is the leading resource for unbiased, researched information strictly about the MTHFR mutation.

I believe the MTHFR gene mutation is a highly significant public health problem that is completely ignored. Yet, millions are suffering from pulmonary embolisms, addictions, fibromyalgia, miscarriages, schizophrenia, severe depression, cancer and autism to name a few.

What do these conditions have in common?

They all may be linked to a MTHFR gene mutation in the individual expressing these symptoms and health conditions.

If we can prevent the turning on of the MTHFR gene mutation in unborn infants, how huge would that be? MASSIVE.

If we can reduce mental illness, addictions, cancer and cardiovascular disease related deaths, how huge would that be? MASSIVE.

If we can get MTHFR mutations on the map and get standardized medicine to begin screening for it, we can truly make a difference. The lab test to determine which MTHFR mutations are present is only about $150.00. That is nothing.

With all that said, you can see why I have created

I encourage you – highly encourage you – to help me gather as much information as possible about MTHFR gene mutations and get it out there.

If you have access to media, and you resonate with my purpose of, please do get in touch with me.

I’m tired of treating disease. I want to prevent it.

This doesn’t mean I am going to ignore helping the many who have MTHFR gene mutations – especially of the C677T or the A1298C or worse – both.

I am constantly in research looking for ways to improve the lives and health of all those with MTHFR mutations – no matter how minor and no matter how severe.

I have a solid understanding of MTHFR mutations and expanding that knowledge on a weekly basis.

I look forward to hearing your story.

More importantly, I look forward to improving your life – and perhaps saving the life of a family member with an unknown MTHFR gene mutation.

Dr Ben

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10 years ago

Dr. Ben–You are remarkably brilliant and 100% correct!!re MTHFR mutations.As a retired Med. Tech(C.S.L.T. and A.S.C.P)-I tried to do my own research,and finding this site was a gift from “Heaven”.
Since I have been on both sides of the medical miasma–I can truly appreciate Complementary Medicine-Thanks again-Jo Later

10 years ago

I am 36 years old. I tested positive for C677T and A1298C paper work said that it suggested that the two were not present on the same gene. Is that better or worse? What should I do with this information? I went in to check my hormones. I feel like my body is breaking down and I’ve had everything checked but my heart. I had some significant deficiencies that can be taken care of with vitamins and RX. One other alarming discovery was the MCV blood platelets are larger than they should be. Please help direct me in the right direction.

10 years ago

Hello Doctor and thank you for this opportunity.

Without going into too much detail my adult daughter *dxd Hashimoto’s, PCOS, gluten allergy, EBV+, and now recently heterzygous A1289c. My question is did she always have this mutation? Was it silent until testing a couple months ago? The thyroid she discovered at age 19 and had her left lobe removed – no cancer. The other things at 24. She is 28 yo.
I cannot find substantial info on what/how she should change things. We are organic, gluten free, no cigs, no toxins, no chemicals, etc. How can I help her? Take her OFF dairy, or go back to Raw for the enzymes?

Is there a couple really great probiotics she should be taking for sure? Or do we just buy off the shelf – what ever is on sale?

Is organic red wine out of her life forever? Should she be assisting her liver *milk thistle?

So many questions. I know. I just can’t seem to find anything. Should she have MORE tests? I say her amino acids – she must pay out of pocket for them and is really strapped financially.

Thank you again KIND DOCTOR. Many blessings to you, sir 🙂

10 years ago

Michael, the portal vein issue can also be a Jak 2 gene mutation. My family members have this too.

Barbara doran
10 years ago

I have been dx with heterozygous compound mthr. My only complaints are insomnia x 10 yrs Feeling blah n head pressure x 2 months. Don’t know if I understand this correctly. Mutation doesn’t allow me to absorb folic acid from food supplemented n vitamins but I can absorb folate from green vegetables n convert them correctly? So methytetrahydrofolate And methyl folate and methylcobalamine enable me to process folic acid? My folate level is high normal homocysteine is 13.7. My red blood cell count was slightly below normal with high Mcv and mch. Do I need these on a regular basis if I eat a clean unprocessed diet high in fresh greens and proteins with very limited sugar, no caffeine alcohoor additives?

