograd C iron (at a separate time), magnesium, Calcium, Vit D 5000iu per day, Selenium and Iodine. I was put on prednisone 20mg but am now weaning down slowly. I am on Low Dose Naltrexone and clexane 40/asprin 100mg, and Progesterone injections as well. My question is: are these supplements ok? My other main question is: Is there anything I need to worry about when in labour? Is Oxytocin for the third stage of labour ok for us MTHFR people? Is Nitrous to be avoided at all costs? What are your thoughts on C-Sections and autism rates? I have 2 autistic nephews, so this is quite a concern for us….

    • Hi Simone –

      The Optimal Prenatal Chewable is quite good but not as good as the Optimal Prenatal or the Optimal Prenatal with Plant-Based Protein. These other prenatals have more active ingredients – geared towards mitochondrial support and also added protein.

      Everyone is different and it’s not possible for me to say about those other meds and hormones.

      Nitrous oxide should be avoided at all costs yes – you can use alternatives as I pose in the article.

      C-sections are best avoided as well but if it happens, use ProBiota Infant right away for baby.

  • Dawn says:

    Is the newborn vitamin K shot dangerous to babies with MTHFR?

    • I wouldn’t say dangerous but I do suspect the additives are not clean. There is Benzyl alcohol in the shot which is an issue for baby’s liver to process but it’s not as bad as aluminum or mercury. Here is the package insert: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2003/012223Orig1s039Lbl.pdf

      • Dawn says:

        Thank you for your response. What are your thoughts about the very high dose of phytonadione (synthetic K1) for a newborn that has at least on copy of c677t (I have two)? Would it be difficult for baby to process? Also, does supplementing vitamin K cause clotting? I’m wondering this for myself as well because I had a DVT in the past. The preservative free version of the shot has polysorbate 80 and propylene glycol. Would this be better than Benzyl alcohol?

  • Rhandi says:

    Dr. Lynch, would you recommend your Optimal Fish Oil or Optimal DHA in pregnancy? I see the ratios of DHA:EPA are quite different between the two supplements. Or maybe a combo of both throughout the week? Thanks for the help!

    • Hi Rhandi –

      I like your thought of a combination of both – rotating them around.

      DHA is heavily recommended during pregnancy but we must not forget about EPA as well.

      One should ask their doctor for a lab test of their fatty acids to see how they are doing in order to truly know.

      Both the Optimal DHA and Optimal Fish Oil are very pure and third party tested for purity. They are also quite potent so you’ll improve your DHA and EPA levels.

      Have a great pregnancy!

  • maria says:

    hi doc; i’m heterozygous A1298C. I’ve had 2 losses at 16 weeks and a third pregnancy that technically never devolved found at 10 weeks. i found out of my gene mutation after the third loss. i want to try again so i’ve started taking methylfolate and my doctor recommended a baby aspirin a day. i seen a lot of videos online of women who get blood thinning injections during pregnancy but i’m really not looking forward to it. would you say i should or will baby aspirin work fine on its own. also are there any other recommendations you can give. i’ll greatly appreciate any info you can provide .

    • Hi Maria –

      Blood clotting must be determined by a health professional using labs and various individual clotting studies. Lovenox is used by a number of women – but again – one has to know their bleeding risks first.

  • Adele says:

    Hi Dr. Lynch, if a vitamin has cyanocobalamin and not methylcobalamin but has a much higher dose, is that sufficient? How much of a higher does would it need to be to be sufficient?

    • Hi Adele –

      If a vitamin is using cyanocobalamin, then I suspect the rest of their formulation is on par with their poor choice of nutrients.

      I would steer clear of it. Using something that’s bad at a higher dose only makes it worse – not better.

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MTHFR? This Course is For You

MTHFR? This Course is For You

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