Our story starts out in early 2012.

My wife was 2 months pregnant with our first child and I had just been offered a work assignment in the US for 18 months. We both agreed that this was a good opportunity so I took the assignment and we made the move.

Life was humming along until the second baby scan around 17 or 18 months. At this point, we were told the fateful news that our baby had some issues with neural tube development. We immediately got a second scan at a high risk clinic where the results indicated anencephaly or acrania – either one a devastating prognosis.

Needless to say it left us with a lot of soul searching and rehashing of events over the last 4 months.

A third opinion at a major hospital confirmed the same result.

Possible causes we were told were:

  • environment,
  • lack of folic acid
  • or the ambiguous – it just happened, no reason at all.

Our minds raced from preconception to early pregnancy, reviewing all of our actions, trying to identify where we went wrong.

  • Was it the paint we were using on those interior doors?
  • Was it due to the electric blanket being left on all night and the extra heat it exuded?
  • Was it because my wife didn’t start taking supplements or folic acid until after we found out about the pregnancy?
  • Was it all the traveling?

We felt very helpless, but as a final measure, we asked for a blood test for my wife not even knowing what we were looking for. We were just searching for answers.

The only clue that was provided was a mutation – MTHFR A1298C.

We were not familiar with this at all. The medical staff didn’t identify this as anything specific to our problem. Basically, dismissed it.

However, I looked up MTHFR and stumbled across Dr. Lynch’s website.

I posted a quick query which led to consultations where we learned about possible links between birth defect issues and MTHFR.

We also learned that the standard over-the-counter folic acid may not be the correct form to provide the required methylation.

Nervously planning for a second attempt, we went with a robust vitamin and MTHFR and Pregnancy regime recommended by Dr. Lynch.

Long story short, our baby boy was born in May – 8lbs 10oz and most importantly – healthy!

Fast forward 14 months and we are now planning for a second baby.

With Dr. Lynch’s consultations, good advice on our supplement regime and a few prayers, we are hoping all will be well.

UPDATE: They had a second healthy baby!

  • An Anonymous Happy Father!


I no longer offer consultations.

The same MTHFR and Pregnancy Protocol they used successfully is here – and in fact, this one is even better than they used.

They did not have access to ProBiota HistaminX or Optimal PC as these didn’t exist at the time. These are highly recommended.

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MTHFR? This Course is For You

MTHFR? This Course is For You

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