Melanie Medina
10 years ago

I have both C677T and A1298C …not sure what information you need to collect.

Patti Mullins Ingram
9 years ago

Dr. Ben,
I had to have a complete HYSTERECTOMY in January 2014 due to chronic Endometriosis, Poly Cistic Ovary Syndrome, Pain & constant bleeding.
My regular GYNO would not do the surgery, because he said with all of my health problems, defects, & injuries, I was to high risk.
So, he sent me to Morgantown, WV to have it done. I was placed on Hormones that same night in the H.

I have HBP, High Cholesterol, MVP with Dysautonomia, COPD, chronic Bronchitis & Astma, Highly Allergic to Dust + both types of dust mites + Cockroaches, I have chronic skin infections of the skin that will go dormant then come back(use surgical scrub 3 days a week for showering), have chronic Severe Depression + Anxiety + PTSD, Had Gall Bladder removed, Have a Hietal Hernia(since teen that’s worsened), had 2 V~Hernias repaired with Vertical C~Section & Mesh, chronic Upper Respiratory + Sinus Infections, Severe Fibromyalgia with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, total of 6 surgeries on my abdomen alone, lost my teeth to an allergic reaction at age 33, Blind in my left eye(said it never connected to nerves & blood vessels/ birth defect) but it moves with the right one & is the same color… it’s just a little smaller than the right if You look close, spent years & thousands on Artificial Insemination by donor(spouse sterile) with no pregnancies(now MTHFR may have been why), chronic Nausea, Acid Reflux, Headaches, Spinal Stenosis, Buldging disks in the C & LL spine both, eat up with Arthritis, injured leg found birth defect of the knee joints… which no one will work on my leg nor back because of the Fibromyalgia(said they usually end up worse). On & on… & I’m only 42!

I went back to my reg GYNO on 7/15/2014, because the Morgantown Surgeon sent me, he was done with his job… but the surgery didn’t help the pain, the Surgeon diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis & told me he wanted me to see my reg GYNO for treatment.

So, I went back to my reg GYNO 7/15/2014, he was in delivery, & I saw his PA. She did a “yearly exam”, talked to me about needing to see a Urologist about the IC(they don’t treat it), went out of the room, came back & said “I called the Dr in delivery, we are not going to give You the hormones that the Surgeon started You on, nor do we recommend it… Our tests show You tested Severely MTHFR~Positive prior to sending You to have the Hysterectomy”!!!
She justttold me it was a Hereditary Gene Defect thatmakes me more at risk for Strokes, Heart Attacks, Blood Clots, & HBP… told me to take 3~4 mg Folic Acid + 50mg Vitamin B6 + 500mcg Vitamin B12 each day, & no hormones. They had the test results since 4 mos prior to my surgery in January, I’ve been on the hormones since January, now they tell me this.
I’m so confused, they didn’t explain this at all, Said since my mother couldn’t take birth control, & died of a heart attack at age 38, more than likely it came from her.

Now, trying to research this, there are “Types/Kinds”? They didn’t tell me that much! I’m cIueless, confused, worried… & I have a brother, is this something that can affect him?

Plus, I am on Crestor, & was told once that I shouldn’t take vitamin B with it. I called my MD’s office told them the Dr said, asked do I stop the hormones all at once or ween myself? Asked what about the Crestor & Vitamin Bs? Said they’d talk to my Dr & call me back, but haven’t!!!!

I don’t know what to do, at all… PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Sincerely & Desperately Seeking,

9 years ago

Hello Patti! You shouldn’t take folic acid, you should take folate. I don’t know why doctors keep prescribing folic acid to people who have the mutation.

