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MTHFR Test Options? Oral Swab, Blood Test or Saliva

Now that MTHFR is gaining awareness, more options for testing are popping up. Why? It is the easiest and fastest and – more importantly – it may be covered by your insurance. If your healthcare professional will not do the MTHFR Test, then there are three options for you that I trust. The three options […]

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MTHFR Testing? Get your MTHFR Test Here

MTHFR Testing is important – and inexpensive. The benefits of MTHFR testing are tremendous as it allows you to be proactive in your health instead of sitting idly by wondering why you have a myriad of complicated symptoms which doctors seem to only make worse. If you already know you have a MTHFR mutation, especially more than […]

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MTHFR Screening

Question from a colleague: Ben, Hey how’s it going. I have been trying to read all your stuff on MTHFR. but I am missing something. Is the first screen process getting a homocysteine level on all patients or just ones with depression, strong family hx of cardiovascular disease, etc. thanks Answer: Not all those with […]

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MTHFR Test: How to Order A MTHFR Test

A MTHFR Test is typically covered by your insurance. UPDATE on May 30, 2014: I’ve learned that some common labs – such as Quest and Lab Corp – are charging a very high amount for MTHFR Testing. I highly recommend having your doctor call these labs prior to ordering a MTHFR test from them. The […]

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