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Recurrent Miscarriage and MTHFR is a Significant Discovery

Recurrent miscarriage may be associated with MTHFR. Yet, many health professionals dismiss this heavily researched association. Does this sound familiar: “I was just told by my high-risk OB that there is no research proving MTHFR is connected to miscarriage.” If this does sound familiar, your OB is not educated correctly about MTHFR. Let me give you […]

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The Intersection of Tongue Tie & MTHFR

Ankyloglossia also known as tongue tie is not a condition you hear about every day, but certainly one of great impact, especially for the 4% of newborns affected by it.[1] For those not familiar with tongue tie, it is a condition where the tip of the tongue is connected to the floor of the mouth […]

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MTHFR Mutation? Start Here to Learn

Have one or two copies of the MTHFR mutation? Don’t know what to do? Looking for what people call ‘MTHFR treatment’? After working with 1000’s of individuals with this defect, I’ve developed a ‘MTHFR treatment’ which may help a significant number of people. It’s not really a ‘MTHFR mutation treatment’ – it’s a way of […]

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MTHFR Status of Both Mother and Father Affect Your Baby

Update on 6/24/2021: Women are finding this article to be extremely useful. Please read this article fully. Evaluate the list of genetic variations and order genetic testing with your healthcare professional. It’s not just about MTHFR. There are more to evaluate. Details below. UPDATE on 2/13/2012: This is no longer a theory as current research […]

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