8 years ago

I live in wv were you able to find anyone to treat your Mthfr. I am so sick and not sure what step to take. I am compound heterozygous Mthfr.

Dr. Aron
8 years ago
Reply to  Suebee

The Physician Directory is a good place to start looking for a provider who understands MTHFR.

9 years ago

Dr Ben, Today I received a response from my OB/GYN regarding your article on Folic Acid. Her response is thay the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) sets the standards of care and that she must adhere to these standards. They recommend that all pregnant women take 800 -1000 micrograms daily. She does not test for the mutation because she said that ACOG does not recommend any different course of treatment if the mutation is found. She would be happy to discuss this article with me further at my next appointment. I’m going to ask for the $150 test for myself. Have you made any efforts to have the ACOG evaluate your findings on MTHFR mutation and Folic Acid? What can we do to help?

8 years ago

I was diagnosed with MTHFR in 2006 when I had DVT in my 40’s. Because i have illiac vein compression syndrome, my hematologist doesn’t think the MTHFR is a problem. I haven’t even heard anyone speak to me about it in years! My curiosity is peaked! Interesting…

8 years ago

Just received my test results and I have the C677T and A1298C mutations. I had a PE at age 31, have white matter changes on my brain, have suffered from medication resistant mental illness nearly my entire life, and I am being tested (ruled out) for fibromyalgia. Why has no one thought to check my MTHFR before now?

7 years ago

Dr. Lynch,

I recently learned that I am compound heterozygous MTHFR. As well, I have several other mutations related to methylation. I’m working with a naturopathic and have been taking L5 MTHF along with changing diet and eliminating toxin exposure. After about 4 months I am feeling better but still struggle with anxiety, am extremely susceptible to stress, and struggle with fatigue. What is the prognosis for a compound heterozygous? Will I always deal with anxiety? Fatigue? Etc? How much do my other mutations effect the MTHFR mutation?

Is there a specific protocol for compounds?

Thanks for all the fabulous information!


7 years ago

I am homozygous, and my autistic son is heterozygous.
No one cares, and I can’t afford t travel to good dr.’s.

I feel like anxiety and depression are worse since I found out and discontinued medications.

7 years ago

I feel like I have gone through a literal physical and emotional hell for 8 years until I was diagnosed with the 2 worst mutations. I appreciate everything you’re doing. I have posted a link on my FB wall. God bless all of you who have MTHFR.

7 years ago

I’ve known for years that I am positive for the C677T and A1298C variant in the MTHFR gene. I never gave it a second thought until today when I was researching for the 100th time, what could be causing white hyperintensities in my brain and a lesion in my spinal cord.

Last year I was diagnosed with MS. I had lesion in my spine and white matter in my brain, but I didn’t exhibit any of the physical symptoms of the disease. However, my neurologist, who has MS himself, decided to start me on an intensive Solumedrol regime and forced me to start injecting Copaxone. It was awful and the steroid treatment did absolutely nothing to alleviate my pains. After 2 mos. and another MRI which that didn’t indicate MS was the reason for the plaque and lesions, he finally decided to do a spinal tap. No Oligoclonal bands indicating MS were found. Needless to say, I found a new neurologist.

My current neurologist had me do another MRI. There were no changes in the plaque or lesion and he basically decided he would just watch it.

For the life of me I can’t understand how a top neurologist in NYC who was aware I was bipolar wouldn’t think to test me for the MTHFR gene or at least discuss the possibility with me. I just sent him an entire article on the subject. I’ll see if he’s receptive when I see him next Friday. I don’t think he will be because he strikes me as an arrogant physician.

6 years ago

Dr Ben i’ve been taking all the right supplements for my C677T mutations going on 4 years now. I also remember that all there symptoms of fatigue and insomnia started when I had a inigual hernia suergey mesh put into mu body back in 2011. Have you come across any MTHFR patients that cannot tolerate the plastic mesh. U

MTHFR? This Course is For You

MTHFR? This Course is For You

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