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Dr Lynch’s time is limited to writing, educating physicians, presenting and research.

Consults: Dr Lynch does not do consults. Time is limited now due to conferences, presentations and educating other physicians in how to optimally work with MTHFR and methylation defects.

Speaking engagements, webinars, conferences or media requests: please do fill out the form below and call Jatone at (800) 547-9812. She organizes Dr Lynch’s schedule.

Grants? Donations? These are very much appreciated. Any amount is welcomed. Dr Lynch is self-funded and needs to assemble a larger team of researchers. Grants and donations will allow him to do this. Please do contact us. If you’d like to remain anonymous or simply donate now, you may send your donation here. Your donation will be utilized appropriately.

MTHFR and Genetic Testing: Dr Lynch recommends 23andMe Testing as it provides a comprehensive view of one’s genetics – much more than MTHFR. Yes, 23andMe does test for MTHFR. Read this article on MTHFR Testing

More Information on MTHFR? Consider obtaining and viewing this comprehensive Video on MTHFR and Folate Metabolism

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